YOP LIST 2023-2024

Sunday, November 10, 2013

YoP with photos

Another week and I have finished another project that is to be given to a special person on 12/25/13.  I can show you what this is, because the person getting the gift does not read my blog.  WOOHOO!  How sad is that?  I mean, why doesn't she read my blog?  I read hers.

Meet unnamed sock monkey.  Not the best photo of her but I was in a hurry to get it taken and posted.  This is the first 'toy' I have ever made.  It is crocheted and I am not sure toys are my calling to make.  This was my 'present' from my DD last year for Christmas.  Each year we buy each other a 'craft' to do for the next year to be given to us at Christmas.  Two years ago I got her a counted cross stitch to do for me and guess what.......................I just got it this week.  LOL She had some major issues with coffee spilling on the cloth, miscounting the stitches, her cat running off with the floss, etc.  But I am happy that I got it.  Now I need to frame it.

Last year I got her a 'magic quilt' picture to do for me.  According to her, I will receive it this year as it was 'really easy' to do.  We will see.

I have been telling you that I have not been very successful at stash busting this year, as planned.  Well, I guess I should show you my latest acquisitions that I obtained

This is the yarn I got while in Vegas.  This is 1200 yards of a textured DK weight fiber.  It is hand dyes and I love the colors.  I really like the way the pinks go from light to dark and back again.  I have not found the 'perfect' pattern for it yet, but have narrowed it down to about 5.

Then last week I was watching Jimmy Beans Wool Watcher when this

Came up for sale.  It was 55% off what I pay locally for it.  Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton.  I have already made 2 sweaters out of this same brand and they are wonderful.  I can wear them all summer long.  Even when it is  115 outside.  I was so excited to obtain this.  I think I might have squealed as I bought all 5 skeins that they had for sale.  Yup, this is probably one of my favorite yarns to work with.  

After I finished the Monkey, I was at a loss as to what to work on next.  I did back up on the Green Bay afghan and have done several rows on that.  But  that is kind of hard to take with me on the run.  So, I went through my WIP's and decided to go ahead with my Radian Yoke Sweater that I started several months ago.  I was not sure I liked the yarn or the color that I was using at the time.  When I pulled it out of my craft closet and looked at it, I fell in love with it all over again.  So I will continue on with that.  It is now in my bag and travels everywhere with me. The afghan gets worked on when I am home for long periods of time but the sweater is my traveling project.  I know most of you think that is a strange traveling project but..................my bag I got off of Etsy is large enough to carry the in progress sweater as well my knitting tool box and 3-4 skeins of extra yarn.  Plus I have all my personal belongings in the bag too.  That thing is HUGE!

Next week will be a busy week for me and hubby.  I have returned to the gym and go three days a week after work.  Then we have a retreat next Saturday with set up for it on Friday night.  After set up on Friday night, we will prepping food for the retreat with our BFF's.  Sunday will see us going to church and then coming home for a much needed nap.  Looks like the afghan will be ignored for most of next week but the sweater will be well on it's way.

We had our retreat meeting today and one of the ladies said to me "I thought I would see you today and you would be knitting.  But I don't see any knitting with you".  At which point I opened up my 'magic bag' and pulled my sweater out of it and proceeded to knit away on it.  She laughed so hard, she almost fell off her chair.  HEY!  I got three rows done on it and there are 334 stitches per row.  That's something!

I am going to apologize now for next weekend.  I doubt I will be posting next Sunday.  I am serious about sleeping most of the day.  We have to be at the retreat center at 6:30 in the morning and we don't get home until well after 10 in the evening.  That makes a loooooong day for this old lady.  And then to be back up Sunday morning at 6:30 to make 9 o'clock church.  Yup, I will be napping a lot next Sunday.

So until the next time I post..............

Happy Crafting!

Monday, November 4, 2013


Here I am.  Back at the blogging and still dark.  But I do have news!

I finished one of the Christmas items yesterday!  I am so excited.  It turned out lovely and everyone that has seen it (other than the person that it is for) has loved it.

Tonight I have the second Christmas project that is over half done, sitting out and ready to be attacked when I get home from work/gym.  Hopefully that one will be done before the end of this week.  Then I have one more 'secret' item to complete for the 'big' day.  The last item will take a bit of time to complete but I still should be able to have it done in plenty of time before Christmas.

I am itching to start on sweaters and more socks but have promised myself that I will NOT cast on anything else until the last two projects are done and stored in a hiding place until 12/25/13.  I do have a sweater on the needles that I started a few months back and that just might be the next item I will complete.  

As for stash busting.........................................Not happening.  I purchased 5 more skeins of Cascade ultra pima this week and will turn those into a sweater for myself too.  So I have purchased over 10 skeins of yarn in the past two months.  I just hope I live long enough to use it all up.  LOL

As for news from the family front..  My mom had a stomach virus that knocked her off her feet for a couple of days, but she is much better now. 

My Daughter was laid off from her job on Friday.  She is searching for a new one that pays enough for her to meet her needs.  I am sure something will come along for her soon.  She has a very positive outlook right now so that is a big plus.  Nor to mention several leads from family and friends.  As long as she stays positive I think she will have a job in no time. 

Hubby and I are both doing well.  We had a busy week last week.  We were only home a couple nights out of the whole week.  On Friday night, we both were in bed by 9!  Had to kind of laugh because, that is the night we normally stay up until at least midnight.  It is the time where we watch all the shows we have DVR'd and I get a lot of crafting done.  Not so much this week. And the weekend was filled up too with me helping my mom on Saturday and on Sunday we taught our adult catechism class all morning.  After that it was time to eat lunch and then get some groceries.  THEN........................crafting time.

Happy Crafting!