YOP LIST 2023-2024

Monday, October 26, 2020

DAY 26


Today is the day I take the stuff from last week to GoodWill.  But, before I left, I wanted to complete today's treasure hunt.  I am still working in Josie's room and have found some wonderful treasures.

There is a grow chart, 3 stuffies, 5 bathtub duckies, an Easter basket, Paint by number, Christmas angel and a plastic storage container.

This is the box that stores all my wrapping paper.  It is not the worlds greatest box, but kept the paper dust free. 

A pillow, a swim top, swim bottom (they do not match), a coffee cup, old briefcase, flip flops pillow, girls tank, baby dress and 2 baby hats.

That makes 351 items (not counting hangers with clothes on them) out my door!  And to think, I could do this for several months and never run out of items to declutter!

My to do list today is pretty long.  This is the reason I wanted to get my decluttering done early.  Our temperatures are in the 60's for the next 2 days, so I want to do all my errands during those days to enjoy the fall like days.  We will be back up to 90 by the weekend.  (sad face)  My menus are planned for the next 10 days, grocery list is made and will be fulfilled today, GoodWill is to be visited for donations, window and doors are opened with a nice breeze blowing through the house, and I have started another sourdough starter and it is flourishing quite well.

Look at that beauty!  I have not named this one............yet.  I did cheat a bit and bought a starter from King Arthur Flour company.  It was the best decision I have made. This photo is from yesterday and it had only been fed twice for this result.  I have a feeling I will be making some sourdough bread in the next day or so.  The crock it is in was a gift from a sweet friend who shares the love of baking breads just like I do.  In fact, she has taught me so much about bread making.  I just wished we lived closer than 5 hours away from each other. (big sigh)

Time to go and get ready to start my journey out of the house for today.  I am thinking of sitting on my front porch, this afternoon, and knitting while enjoying the fresh air and cool breeze.

Until next time..........................................................................


  1. Your very cute "grow chart" reminds me that I had one (probably stored it in one of the kid's memory boxes), but the one that means the most to me is the one I marked in pen and pencil over the years on the pantry door frame - knowing the whole while, someday it would be painted over. Who ever looks back at a grow chart to see what size they when? It's the doing it and watching it change every year where the real enjoyment lies. You have some fun stuff hidden away in Josie's room. ;^)

  2. You guys are finally getting some reasonable temps ... in the 60s. I love the fall.

    You are doing really well with your decluttering. Great job.

  3. So neat how a bread starter is like a little, breathing thing.


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