YOP LIST 2023-2024

Sunday, March 24, 2024



Hey guys.  Glad you took the time to drop by again.  This week was productive for me.  I finally got to the Dr and was diagnosed with bronchitis (oh yay!) which led me to being told to rest, stay home and take care of me.  Well, that means I need to do lots of knitting!  So I did.

I finished my RCR socks.

I have worn them,  washed them and worn them a second time already.  The color is so cheerful and makes me happy.

Last week I had said I would probably head over to making prayer shawls next.  Normally I would have grabbed my crochet hook and whipped out a couple of To The Point shawls by this weekend.  Well, I did grab my crochet hook and tried to start that shawl but the cough syrup I was put on was making me fuzzy headed.  I could not comprehend how to start that shawl that I have made almost 40 times!  Well, phooey!  I headed to off to Ravelry to see if there was anything there that peaked my interest.


 Introducing Rolling on the River.  A rectangular knit shawl done in fingering weight yarn.  This may take me a year to complete.  The pattern is fun to do too.  It is a 28 row pattern so I doubt I will ever memorize it.  It will be a great way to use up some of my self striping sock yarn that I seem to be over run with.  This should use up 3 of my 100 gm skeins of sock yarn.  The perfect thing is, it is very light weight so I shouldn't mind working on it as it gets warmer and warmer here.

With the weather warming up, I am getting the itch to pull out my cross stitch and start working on it again.  While decluttering my craftroom, I found 2 more cross stitch pieces waiting for me to work on them.  So, time to give the one I am currently working on a bit of love.  Ok, a LOT of love.

I received treasures this week too.  Most of them were just items to organize my kitchen pantry so not real exciting.  The one I am super excited about is this.

I have a very small, Cooking for Two, cookbook from America's Test Kitchen and have used it and love it so much.  So when I saw this one available on ThriftBooks, I grabbed it.  This makes it so easy for me to plan our menus and not have tons of leftovers.  Even after having an empty nest for over 20 years, I still have issues of cooking smaller amounts.  Might be because I cooked for 5-6 people, every meal, for over 20 years and my brain refuses to believe there are only 2 here now.  

That is all for me this week.  I am feeling so much better.  I still have a nasty deep cough but it is getting less and less each day.  Hopefully it will be all gone by the end of this week.  I have 13 people coming over for Easter dinner so need to be in tip top shape for that.

Until Next Time...............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2024



Where did this past week go?  Feels like I just wrote a blog post yesterday.  It was a productive week though.  Not just in my crafting either.

Speaking of crafting............

I am nearing the toes of these.  I believe I need 20 more rows and then the toes.  They should be completed by my next update.  Then I need to decide what to make next.  I am leaning towards prayer shawl making.  When I went to Mass yesterday, one of the prayer shawl ladies asked me if I needed anymore supplies for the shawls.  I took that as a gentle hint they are in need.  I have plenty of yarn set aside for this endeavor so might as well get going on it.

I spent this past week decluttering my craft room.  Oh my goodness.  I actually got quite a bit out of it.  No yarn, this time though.  I got rid of sewing patterns, knitting books, crafts I will never do, Knick knacks I no longer find joy in, etc.  I also put batteries into the two clocks I have in there and wound up my antique mantle clock so I can hear it chime every hour.  I now, love going in there and working on projects.  I even found one I had started and never completed.  I have worked on it a few times this past week and will continue to work on it a bit at a time.  It is one of those felt applique project with lots of tiny pieces that turn into Christmas ornaments.  I had two of them but one is being decluttered to a new home as it was unopened.  I will keep the one that I had started and hopefully will finish it before Christmas this year.  I am using a combo of crafting glue and hand sewing.  No, that is not what the instructions call for but then, I am not great at following instructions.  LOL

I was also faithful to my menu list this week.  There was a warm home cooked meal on the table every night...............until last night.  We met up with family and friends at Mass and we all went out to eat afterwards.  But................I had the food prepped for dinner so will cook it for lunch today.  Tonight is corned beef and cabbage night.  Hubbys favorite!

There were the normal household chores (laundry, dusting, mopping etc) that was done this past week too.  It is about time to completely dismantle my kitchen and deep clean the granite counter tops.  It is on my to do list for next week.  Do any of you make to do lists?

I will leave you with a bit of humor.  If you 'get it' I think it means you are old like me.

Until Next Time.....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2024


 This update won't take you long to read.  This is the only item I worked on this week.

The RCR socks are my only item to be worked on.  I know, boring.  

I spent most of the past week coughing and blowing my nose.  What ever this virus is that I found, it does not want to leave. My voice decided to leave on Tuesday and I finally got some of it back on Saturday.  Today is day 12 of this thing!  My voice is almost 100% and my nose is no longer an issue.  The cough is still there but, oh so much better. Hopefully I am at the tail end of this darn thing!

I will leave you with this week's chuckle.

Until Next Time.................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2024



Spring has sprung here in the Valley of the Sun.  We are in the 70's and just starting to rise into the 80's. Flowers are blooming, the geese are leaving, allergies are happening, baseball spring training is active, and I have a stinking cold!  Spring does not last long here.  By the end of April we will see temps closer to the 90's and then it is HOT until the end of October.  

I was busy this week with my needles.

Habitation Throw is completed.  It will make a nice lap blanket for the prayer shawl ministry.  It was a very enjoyable knit.  I was able to watch TV and work on this without problems.  It also used up a couple lone skeins of yarn that I did not have enough of to make anything else with.  I have several more skeins like that and think I will make another one in multi colors to use up those 'scraps'.  It went fast, too, because I used worsted (#4) weght yarn and a size 10 (6mm) needle.  BTW, the dark areas are actually a lovely blue color.  Not sure why this looks gray.

Once again I decided to do a tried and true knitting project.

Rose City Roller socks.  This time they are for ME!   Hubby said he has plenty of RCR socks, so now it is my turn. I only have 3 pair of these socks in my drawer so, time to add to that collection.  They are the most comfy socks and I even wear them with sandals on cooler days.  (don't judge lol)  I am doing them consecutively this time.  My goal is to do at least 10 rows a day on each sock.  I saw the Yarn Harlot do this and she got hers done in record time.  Of course I have see her knit and her fingers FLY!  I do have a pair of long socks out of this same yarn and they are one of my favorite to grab in the dreary winter months. 

And that is all for my crafting this week.

I finally got the chance to go through all the jewelry I had pulled out of my armoire.  I separated the items I think my grand daughters and daughter in laws may like.  Now I just need them to come over and look it over to see if there is anything there they would like to have in their homes.  That took me two days to do!  I have 3 one gallon ziplocks full of jewelry.  All costume with a lot of it handmade by me or my mom.  Other than that, I did not declutter one inch of my craftroom last week.  Maybe this coming week?

I decided to catch a cold starting on Wednesday night with it in my head and having it move down into my throat and chest last night.  With the meds I take for my RA, my immune system is weakened.  Lucky me!  But, my RA is under control and I can deal with a virus now and then in order to have the ability to move and enjoy life again.

My kindred spirit friend in Nevada sent a gift for Josh this week.

Water from Lourdes France!  What a dear sweet friend she is.  I so wish we lived closer so we could be together more often.  She and I share so many common interests and hobbies. *sigh*

Enrique has been so cute lately.  He loves his blankets and likes to burrow in them.  The other day he decided to burrow into the one that is on the couch between me and hubby.

I am sure he thinks he is all covered up and no one can see him.  What a goof.  But we love him.

Until Next Time.............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!

PS: The car issue has been semi solved.  I do have my SUV back and so far it is fine.  The jury is still out on whether it will continue to stay that way.  Peace Out!