Sunday, July 18, 2021

Week 3


Hello again.  It is that time again to talk about what I did this past week in my crafting.  Hopefully you won't get tired of seeing these.  It is all I have going at the present time.

Hubby's plain vanilla socks with FLK heels.  The orange marker is where I was last week.  Both of them are now on the same row count.  This week, I will be increasing the number of stitches so they will be able to fit over hubby's calves.  Not sure when they will be completed.  There are other projects needing to be started ASAP plus another project that I started last month that I need to give some love to or it will not be completed in time for an October birthday.

On Tuesday I did a little Amazon shopping.  Finally, I found some cloth baskets to fit in my craft table cubicles.

They are just perfect for putting my yarn into and will keep the yarn a bit more protected from dust.  It also makes it much easier for me to find what I am looking for since all I need to do is pull out a basket and look into it rather than bending over and trying to reach into the back of a cubicle which is 15 inches deep.  When these arrived, I just 'threw' my yarn into the baskets. This week I would like to take the time to organize it a bit more.  The baskets on the left have all my DK weight and the ones on the right have all my fingering weight yarns.

But wait.....................there's more................................

There are three of these storage units in my craftroom.  Well, one in my craftroom and two in the craftroom closet.  The one you are looking at is in the room itself.  I got these cloth baskets off of Amazon too.  Most of them are holding my worsted weight yarn and one of them is holding my lace yarn.  The ones in the closet hold my cotton yarn and my WIPs.  Those are now in these baskets.  It is nice to have the yarn more protected.  Plus, this way people don't gawk at the amount of stash yarn I have when they walk into my craftroom.  

We finally got our solar system up and running on our house, this past week.  It has either rained or been overcast each day since then.  (Sigh)  Not thinking we will see a big difference this month because of that.  We are in the heart of our monsoon weather.  I am not disappointed in the fact we are actually having a wet monsoon this year.  In fact, I am quite thankful for the moisture.  I was just kind of hoping to see how much of a difference having solar would make on our electric bill.  Oh well, this monsoon won't last much longer.  Maybe another couple of weeks and then we will be back to blue skies and hot dry weather.

Today I do not have any plans what so ever.  Hubby is watching the British Open.  Me?  Playing with yarn today and listening to my audio book is the only thing on my list.

What is on your list to do today?

Until Next Time.........................................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Part Deux


Guess what I woke up to today........................RAIN!  I could not believe it.  It has been so long since we have had any measurable rain.  Maybe this monsoon season will be a wet one for a change.  We are in such a severe drought.  

With the rain falling I got another burst of energy today.  That makes 3 days in a row.  Hubby had errands to run and I gave him my grocery list so while he was out he could do it all.  While he was gone I got on my 'to do' list.

First up was changing our wifi passwords and then getting all our electronics re-synced with them.  That took me over two hours to complete.  Making up hard to guess passwords is not for sissies.  Hubby normally does it but I decided it was time for me to learn something new in the techno world. There were 2 loads of laundry done while I was working on that password mess.  I bought a new comforter for our bed several weeks ago and finally got around to putting that on today and taking the old one and getting it ready for donations.  Then there was this watermelon on my kitchen counter begging to be cut up and put in the fridge for snacking.  By the time all of this was done it was time for lunch...........thank goodness!  I was starting to get tuckered out.  Hubby came back from his errands and brought me a gift.

He loves to bring me flowers and I love receiving them.  

Last night I made picadillo empanadas for dinner.  I had 4 empanada discs left over. 

 So, I decided to make a yummy desert for us.

Cherry empanadas with almond flavored glaze.  Some folks call them hand pies or turnovers.  Here in the southwest, these are empanadas.  They are cooling now but I have a feeling they will be gone by the end of the day.

I am finally kicking back and getting ready to pick up some knitting to work on.  Tomorrow our electric company will be coming out to get our home switched over to solar energy.  Hopefully we will have sunshine then LOL.  Then tomorrow evening we have a handyman coming out to look at what we need to have done and give us an estimate on price and time.  Friday I have a lunch date with one of my friends and that normally lasts 2-3 hours.  The only other thing we are waiting on is our roofing guys.  During the monsoon wind storm, part of our roof shingles in the back yard completely lifted off and are laying upside down and buckled on our roof.  It may a while before they can get here though.  They are working on a home whose roof collapsed.  I think that take priority!

Tonight's dinner is going to be easy..................air fryer beef kielbasa with sautéed onions on hoagie rolls.  I'm going to make tomorrow's dinner at that time too...............ham pasta salad.  

How is your day going?  

Until Next Time......................................

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Just because


I was just sitting here researching some stuff for a dear friend of mine.  After I got done I thought, "why not do a quick blog post".  It's not like I have anything major to talk about.  I just like dropping in to say "HI" to everyone on days other than Sunday.

Yesterday I got so much stuff done.  Of course I was Monday.  I got labels sewed on the prayer shawls, menus made for the next 2 weeks, made a bday card for a friend's 91st bday, made a lunch date with a friend, sent texts to a couple of relatives to catch up on their lives (they have not responded back) and worked on hubby's socks.

Today, it is still morning but I have emptied the dishwasher, cooked the meat for tonight's empanadas, fed Arthur, cleaned up the kitchen from cooking and talked to my dear friend in Las Vegas for a bit.  After I post this, I am going to jump in the pool and get some water aerobics going.  I have teen duty this afternoon.  It is only a pick up and drop off but it gives me a chance to talk to her for a few minutes....face to face.

It is nice to have things completed before lunch time.  That give me the chance to goof off in the afternoon.  Actually, it is giving me the chance to do some amazon shopping LOL.  I am looking for baskets to go into the cubbies that hold my yarn.  It will be easier to pull out a basket and search it than to try and see clear to the back of a 15 inch dark hole.  Right?

What do you do during the week?

Until next time................................................

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Week 2 of YOP 11


Another week has gone by and my fingers have been busy.  There is another FO this week.

Another "To the Point" prayer shawl is completed and heading to the prayer shawl ministry at my parish.  I had stopped making these for a while as we were not mailing out shawls because of covid.  Now that things are settling down, the shawls are being sent again.  I am hoping to use up the rest of the worsted weight yarn I have by making these.  Once that is used up, I will only purchase worsted weight weight for projects calling for it.  Like these prayer shawls and like this:

Yup, another Wee Sherlock is going to be made soon.  We have a dear friend (who calls me grandma) that is expecting her first baby.  Her husband is my BFF's son.  We are so happy for them.  I just had to get some lovely soft washable yarn for the wee one that is expected to arrive in January.  There will also be a hat, baby mitts and booties made to go with this. They live in Texas where there is actually cold weather!  We will know the gender the end of this month and the buttons and embellishments will be gender specific.  The yarn is from Hobby Lobby and is their Soft and Sleek low pill yarn.  Perfect for baby garments.

There was sock knitting this past week too.

I took them off the magic loop and put them on DPN's.  I am sorry, I do not find magic loop quick at all.  It seems I spend more time pushing the project up and down the needles then I do knitting.  The orange marker is where I was last time I worked on these.  The sock on the right has a few more rows on it than the one on the left.  But no worries.  Each of them has a row counter attached to it so they will be even in the end.  This is my TV watching project.

Speaking of row counters:

I purchased two more chain row counters this past week and they arrived on Friday.  You might remember I had a lemon row counter a while back.  Well, someone fell in love with it and I gave it to them.  Luckily KnittyGnat (on etsy) had another one in her stock so I grabbed it along with the sea turtle.  That gives me 4 counters and three are already in use.

That covers all of my crafting this week.  In other news:

Wednesday, I accompanied my BFF to go and help her pick up two foster puppies.  

Just had a bath
She has fostered before but never puppies.  Even though she has 2 dogs of her own, she tries to help out when the rescues get over run.  On Friday, I helped her take the puppies back to the rescue.  Her one dog got physically ill from the puppies bothering him all the time.  He quit eating and started throwing up all over the house.  He does fine with 'adult' dogs but not so much with 6 week old puppies.  She felt so bad taking them back but the rescue understood....especially since the dog that was getting sick came from them too.  Talked to her yesterday and her boy is all better now.  Eating and drinking and keeping everything down.

I spent the first part of the week deep cleaning my refrigerator and our upright deep freeze.  Oh my, the fridge was in dire need of cleaning.  It looks so pretty now and the shelves and drawers sparkle.  I only found 2 expired items in the fridge which tells me we have been pretty good about eating leftovers and/or watching dates on perishable foods.  In the freezer I only found 3 items that had not been vacuum sealed properly and were severely freezer burnt.  What the freezer needed was a total reorganization.  I would jump back each time I opened it as usually something big and heavy would fall out where my feet would normally be.  It now is all organized and opening the door is no longer a scary thing.  I still need to go through the freezer attached to our fridge.  Maybe that will happen this week.

We are in our monsoon season.  The past two nights we have had 30-50 MPH winds whipping up dust storms.  It has happened after dark so no photos of it to show.  We got a trace of rain last night with it but that is all the rain we have this monsoon season, so far.  Everything outside has a nice layer of dirt on it from the storms.  It feels so gross.  My car has changed from garnet red to dirt brown.  I would wash it but there is really no need until the season ends.

Today, Hubby and I are planning a chill day at home.  I will head to the grocery store at some point to pick up fresh produce again.  There will be some sourdough bread being prepared for baking tomorrow.  Hopefully, there will be lots of knitting done too.  I have a zoom meeting this afternoon with my Silk & Sonder journaling group.  Those are always so enjoyable and I learn so many new ideas on journaling.  Next week I have some teen/dog duties to attend to.  Other than that, it should be a fairly quiet week.  Maybe the socks will get close to completion. 🤞

Until Next Time..............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2021



Most of you do this big bang up cleaning sometime in the spring.  Not me!  I wait until it is hotter than blazes outside and then decide it would be a great time to do some deep cleaning in my house.  I'm not talking about decluttering either.  I am talking about pulling things apart, cleaning everything and putting it all back together.

Yesterday I did the refrigerator.  I pulled everything off the shelves and made sure there was nothing expired going back in.  (Only found 1 expired item)  The shelves themselves are glass so they got a good scrubbing to make sure any drips that were on them were all gone.  The fruit and veggie drawers were emptied and given a good scrubbing too.  Then there is another drawer for cheese and meat that got all spiffed up too.  That whole task took almost 2 hours.

Today, I am going to tackle our upright deep freeze.  Every time I open it, I step away from the door.  There is so much in there, things have a habit of spilling out when it is opened.  I need an inventory of what is in there so I can make better menus to start using up the older meat that is in there.  That should take me another couple of hours today.

My goal for tomorrow is to clean out the bottom freezer of our fridge.  My big hope is to be able to move some things from that freezer into the deep freezer, once it is organized again.

I have not done this for well over a year.  I do wipe up spills when they occur but to totally empty and clean is not something I do often.  The nice thing about doing these three areas is, I do not get exceedingly hot doing them.  All that nice cold air keeps me cool while working.  

My real goal for this week was to go through my kitchen again, to remove items that are not being used.  Even though I did this just a few months ago, I still feel like there is an overload of unused items in there.  Some of it might be the fact I have quite a few baking pans that only get used in the winter time.  I refuse to use my oven when it is 100 plus degrees outside.  So, maybe, the kitchen just needs to be reorganized.  I could move all those winter only items to an area all by themselves.  Gosh!  What a great idea.  I am so glad I came on here today to think this through.  That makes so much sense.  I only bake for about 4 months out of the year.  But, during those 4 months I do A LOT of baking.  Brilliant!

After I complete the deep freeze today, I am going to hit that pool.  Hubby and I got into it yesterday and it was so refreshing.  That is only the second time this season I have been in the water.  We have been so busy with travel, I kind of got out of the habit of making it part of my routine.

Is anyone else doing some deep cleaning during the hot months of the summer?

Until next time............................................................

Sunday, July 4, 2021



WOOHOO!  Year of Projects started on July 1 for me and several other people.  This is year 11 of this group and it is also my 11th year to be in the group.  Each year I set goals for myself in my craft world.  Seldom do I ever completely make all those goals.  And, that is ok.  This group has a no judgement policy.  We welcome all crafters from all over the world.  If you are interested in joining us, go to this site and join in.  The site is on Ravelry and if you are not a member of that website, you can sign up and then join the group.  It is all FREE!

So, here are the goals I have set for this year.


Boxy Sweater -11/7/15 (my own design and will probably be frogged this year)
Sock Scraps Granny Stripe - 7/8/20 (This too, will probably be frogged this year)
Madonna & Child - 8/7/20 (cross stitch kit and it is a big one)
Everything is Possible with God - 3/23/21 (cross stitch kit)
TAAT Car Socks - 3/6/21 
Summer Lace Stole - 6/13/21 (Needs to be done by October)

Try at least one new to me pattern this year


Try to use up cotton yarn

To the Point for the prayer shawl ministry

Giant Granny Square blanket to use up stash yarn
Another Mosaic blanket from Tinna's patterns to use up stash yarn

Cross Stitch
My hope is to complete the ones I have started as well as the other 2 that are waiting for me to start.


It is not a huge list this year.  It seems I normally get a bit distracted or have people asking me to make things for them.  This gives me some leeway during the next 51 weeks.

Oh, and I already have an FO from this past week.

I made a "To the Point" shawl for the prayer shawl ministry at my church.  I finished it up yesterday.  

And for all my USA friends...................................Happy Independence Day!

Until Next Time......................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Year in Review....My 10th year


My 10th year of the Year of Projects is completed.  This is my review of what I did over the past 52 weeks.


Easy Does It - Started July 2 Finished July 18
Reyna Shawl with beads - Started October 31 Completed November 18
Boneset - (started 9-25 completed 10-5-2020)
Wolf Lichen - Started 7-26 completed 8-3-2020
Mehujaa - Started 4-1 completed 5-31


Hermione Everyday Socks (Started 7-19 completed 9-19)
Car Socks ( started 9-25-2020 completed 11-13)
Butterbeer socks (my design) - started 4/13/20 completed 7/1/20
Rose City Roller Socks ( 2 pair as of 2-28-21)
Car Socks  started 3/23/21 completed 4-24-21


Granny's Favorite Dishcloth -1
DW Dishcloth -3
Copycat Dishcloth -1
Garter Stitch Cloth -1
Eye of Partridge/Garter -2


It Really Fits Cardigan - started 9/23/19 Completed 12/19/20
Seeded Band Hat - started 12/24/20 completed 12/25/20
Percussion Hat - Started 11/4/20 completed 11/18/20


Madonna & Child (started 8-7-2020)
Friends are a Treasure (Started 9-6-2020 Finished 3-18-2021)
All things are Possible with God (Started 3-23-21)


Kidsilk Haze Shawl - started 9/20/19 FROGGED

Boxy Sweater (my design) - started 11/7/15
Summer Lace Stole - started 6-13-21
TAAT Car Socks - started 5-6-21


To the Point -  for Prayer Shawls - made 5
Socks Scrap Granny Stripe - will make this into lapghans (Started 7-2-2020)
Ripple Lapghan (Started 3-20-21 completed 3-23-21)
Face Masks -  42 made

As always, if something else catches my eye, I will make it.

Coasters (made 6)
Havana Blanket (Started 8-8-2020 Completed 1-18-21)
Tarragon the Dragon (Started 2-16-13 completed 2-25-21)
Victorian Lace squares - 4 
Fred the Frog (started 3-4-21 Finished 3-18-2021)
Mask Mates (Made 2)

If you were to ask me what my favorite item was.......I am not sure I could pick a favorite.  I loved doing the Havana blanket.
It was the first time to do mosaic crochet and it is addictive.

Tarragon the dragon was so much fun to do and my Grand really loves him.

Making toys is not something I plan on doing a lot of, but this was fun.

I am most proud of finishing my It Really Fits Cardigan.

It was the first adult sized cardigan I had ever made.  

To add things up, there were a total of 42 items either knit or crocheted, 1 counted cross stitch and 42 cloth masks made this past year.  The one good thing that came out of this pandemic was the extra at home time to work on my crafts.  

My list for next year is completed..............I think.  Come back next week to see what I hope to accomplish over the next 52 weeks.

Until Next Time................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS:  It was pretty hot this past week so I just worked on light weight things.  I did have a finish.

Just another dishcloth.  This time it is for me.  It is figured into the above count too.  OK, that is all.