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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I promised

Ok I promised you pictures of the place I stayed at in New Mexico so here are the ones of the room I stayed in. I loved the ceiling with its big wooden logs there.

I thought I had taken a picture of the "ribbon" shawl I completed there but it seems to have disappeared from my camera. HUM...........I think a 3 yr old got a hold of the camera recently. Must remember to keep it up higher.

I am off on Saturday to Chicago to visit my son and his family. I am taking the 3 yr old with me so she can play with her cousins. Hopefully I will blog quicker after I get back and put up some pictures so you can see how beautiful my family is.

On the crafting front........I am knitting socks for my DIL in Chicago. I am almost done with the heel of one sock and ready to do the other heel. For some reason I seem to have too many stitches at this point so will have to do a bit of "reducing" soon or they will be slouch socks. I am using the magic loop method so I don't have to worry about having orphan socks around the house.

I also have a prayer shawl in the works (crocheting) and another prayer shawl on my loom. I need to get more prayer shawls done as I am being called on often now to get them to people. I am hoping to get a prayer shawl ministry started at our church after I get back from Chicago. That way there will be more shawls available and I won't feel like I am all alone out there.

Better get off of here and get some packing done for the trip.

Before I go I must leave you with a picture of my Grand Daughter on her 3rd birthday. This was the family party we had and as you can see she really loves this one gift she got. She saw it and screamed "George Washingtons"! I am telling you she is gifted!