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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whats up?

Had a few minutes and thought I would bring you all up to speed on what is happening in our lives.

The past month my DH and I have been fighting the worst cold we have ever have. I finally went to the Dr and was told it was a really bad upper respiratory infection that half our town has at the moment. Got some medicine and am feeling much better. DH toughed it out and is much better also.

I have been crocheting ALOT of prayer shawls this month. I also made "comfort" blankies for the children that have to go thru treatments for their illnesses. I have about 20 comfort blankets ready to go. I have 6 or 7 prayer shawls finished and am in the middle of another one. I will be doing this until our St Peregrine Shrine is finished (at our church). Then I will give all of them to the director of the shrine. Of course first I will have our priest bless all of them. I need to get tags made for all of them too to let the receiver know that they are being prayed for daily.

I found the best pattern for the prayer shawls so far and it works up so quickly and is nice and airly and very "girly" looking. Here is the website so you can see a picture of it.


Since it is so airy I can use some of my red heart yarn with it and it is not at all scratchy like some tighter crochet/knit things can be with that yarn. I use a P hook when I use the worsted weight yarn. I used a Q hook when I used my homespun or any other "bulky" yarn.

I am still taking the Financial Peace University course thru Dave Ramsey. I have until the first or 2nd week in April before that is over. I have loved every minute of it too.

This Thursday we are going to see Late Night Catechism III. It is suppose to be just as funny as 1 and 2! We are really looking forward to it. The proceeds from it go to Right for Life. So you bet we are going! Anything to promote the protection of the unborn! (sorry about the soap box there.)

This weekend we have our RCIA lenten retreat on the side of Camelback Mountain. It is an all day affair but well worth it. It is so peaceful up there. You don't even realize you are in the middle of the city when you get there. LOVE IT!

We are leaving next week for Las Vegas to visit my MIL. I have not been back since my December so thought it was time for me to go back up with DH and make sure she is doing ok. Plus we have some stuff we have to take care of for her so she can quit worrying about this "stuff". I know she is lonely even though one of her sons lives there. It is never the same after you loose your spouse of over 60 years! We will try and get herr out of the house a bit too so she can have some entertainment. Maybe we can get her to play bingo with us or even a few slot machines. (Like that is ever a problem for her.)

Have a great couple of weeks and I will let you all know if we hit the "big" one in Vegas.