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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas to all of you. As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, we spend time with our families enjoying the love and warmth of each other.

I know some of you are buried under lots of snow and ice. But here in Arizona we have been having our share of rain for the past week. We have even had a couple of nights where we have had to cover our tender plants from the freeze we have had. I know most of you think this is kind of funny but if your summer temperatures were around 110 plus for a straight 4 months you would know how cold 32 degrees is to us desert rats. We wear coats at 60 degrees here and rarely go outside once it gets below 50. Our blood has thinned out so we can handle those 110 plus days.

Onto Christmas this year. We spent a lovely day with my son, daugher in law, grand daughter, and mother. We went to my son's house and had a wonderful day of gifts, food and fun. We talked to 2 of our other childern and 4 of our other grandchildren. It was a wonderful day even though it rained most of it.

As you can see from our pictures our Grand daughter got her jeep for Christmas from "Santa Claus". She drove a "truck" this summer at her "crazy Uncle Jay's" house and loved it so much, Santa decided she needed something like it so she could remember those good times. She is pretty good in reverse but needs to learn how to steer. She thinks going forwards in one direction is great but trees, walls, and toys do not move out of her way!

Also in the pictures is one of our son, wife and daughter. As you can see we don't get really dressed up for the holiday. We feel comfortable is best since we know we will be napping throughout the day.

The picture of the lovely lady with the birthday cake is my mother. Christmas Day is her birthday and she turned 81 this year! She feels so special to share her birthday with Jesus, as well she should. It has been a bit of a rough year for her with surgeries, deaths of siblings, hospitalizations for health issues and generalized aging "things". But thru it all she keeps her spirits up and stays as active as she can. Mom and I have done a lot of shopping this year together. We have also taken up beading as a new crafting project. Of course we both still knit and I still crochet. Now that Mom has had the total shoulder replacement it is so much easier for her to do her crafting that she so loves. It is such a joy to have her close to us. She is getting the joy of watching one of her MANY great grandchildren grow up and her great grandchild adores her. (after all GiGi always has cookies and M&M's at her house!)

On the crafting front.....................I made several hats, scarve and slippers for my family for christmas. The hats were loomed, the scarves were knit and the slippers were crocheted. I also made lots of necklaces, bracelets and earrings for gifts all from my new found love of beading. I am in the process of knitting a prayer shawl right now. Knitting is a slower process for me but I still love the look of it for some things.

As soon as the Christmas season is over I will be able to get back into my craftroom again and start planning more projects. Right now all the books from the two 7 foot tall book cases are in there so we could put up our 50 plus nativity sets. I don't mind at all. After all it is only once a year that we get to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is a small sacrifice to make compared to the BIG one He made for us on Good Friday!!!!!!!!

May God bless all of you this season and may He continue to bless and keep you close to Him in the year to come.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Quick Note

I know I said I would not be updating my blog for a few weeks but I had to tell all of you about the most incredible book I just finished reading. It is "The Shack" by Wm Paul Young. I picked it up at Costco on a friends advice and read the whole thing in 2 days.

It was the most incredible book I have read in years. I gained so much from reading it and it has truly changed my out look on many things and makes me really think before I speak or act.

It made me cry, laugh and contemplate. I would highly recommend reading this book and please remember it is fiction but, oh my! It can cause you to re-evaluate many things in life. I don't want to tell you much about the book because it is much better if you just pick it up and find out for yourself. I will tell you that you must read the prologue or you will be lost for a while in the beginning of the book.

Ok, that is all from me. Still getting things taken care of here so I can go and join my husband this Friday with the family to say some much needed "goodbyes". But as my Daughter told me, she did not tell Grandpa goodbye the last time she spoke to him as she knows she will be seeing him again someday. What a happy thought, huh? Sometimes she is so insightful!

Have a great day and will post when I get back and get some time.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another chapter begins

I am not one to soft coat much of anything and this post will be no different!

My Father in Law passed away yesterday early morning. We are assuming it was around midnight Sunday morning. My DH was home for the weekend to celebrate our 33rd anniversary and had just told me on Saturday that he would be driving back to his parents early Sunday morning. We received a call during our dinner informing us that Dad's breathing was shallow and labored. My husband told his brother he would catch the next plane out and be there ASAP.

To your surprise all flights from Phoenix to Las Vegas stop at 9pm and we got that call at 8:30pm. So he booked the first flight for Sunday morning which was 7:30am. Unfortunately his father passed from this life about 7 and 1/2 hours earlier than that.

We have been expecting this chapter of our lifes to come to a close and the new chapter to begin but it is never easy to lose a loved one. The one comfort we do have is that he died peacefully in his sleep. He was breathing and just stopped. No "death rattle" as so many people report, no struggling for breath just stopped breathing and went home to his eternal rest.

This post may not be posted on for a couple of weeks as I am trying to tie things up here on the homefront so I can get to Las Vegas to be with the family. I will be there for a few days and then be home..........but...........My mother had a total shoulder replacement done last Wednesday and I have been helping her out with meals, dressing, cleaning, laundry etc. She gets her sutures removed this Thursday so that should help her out a bit. I also have a friend that will be coming in to help her out while I am gone so she will not be totally on her own. We also have in home health that comes in Monday thru Friday for 2 weeks.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers over the past few months. Your support has meant a lot to us.

Just a bit on the crafting front............

I finished my Daughter's prayer shawl and will be mailing that to her this week. I took pictures of it and will post those once she receives the shawl. I am also trying to crochet slippers for some family members for Christmas. I am not able to find a decent pattern for them. I use to make them when the kids were little but I can not find a pattern like the one I use to make. It is unisexed and is kind of like a ballet slipper without the strap across the top. DOes anyone know what I am talking about? They don't take long to make and you can make then any size to fit any foot. HELP!!!!!! This would be a great item to take with me on my way to Vegas on that lovely 5-6 hour drive. If you know what I am talking about please leave me a comment on here as to where I can get the pattern as all comments go to my e-mail and I can pick that up anywhere I am at.

Thanks again and God Bless all of you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ok, I felt guilty about not having any pictures for you all. So here are the ones I took today. As you can see on the socks they look kind of deformed to me but once you put them on they seem to fall into shape nicely. I am going to have to work on the bind off as I used a crochet bind off that was "guaranteed" to make them stretch enough to go over the heel. NOT! I had to rip it out twice and then I did my own crochet bind off with an extra chain between the bind off. The hardest part of this was.........I knit right handed and crochet left handed! I had to do the bind off with the crochet hook in my right hand. Talk about awkward.

You may not think my craftroom looks really "clean" but trust me it is. I have 3 different areas in the room. I have the sewing/serging area, beading/ribbon/knitting machine area and the looming area. The other area I have is for my tread mill. Please notice that there are no clothes on the tread mill. When I got it I heard horror stories about them becoming a clothes hanger. I vowed never to let that happen and it never has! As you can see from the closet shots..........I am pretty full in there. Lucky for me it is a walk in closet or I would be in some big trouble there.

Ok, I feel better now that I have pictures up for y'all. Now I can go and loom on the prayer shawl in peace.


My mother and I have spent the last 2 weekends cleaning out my craft room. The first weekend we got the main part of the room cleaned and this weekend we attacked the closet. Now I know most of you think............so what? Well I'll tell you what! I have a yarn stash that makes most LYS look naked. After cleaning out the closet and reorganizing it I now have 7 twelve gallon tubs and 2 fourty gallon tubs full of yarn. Then there are two 12 gallon tubs of ribbon, one 12 gallon tub of soap making supplies and popourri dolls supplies. I have 2 seven drawer rolling carts full of cloth ribbon, dried/silk flowers, "fancy" sissors and material/patterns. And to add to that I have a 3 drawer wide cart full of my glass/egg etching supplies. So what do I decide to do once we get started on cleaning all of this up so I have some sort of organization? I start a new hobby! I am now into beading. I guess it really is not all that new since I have been making rosaries for the past 10 years and that does require beads. But this time I am making jewelry from the beading and am loving it. Most projects do not take much time to complete but finding just the "right" stuff for a person can be difficult.

I do need to let all of you know that I finally completed my first pair of socks. I am mailing them to my Daughter in Law in Chicago. I am not totally happy with the way they turned out but they will be a nice sock for her to wear around the house this winter. They do not have any wool in them (she is highly allergic) and the yarn was so nice and soft to work with. I have several more skeins of this sock yarn but will need to wait on that. I have promised my Daughter in New Mexico a prayer shawl for almost a year now. I am over half way done with it and am working on it as much as possible right now so I can finish it. She has seen the beginning of it but has no idea of the "surprise" that will be on it when she receives it. And since she reads this blog frequently I am not going to tell the rest of you what it is until it is done and in the mail to her. Then I will post a picture of it on here. (sorry Jenn, you will have to wait)

I don't have any new pictures to post (I haven't taken any!). I keep forgetting to take pictures of projects when they are finished. Do you think it would help if I had my camera by my crafting chair? Or maybe I should just keep it around my neck all the time so I can shoot off some pics as needed. LOL

My husband is leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas again. We have no idea for how long this time. He father is getting really weak now and requires a lot of help just to get out of a chair to walk to another one. He is still eating good though. Please keep us in your prayers as we really don't expect to have Dad around for much longer. We cherish everyday that we have with him and bless God for giving us the chance to love this very special man for all the years we have had.

Have a blessed day and keep on craftin'

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home and glad to be here.

Here are some of the pictures I got of the family while I was on vacation in Chicago. The first one is on the first night. Josie was turning her cousins (Jaden and Bryson) into frogs and dogs. Of course I was thrilled with this as I had to kiss them to make them back into little boys again. GOOD JOB JOSIE!

Then we have the day the kids all got to drive the cars around. This was a first for Josie and she had a blast driving. Her steering left a little to be desired but she had fun. The boys are pros at this most of the time. Bryson (the youngest) seemed to find himself up on the grass a lot but he still had a ball too.

The next three pictures are of the day we walked to Lake Michigan which is only about 2 blocks away from their house. I was told that I might have a problem getting to the lake and when I got there I saw what they meant. We were about 100 feet up from the beach area and the incline was quite steep that we had to go down to get there. But after watching the boys and my son in the water I told my Daughter in Law and Granddaughter that we would give it a shot. We made it down without anyone falling and rolling! After I got down there I noticed another path leading up that was not as steep and asked if we could use that one on the way out. WELL!!!!!!!! It was all concrete with rocks sticking out of it and was like doing a rock wall. Piece of cake! This was the first time Josie had been to the beach and she really enjoyed getting her tootsies in the sand and letting the waves rush over her feet. The boys are experts at this and so they spent time looking for seashells for their bathroom to decorate it up. They got some real nice ones too.

The next picture is of Neiko getting his hair cut. He does sports and hates his hair to be in the way. So his Dad said he would be happy to cut it up for him. It really turned out nice. My son (Neiko's dad) cuts his own hair about every other week since he is an instructor at the boot camp there in Great Lakes.

The last picture is the first day of school. Jaden is in 3rd grade and Bryson started Kindergarten this year. It was so hard to see them leave for that first full day. It was also the day we left so we did not get to see Jaden again but Bryson was home before we left and I got some good lovin' from him before I left.

The weather was wonderful while we were there so it made all of our outings great and enjoyable. We spent a lot of time outside as we were so used to 100+ days here that the 80's felt pretty good to us. There were a couple of nights that it was so cool out that we were able to put a fire in the fire pit outside and enjoyed that.

The day after I came home DH went back up to Las Vegas to see his father. He is going downhill gradually but my DH is trying to get all the loose ends tied up so that when the end comes we don't have a bunch of legal and emotional stuff to take care of. He was there for 10 days. As of this writing he is back up there again. He is only suppose to be there a week this time but if anything happens he will stay a bit longer.

Please keep our family in your prayers as we all go thru this emotional time. It effects all of us in different ways but I know with God's help we will get thru it and be able to move on with our lives. Even though our lives will be different once we loose Big PaPa Joe.

Not much on the crafting front. I am still working on Jamie's socks. I thought I would get them finished while I was in Chicago but we were on the go so much I only got about 2 inches of the cuff done. I still have another 2-3 inches to go. Since I have been back I have not really had any down time to work on them. Hopefully I will get them done before their first snow fall!

Have a great day and keep on crafting. Let me know what you all are working on. Maybe that will inspire me to get back to my yarn!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I promised

Ok I promised you pictures of the place I stayed at in New Mexico so here are the ones of the room I stayed in. I loved the ceiling with its big wooden logs there.

I thought I had taken a picture of the "ribbon" shawl I completed there but it seems to have disappeared from my camera. HUM...........I think a 3 yr old got a hold of the camera recently. Must remember to keep it up higher.

I am off on Saturday to Chicago to visit my son and his family. I am taking the 3 yr old with me so she can play with her cousins. Hopefully I will blog quicker after I get back and put up some pictures so you can see how beautiful my family is.

On the crafting front........I am knitting socks for my DIL in Chicago. I am almost done with the heel of one sock and ready to do the other heel. For some reason I seem to have too many stitches at this point so will have to do a bit of "reducing" soon or they will be slouch socks. I am using the magic loop method so I don't have to worry about having orphan socks around the house.

I also have a prayer shawl in the works (crocheting) and another prayer shawl on my loom. I need to get more prayer shawls done as I am being called on often now to get them to people. I am hoping to get a prayer shawl ministry started at our church after I get back from Chicago. That way there will be more shawls available and I won't feel like I am all alone out there.

Better get off of here and get some packing done for the trip.

Before I go I must leave you with a picture of my Grand Daughter on her 3rd birthday. This was the family party we had and as you can see she really loves this one gift she got. She saw it and screamed "George Washingtons"! I am telling you she is gifted!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Still Here

I don't want you all to think I have left the blog world. I have just been so busylately.

We went to Vegas right after mother's day to see my father in law who is terminally ill with lung cancer and were there for about 4-5 days. It was a good visit and I was glad we went. He is starting to show some signs of the disease but is still in good spirits and quite active. We also got to see my Sister in Law whom we had not seen in a few years.

In June I went to Albuquerque to see my daughter and Son in Law. He had just completed his Master's program so we had a small party for him. I stayed at a priory (Catholic retreat center) while I was there and really enjoyed the peace and quite it offered. The bugs were a bit of a problem but I managed to master the can of raid left in my room. LOL While there I woke up one morning to the wonderful sight of hot air balloons going right over my room! I got some great pictures of it. (Pictures will be posted later) I also managed to get quite a bit of crocheting done while I was there. I completed one prayer shawl and started another!

After I got back I took my mom to the airport for her 10 day trip to Kansas to see her friends and family there. She had a great time and was very glad to go back.

Today my DH and I are leaving for Vegas again to see his Father. We have never spent a holiday in Vegas so are looking forward to it. The hotel we are staying at will have fireworks on Friday and we are going to ask for a room that looks out over the display.

Next month my grand daughter and I are going to Chicago to visit my son and his family. He is in the Navy there and is an instructor at Great Lakes Naval Base. I thought it was time for my grand daughter to get to know her cousins so she is going with me for that reason. She will turn 3 just before we leave! She is so cute. She is telling everyone that we are going to "cago". She even has everyone's names memorized that she is going to see. Her Godfather lives there too and we are hoping she will get a chance to see him while we are there too.

In October my mom is going to have her right shoulder replaced. She is not looking forward to the procedure but is looking forward to the end results. She is unable to knit at this time and she loves to knit. once the shoulder is replaced she will be able to do all her favorite things again.

After that I think my life will return to somewhat of a normal pattern.

I promise that I will be posting pictures here hopefully before my Chicago trip and then again after that. I have some great shots of the prayer shawl I completed in New Mexico and lots of other stuff.

Until later..............have a crafty day!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Seems the older I get the faster time gets away from me. But that is ok, I know deep down there are only 24 hours in a day.

Crafting news: I am making an angel afghan for my mother in law. She really likes angels and I found it on Annie's Attic's daily free pattern. It is fillet crochet and I really like it. I am 1/2 way done with it and am striving to get the rest done by Wednesday so I can present it to her when we go to visit them this week. I also have a prayer shawl on my prayer shawl loom. It is for my Daugher. I have been promising myself that I would do one for her and so now seemed like a good time. Of course it is on hold until the afghan is done.

I am hoping to get back into my sock knitting in the very near future. I ordered some new circular needles so I could do more than one pair of socks at a time. I love the magic loop method and it seems so easy to me once I get into the grove of counting stitches.

Family life: My Father in law is starting to go downhill pretty fast. (he has lung cancer) So my hubby and I are leaving Wednesday afternoon to go to Nevada to visit them and see what we can do to help. My MIL has asked him several times to let her call in hospice but he refuses it. So I guess our first line of business is to convince him to let them evaluate him and maybe get him on some oxygen to make it easier for him to breath. We are also planning on getting their cemetary plots taken care of while we are there. They have a Veteran's cemetary close to where they live. After that I think we can relax for a couple of weeks. My DH wants to go up to Nevada for Father's Day. I TOld him to go up on the 7th as our neice is graduating from college and that is the day of her party. I told him to take the whole week after off and just stay there with him.

In June I am going to Albuquerque to visit our Daughter and Son in law. The SIL just graduated also and they are having a congratulatory party for him. I love Albuquerque so am really looking forward to that trip too.

Not a real exciting life but a might bit stressful right now. I will fill you all in when we get back from Nevada.

Happy Mother's day to all of you Mom's!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thought it was about time for me to update the blog. So what better way then to give you all some pictures to look at. So let me give you a bit of a rundown of what they are.

First there is my grandaughter Josie with her Auntie Jenn (my daughter). Auntie Jenn took her to the build a bear factory and of course Josie had to have a bunny. While we were waiting to get the bunny stuffed we did a little shopping to find just the right dress and shoes for the bunny. So what did Josie find? Cinderella clothes and glass slippers. So now we have Cinderbunny.

Next picture is of Josie and her Daddy (my son) as she is searching for her Easter eggies (her word not mine). Her Grammy in Seattle sent down plastic easter eggs filled with MONEY! Guess the Seattle Easter Bunny is pretty neat. Anyway since the bunny left the eggies at Grammy Linna's (Josie doesn't say Linda well yet) house, Grammy thought she had better get them packaged and sent down to Arizona ASAP! Good thing she did too.

Next we have Josie showing off her body painting that she had done at the renaissiance festival. She calls it her maritaposa. No I did not spell it wrong that is how she pronounces mariposa! Cute huh? Anyway we went to the festival on Easter Sunday (got out of cooking Easter Dinner) and it was a wonderful day. Don't get me wrong, we did not miss Easter Mass at Church. But the Easter Mass we go to was held on Saturday night and is called the Easter Vigil. (It lasts for about 3 hours but is worth every minutes) It is when we receive into the Church all the people that have been studying the Catholic Faith for a year or more. We have sessions each week during this time to help them along their journey. My DH facilitates for the adults and I cook for their retreats. So that is a VERY special Mass for us. So that freed Sunday up for us to do something special so off to the festival we went!

And the last picture is of Josie getting the tape off the eggie so she can count her George Washingtons! (She does tell her daddy that she likes Ben Franklins best though)

It was a wonderful day and I was so glad we all got to be together. Even my mom went with us for the day and she loved it too. Now I do not want any of you folks that spent your Easter shoveling snow to send me any hate mail. It is not my fault that it was 75 and sunny Easter Sunday. But I am not complaining about it either. Just remember that by June we will be 100+ degrees here and it will be just plain HOT!

On the crafting front............Great news. I have found someone that is in need or prayer shawls. We have a cancer ministry at our parish and the head of it found out I had LOTS of prayer shawls just sitting around my house. She had just given the last one she had away and was in need of more. Well, I dropped off that 33 gallon bag of shawls to her and told her more would be on the way! So I am crocheting a seraphina shawl in varigated yarn. I love this pattern as it just lays across the shoulders so nicely. I am also looming a dark purple prayer shawl for my daughter Jenn. It is really nice and airy. When she was here during Easter she saw it and was very excited about it. I also have chapel veils that I need to get sewn. I was given the material but just have not taken the time to cut them and edge them. Maybe this week while my DH is at his meetings I can get some of that done.

That is all for right now. I have lots more to tell you but will leave it for another post another day. Have a great day!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finally pictures

I have been promising pictures for some time now. Well here you go. The first one is of a little mouse I made tonight. I found the pattern on Annie's Attic's free daily pattern today and knew I had to make one. I work with a lady who likes mice and since she is undergoing Chemo I thought I would make this for her to cheer her up.

The next 2 pictures or of the prayer shawl I am working on. It is such a nice and easy pattern and works up really pretty quickly if I could just have the time to really sit and work on it without interruption I think I would have it done in just a few days. But alas the phone rings or the dog wants a treat or hubby wants to go somewhere or (and this is the biggest reason) my grand daughter is over and we really have other "art" projects that we have to do.

A little update on my Father in Law. We were told last night that he was being released today from the hospital. We have not been able to verify that he is home yet but that is amazing. He just had major brain surgery on Monday and here it is Thursday and he is heading home.

It is late and I really want to get some more crochet time on the shawl so will close now and wish you all a crafty night!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another update

Thank you all for your prayers! Here is the lastest on my Father in Law.

His surgery only lasted 2.5 hours! What a shock to those of us prepared for a 4-10 hour surgery. The surgeon said after he opened up the skull the tumor was well delineated (outlined) and he was able to get it right away and he could not find any other signs of tumor. Dad is being transferred out of ICU today into a regular room and could possibly be going home this week yet. He is alert and orientated totally. He is speaking and moving his arms and legs without difficulty. My husband is so pleased with the progress that he is even flying home tonight! I am so excited, he has been gone for 2 weeks and it has been too quiet around my house.

On to crafting news.

My mother has been winding my yarn stash up for me and has informed me I will never use all that yarn before I die. So I guess I need to live to be ANCIENT! I am so impressed on how nice it is starting to look in my craftroom. I actually got to use my serger the other day because I could find it!

I am working on a crocheted prayer shawl right now. It is a pattern I found on one of my group sites. I wish I could remember the ladies name that made the pattern as it is really pretty and very easy to do. My mom said it is the prettiest one she has seen me do yet!

My Daughter in Law has been crocheting too and has completed a baby blanket in "baby cloud" yarn. She loves this yarn and I don't care for it as it is so bulky and hard to work with. I did complete one baby blanket that I had started and I gave it to her. I don't know what she is going to do with all the baby blankets that are so heavy. Our coldest temp here this winter was 29 and that was just for a couple of hours. We do live in a desert and it does get really really hot here.

That is all for now. Have a great day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


We were just notified this morning that my Father In Law will be having brain surgery tomorrow morning at 9am Pacific time. The procedure will take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours. My husband was suppose to come home this evening but has now decided to stay to be with his family during the surgery. I will tell you that we have been told that the chances of him making it out of surgery are 50/50. So if you would please say prayers for him and for our family we really need the Lord's strength right now to see us thru what ever is to be.

I will update you as soon as we know tomorrow.

Thank you all for your support and don't be afraid to leave me a comment. I feel kind of a lone right now as my husband has been gone for 10 days during this crisis and I just want to know that someone is reading and praying for us.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Busy life

Yes, I do have a busy life but that is no excuse for not posting here for the past 6 weeks. Let me catch you up on what is going on with this crazy life of mine.

We had a great new year here at home. We refuse to go out on New Years eve as we call it amateur night. That is when all the amateur drinkers go out on the streets and make life miserable for others. We did have friends over on New Years day which has been a tradition of ours for about 15 years. We enjoy our time with them and have a big bar b que that night and make sure everyone is full and happy. (In Arizona you can bar b que about 350 days a year because the other 14 days it is raining)LOL

My DH's father has been going thru extensive testing since they found the spot on his lung and it has not been a good time for him. They did a biopsy on one of the spots and his lung collapsed just at the end of the procedure. It took about a week for him to get back up to par after that. He was scheduled to go to San Diego for a wedge resection of the lung to determine the type of "tumor" that was there but he got to feeling kind of "poorly" and he cancelled the appointment.

A couple of weeks ago my DH got a call from his brother (a Doctor) very concerned about Dad's behavor and health. My DH flew up to Vegas to check things out only to discover his dad was having right sided weakness and was loosing mental capacities at an alarming rate. So DH got him in for a CT scan of the brain and they discovered a brain tumor that is quite large with lots of edema pushing on all parts of the brain causing the problems that he is having. They admitted him immediatly to a neurological hospital and is awaiting surgery. Hopefully this will all be over by Sunday and we will get our answers as to what is going on and what the next steps will be taken. So if any of you would feel so inclined we would appreciate all prayers at this time.

I am recovering from a wonderful cold that my grand daughter was kind enough to give me. My voice is almost gone and I am coughing a bit but I know that I will be better soon since my Grand Daughter is getting better too. Of course she has also given this to her mom and dad too. We are such a close family.

For Valentines Day I made 28 Dishclothes to pass out to my office and my husbands office. Everyone loved them although those that do not craft thought they were pot holders. Oh Well!

I am working on another prayer shawl and will probably work on that again tonight while I finally relax and watch a little mindless TV. Seems like when DH is out of town I find myself going somewhere everynight after work. So tonight I decided to just stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet here.

Oh yes, our son that moved here from Seattle in November has moved back home to Seattle! He was just not able to find any work here in the field that he specializes in. He has already had interviews since going back a week ago and he only had 2 here in the 3 months he was here. So we are hopeful that he will be employed very soon.

Once again I don't have any pictures of my crafts that I have been doing. My Bad! But on a great happy note, my mother has been coming over each day to let my dog out around lunch time. While she is here she is winding my yarn stash for me so I can get it into less space. I told her I found a yarn sale catalog in the mail and boy did I get a nasty look from her. I have 6 64 gallon tubs full of yarn right now and that is not counting the yarn that is in bags, totes, laying around in baskets etc. So I think I am on hold for yarn buying until I get some of my stash whittled down.

Have a great crafty day and I will write again as soon as we have any news on my Father in Law.