YOP LIST 2023-2024

Saturday, October 31, 2020

DAY 31


WOW!  It is the final day of the decluttering challenge.  What an eye opening experience this has been for myself and my husband.  We got rid of items that have been taking up real estate for upwards of 30 years.  There is plenty more that could and will go.  My goal is to continue weeding out items.  Will I do it daily?  Probably not.  But I do feel I should pick a room  and completely take it apart and truly clean out all items no longer of need and then put the room back together.  Some rooms will be able to be done in a few days and others will take months.  It just needs to happen and it will happen!

Today's 'stuff' is from Josie's china hutch (again) and then my sock drawer (thanks Becki).  There are 2 Easter baskets, a table runner, 25 pairs of no show socks and 3 golf player sketches ( Tiger Woods, Chi Chi Rodriquez and Lee Trevino).  Those sketches have been with us since we lived in PA.  Yup, that would be over 30 years ago!

There were other things found that were not photo worthy.  Most of which went into the trash bin.  There were also many things found in Josie's room, that went back to Josie's house.  Those were things from her infancy that we had kept for memories sake.  I will let her parents decide if they want to keep them or not.  Those items did not get photographed either.

Overall, there was well over 500 items removed from the house.  I have shown you 496 items through photos.  I did not bother to count the items sent to Josie's house or most of the items thrown away.

I will leave you with something I found the other day.

Y'all know this is very true, right?

Until next time...............................................................(which will be tomorrow!)


  1. Well done, Marsha! Like you, I know I parted with over 500 things - though I only photographed 497, I think :^) It's been fun having company across the miles with you and Sam (and others told me they were decluttering too, they just weren't documenting it like we were, or weren't doing the challenge in the same way).

    I look forward to the next phase of decluttering. I've already begun, actually. You and I share the same super power - how hilarious (and true) is that graphic.

  2. Congratulations, Marsha!!! I loved this challenge and like any project sometimes the hardest part is starting but now that I have it is not going to stop. Like you and Becki, I want to focus on each room now and clean, organize and continue to get rid of things. It's inspiring to have others to share it with so thank you!

  3. Congratulations, what an eclectic mix of items that have gone over the month. And you exceeded the target. Oh that sin is very true. When I was off sick with stress and anxiety a few years ago I cleared out masses of stuff and then when I was well enough to do things I kept saying ‘where the heck is the x,y,z’...Yeo I’d chucked them out or donated them. Now I put kitchen gadgets in a labelled box and date it and if it hasn’t been used in a year then I chuck it. But I easily have 500 things that could go, if I cleared out the clothes that no longer fit me that’d be 200 I’m sure.


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