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Friday, April 30, 2010

End of Month

It is the end of April and I had my last sock class last night. I am almost done with my mom's bed socks. I have about an inch left to do on them and then bind off and weave in all the loose ends and she will have a nice pair of bamboo bed socks. I loved the class and learned a whole new way of doing socks and I really like this way. Of course while in the class I got a discount on the yarn at the shop so I had to take advantage of that and so I got about 8 more skeins of yarn. Four skeins are for socks and the other 4 can be used for socks but I think I am going to do something else with it as it is a bit thicker than the sock yarn I like to use.

Tonight we have a surprise party to go to. Can't tell you what it is for since it is a surprise. But it should be a very nice time.

Tomorrow DH is in a charity golf tournament and I go along for the socializing at the end of the day as well as the really good prime rib dinner they serve. There are lots of friends and family going too so looking forward to that.

That about covers my weekend.

I was very sad that my sock class came to an end. It was so nice to get out among others that have a love of fiber like I do. So I found 3 more classes to sign up for. I actually found 2 others but they were in the middle of the day during the week and I didn't think my boss would understand me having to leave for a "yarn class". SO I will wait and see if they will offer them at night. My first class is making beanies with the magic loop method. That is in June. In August I have 2 classes a couple of days apart. One is a leaf scarf class and the other is how to make a scarf that is reversable. I am really looking forward to those. That will give me some new things to work on for gifts!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More crafty news

Ok, so I started my magic loop sock class last Tuesday. I got to have that private session and it was wonderful. I learned a new way to cast on for socks (not sure I have the hang of it yet) and a new way to increase the toe of the sock. So my homework assignment was to complete the socks from the toe to the point where it would be the middle of the ankle bone. Well.................if I was only doing one sock like most of the class is I would have been there in a couple of days. But since I am an over acheiver, and doing 2 socks at the same time I am having a bit of a crunch time trying to get there. I am about 3.5 inches away from the place I need to be. I managed to put on 2.5 inches last night in 3 hours. Tonight I will not have the amount of time to work on them and of course the class is Thursday about an hour after I get home from work. SO I think I will be carrying the socks with me to Mass tonight and will work on them before Mass and then again after mass while we are eating dinner. I should be able to get a couple of inches done on them and then be able to do the other 1.5 inches tomorrow night after work before class.

See this is what happens when you have an out of town conference to go to when you have homework to be done. I was able to work on them on the plane trip (which was only 1 hour each way) and for about an hour each morning while waiting for my boss to get ready to go to classes.

This week I do believe we are going to be learning how to turn a heel without having to go back and forth but continue in the round. It looks interesting and kind of scary too as after we get it done we actually cut the sock! Will let you know if I mess it up too bad. LOL

As for the conference..........it was really great. I learned so much "stuff" and found out lots of new things that we can be doing in our practice. Can't wait to start implementing some of it.

In the evenings we had a great time just sitting around a slot machine and people watching. There are some really strange creatures on the main strip in Vegas! Must be why we normally stay more in the Henderson area. People there are so much more 'normal'!

We came back with more money than we started with so that means we were winners for a change! But not I have to get rid of those 3 pesky pounds that I found up there. Oh well............it was worth it.

So now I am back to work and life is back to normal or as normal as it ever is.

Have a great week and will let you all know how the sock class comes out.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have been talking about THE SOCKS for so long I thought it only right that I show you a picture of them. Like I said yesterday. I need to do another 4 inches on them before I do the bind off. I didn't get anything done on them last night and have done nothing on them so far today. I guess I should really do something on them this weekend. After all I wouldn't want DH to think I didn't love him any more. This is my first attemp at the short row heel. I really liked it but still need a bit more practice on it. It was so much quicker than the gusset heel. ( I am not a patient knitter)

I don't know how many of you do the magic loop method of knitting in the round but I find that it is VERY hard to take a really good picture of socks that are being done 2 at a time this way.

Today has been a very lazy day for me. Infact it is almost 1 in the afternoon and I am still in my PJ's. I did do a bit of cleaning up around the house but other than that I have done nada, zilch, zero! I have enjoyed my day too. I have not done this for a very long time. Normally I am running around getting groceries, laundry, cleaning, visiting etc. Not today. Very quiet and nice day indeed.

So I am going to go to Mass tonight and then come home and relax and watch some TV and knit (I promise) and then go to bed when I feel like it! Might even watch some mindless TV in bed tonight. Yup, a day of my dreams!

Have a great day of your dreams too!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy as usual

Easter is behind us and yet my schedule still seems to be as busy as it was before and during Easter. Well, at least I am not on the streets causing trouble.

Next week I leave for Vegas. This time it is for buisness. I am attending a seminar to keep up my coding certification. DH is going with me so I am hoping for a bit of down time so we can have a bit of fun. My boss and her hubby are going also. Then last week we found out the the owner of our company and his wife are going too. This should be fun! I think.

I am most excited about my upcoming magic look sock class that I am to start next week. Infact the first class is the day I leave for Vegas. So I called the LYS where the class is being held and explained my perdicament. The instructor was so great. He has offered for me to come in 2 days early and give me a private lesson!! And I thought customer service was dead. So I tell this lovely man that I knit right handed. He pauses and says "thats good". Then I tell him "but I am left handed". He says "lots of leftys knit right handed that is no problem" Then I inform him "but I cast on left handed". Another pause and then a bit of a chuckle and he says "we will work on that". So maybe he can break my mental block that stops me from casing on right handed. It would be great if he could because my first row of knitting is a b***h! Everything is all twisty turny and messed up until about the third row. Especially doing the magic loop method. So I will let you all know if he succeeds or not.

Of course then I had to ask what was needed for the class and was told "40 - 47 inch circulars the size of your choice, sock yarn and the book". OOPS!!!!!!!! I was going great until he said "the book". WHAT BOOK??????? He said, didn't they give you a list of materials needed? I said, NO!!!!!!!! I signed up for this class in January and they didn't have a list then. He pauses and then says "hummmmm, well we have your e-mail and your phone number and seems like no one took the time to fill you in on this" NO KIDDING! "well, we are out of stock on the book so I will just let you use mine." More customer service!!!!!!!! I look outside to see if the pigs are flying. What a wonderful person. I can't wait to meet him in person. I will shake his hand and tell him how much he has restored my faith in mankind!

DH has been in Vegas since Monday painting his mom's house. He will be home for 2 days and fly back up for MY trip. I am sure MY trip will be much more fun for him.

Tonight, mom, me and DD are having movie night at Mom's house. I am taking THE SOCKS with me to work on. I still have about 4" left on them before I can cast off. That is 44 rows on each sock. I can get about 5-6 rows done a night before my hands can't take it anymore. So looks like they will be done in time for next winter to wear in DH boots.

Last night my DD thought she would be cute and asked me how soon I would have her hat, mittens and scarf done. After all you never know when a cold snap could come thru. HELLO!!!! It is 90 degrees out there right now and our lows at night are in the 60's. Crazy kid.

That is it for now. Until next time..............God Bless