YOP LIST 2023-2024

Sunday, June 9, 2024

WEEK 50/53


Look at that!  We are already on week 50.  There are 3 more weeks with the third week being a wrap up for the year. Thinking about what I want to accomplish for the next year has me baffled.  The past few years I just set up categories to give me guidance.  It has done well for me, yet I feel I want to challenge myself more in the coming year.  Any suggestions?  Sure wish I lived in a climate that needed me to wear 'winter' clothing.  Then I would be making sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, cowls like crazy.  But, they only get about a month of wear here.*sigh*  And I have plenty of those already.

I did have lots of knitting time this week.

The habitation throw is moving along quite nicely.  I am almost to the halfway point.  Thirty more rows to make halfway.  I have already done 119 rows.  The marker is where I was last week.  It is a relaxing knit and easy to do while talking or watching TV.

That is all I did in crafting.  I was busy this past week.  There was a decluttering of my vanity drawers this week.  I had medicine in them I no longer take and wanted to find a good home for them.  My brother in law, a doctor, works for Samaritan's Purse several months out of the year.  He is getting ready to head to Africa and was thrilled to take the medicine off my hands.  Win-win!  I also had many little sample bottles of different face creams that were partially used.  Those were trashed as well as some OLD makeup.  I always feel so accomplished after cleaning out an area of my home.

I said good-bye to my sourdough starter, again.  After taking it out of the fridge on Saturday and feeding it that night and again on Sunday, when I went to feed it again on Monday it had molded!  I think my house is just too warm in the summer to sustain it long enough, out of the fridge, to get it active enough to use.  That is ok.  I still make bread in my bread machine each week.  Hubby and I enjoy that too.  I just like the healthy benefits of homemade sourdough. 

There was a deep cleaning of our shower this week.  It is one thing hubby has asked me to handle in the cleaning area.  It doesn't need it often as we squeegee it down each time we use it.  But once in a while it needs a good scrubbing.  Since we have a water softener, it is pretty easy to keep up with.  

I got my summer haircut this week too. 

Super short again.  With swimming and the heat here, I do not like having to take time to have bow dry my thick and heavy hair.  So she cut it short and if I choose I can even spike up the crown of my head to give it a little oomph.  WOW!  Looking at that photo, I can see my 'wisdom highlights' are really showing up!  LOL.  I quit dying my hair a couple of years before I retired and I have never regretted it.

Thursday, our cable for WIFI and TV went kaput!  We were able to get a technician out on Friday to figure out the issue.  Seems our cables that were installed about 30 years ago finally gave up the ghost.  He got all new wires for us and we are back up and running.  Well, except for our solar.  It is producing but it is not being reported.  Hopefully we will get that taken care of Monday morning.  With our temps being well into the 100's, we rely on the solar to keep our electric bill manageable.

With this heat, I have been making salads each night for dinner.  It is just way to hot to eat heavy.  Plus, salad makings are plentiful in the stores right now.  I just cook up some chicken (outside) and use that for the protein and then add veggies and fruits to the salad.  So yummy.

That is my week in a nutshell.  Everyone here is fine as are all the kids, grandkids and great grandkids.

Here is your chuckle for the week.  My hubby even laughed at it.

Until Next Time............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2024

WEEK 49/53


Well, hello there. I come to you today one year older than I was last week.  Yup, I had a birthday yesterday.  It was a perfect day and I had so much fun with the planned activity I picked out over a month ago.  I asked for a girls night out to play bingo and enjoy each others company.  Well, my daughter and daughter in laws made sure this happened.  We had so much fun.  There was so much laughter.  I was worried we would get in trouble for being too disturbing to others.  But all those around us were about as bad as we were.

See?  This is Stacie and Tiffany.  My Daughter in laws.  Tiffany had never played bingo before and we were cracking up from listening to her describe the different games we were playing.  And, as you know, once the giggles start......so hard to stop them.

Anyway, I do have some items to show you that flew off my crochet hook this week. First up:

A To The Point Shawl for the prayer shawl ministry.  This is such a great way to use up some of my leftover skeins of yarn.

Here is my next item.

Surprise!  Another To The Point shawl.  This was the 40th shawl of this pattern I have made.  Yes, I no longer need the instructions.

After those two, I retired my crochet hook and picked up my knitting needles to make:

Another Habitation throw.  I make mine in worsted weight yarn and  size10 needles.  This is being done in Cascade Anthem yarn.  I purchased this yarn 2 years ago to make a cardigan.  Once it was done I hated it and frogged the whole thing.  This yarn will make a lovely throw.  I have not decided if I will add a contrasting color in it.  Probably will so the diagonal construction will show up better.

That is all for crafting.  There are only 4 more weeks of this Year of Projects for those of us who do July starts. I have not even thought about what I want to go after next year.  Hmmm.

One last fun thing..................Tiffany called Friday and wanted to know if we would be open to having a pool party at our house.  I love the fact my family loves to come over and spend time with us.  We agreed and got Josh and Stacie to come too.  Hubby and I made pizzas in our Woodfire oven and we had an absolutely lovely time.

My boys (Jay and Josh) and Stacie enjoying the water.  The rest of us were already out and getting food ready to enjoy.  My heart is full of the love from my family this weekend.

That is all for this week.  Even thought the week started out so sad with the Charlie kitty passing, it ended on a wonderful note with the love of my family.

Until Next Time............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2024



When I woke up yesterday morning, I had a text message from Josie asking me to call her when I had a minute.

I knew immediately what the call was about.  Charlie Kitty.

Her parents had been taken him to the emergency vet on Sunday because his back legs were not working and he was walking on the knuckles of his front paws.  

When Josie got home from work, she took him into her bed for night and spent the night petting and loving on him.  He left this world for the rainbow bridge about 4 in the morning.

My heart breaks for her.  She was such a good momma to the kitty.  But even at 4 weeks he only weighed 4 ounces.  So there was definitely something wrong with him.  He had some type of neurological problem for his legs to stop working too.  The vet did xrays but they were clear so we know he had not sustained any type of injury.

Here are some of our favorite memories of Charlie.

Thor's tail was the best toy ever.

Thor made a nice place to rest too.

On eye level with each other and getting kisses.

Riding in the center console of the car.  Heading home from the ER.  The last photo we have of the baby boy.  He was so little.  Good bye sweet Charlie.  You will be missed by all who knew you.  13 days in the family but forever in our hearts.

Sunday, May 26, 2024



Oh my, where to start.  It was a fantastic week.  I accomplished so much.  Here are my craft projects for the past week.

The lapghan got completed!
It is folded in half length wise.  It will be perfect when worn vertically.  I really enjoyed making the ripple.  It used up 5 of my 'lone skeins' of leftover yarn.  Win-Win!

Once that was done I started another charity project.

To The Point shawl got completed this morning.  This is #38 of this shawl.  I made it in Caron Simply Soft with a size I (5.50mm) crochet hook.  It takes right at 250 grams of the Caron Simply soft.  I seem to be in a crochet mood right now and am planning on starting another To The Point shawl this afternoon.

That is all for crafting.  The rest of the week was spent doing all sorts of things.

Monday - My Mother's Day flowers finally bit the dust.  So, into the rubbish they went.  P-U that flower water stinks so bad.  I scoured my kitchen down.  Hubby fixed the outdoor part of my weather station.  I made cookies from scratch!

Hubby's favorite, oatmeal and raisin.  They are so yummy!

Tuesday - Washed the bed linens and put them back on the bed.  Hubby decided it would be fun to go to Costco.  It was not very busy so not too bad.  I needed more bread flour and they carry a 25 pound bag for less than I can buy 10 lbs in the grocery.

Wednesday -  Enrique finally got his pedicure.  I was two weeks past due and was advised by the groomer to bring him back in 3-4 weeks so they could get his quicks to recede more.  Then my TX DIL called and asked me to go with her to run errands.  WOW!  We went to the pharmacy, Dept of motor vehicles, Hobby Lobby, At Home and Fabletics which is in a Mall.  We clocked over a mile of walking and my body let me know it was not happy about that.  Yes, I am waaaay out of shape.

Thursday - We cleaned half of the house.  I made out menus and grocery list for the next week.  Did a load of towels and then that night we had Adoration at church.  My body was still complaining about the movement from the day before.

Friday - Hubby and I did our weekly grocery shopping.  We ended up at 2 grocery stores this time.  Again with almost a mile of walking.  But, it actually was good.  Helped to let those muscles know they needed to shape up!

Saturday - We did our weekly food pick up for our church's food bank.  We got over 50 pounds of meat this time.  That is going to help out a lot!  Our kids from TX stopped by to pick up some things we had for them.  We sat and talked for several hours.  It was so nice.  Hubby and I went to Mass and then home to relax and watch movies.

So far today I have emptied the dishwasher (my least favorite job), made jalapeƱo poppers for hubby's lunch, been making ice for beverages and written this blog post.  I will be making frozen strawberry margaritas shortly.  Something different for us.  We seldom drink them.  In fact I had to have hubby get the glasses that have been stored in the cupboard above our fridge since 2015!  Yup, it has been a hot minute since we have had margaritas.  Our pool says it is swimming temp.  I may venture into it later this afternoon.  Time to get back to my water aerobics.  They are so easy on my joints.

Tomorrow we will fly our American flag at half staff in memory of all who died to maintain our freedom.  We never want to forget!

Here is your funny for the week.

Until Next Time....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2024

WEEK 47 in Review


Another week has passed.  It was a busy one too.  But I loved every minute of all the busyness. It will be easier for me to go day by day to let you know what happened.

Sunday after blogging - I was asked to send the night at Josh's house.  He and his wife were out of town for a few days and wanted to make sure things were taken care of and keep Josie company.  There is a very long and ugly story to go with this.  But let me just say, he was scammed and it really, really scared him for the safety of his home and child.  I spent Sunday night there and most of the day on Monday.

As you can see, it was a calm and peaceful night.

Monday - stayed at Josie's house.  We did quite a bit of housework as well as working on the pool for the parents.  It is so hard for Josh to do much work around the house and Stacie works almost 60 hours a week.  I was relieved by Tiffany (theTX DIL)

Tuesday - Josie and I had a super special mission.  We picked up Charlie.  Who is Charlie?

A 3 week old baby kitten who needs to be bottle fed for another week or two.  He is so cute and loves Thor.  Thor is thrilled to have a buddy but has to be watched with him.  He is so big and doesn't realize how strong he is when playing with him. Their other cat, Loki, is actually afraid of Charlie.  Oh well, hopefully he will warm up eventually. Charlie is going to be a cutie with some white spots as he gets older.  I spent most of the morning shredding old documents so he would have plenty of kitty litter.

This is a very special kitty.  He is named Charlie after Josh's late father and was picked up on his late Father's birthday.  Josie is very good about thinking of ways to make things special.

Wednesday - My bi-yearly bloodwork was done today.  (it is all good) It was also clean house day.  While hubby was mopping I spent time in my craft room winding up skeins of yarn and hand sewing a treasure.

This is a pillow cover my dad sent to his mother during WWII.  That means this is 80 years old!  I finally got a pillow form for it.  Once it was inside, I hand stitched one edge closed.  I have no idea what I will do with it.  But I am thrilled to have something from my father.

Josh and Stacie flew home this night and I picked them up from the airport.  When they got home, they got to meet Charlie the kitten.  Stacie fell in love immediately.  Josh may take a day or two. 

Thursday - Hubby spent the day taking Josh for medical tests and then going to lunch with him.  I spent that time getting caught up on neglected household chores.

Friday - This is grocery shopping day.  The shopping itself is not so bad,  It is the putting everything away and prepping veggies that need to be cleaned and gotten ready to be eaten.  It wears me out.

Saturday - We are up very early (5:30am) to go and pick up donated food for our church's food bank.  I get a text from Josh that he is very ill.  He doesn't know if it is from his oral chemo or the food he ate that morning.  I am put on kitten feeding notice in case he needs to go to the hospital to get hydration and meds to stop his vomiting.  (I know, TMI)  By 4pm, his stomach has settled down enough where they will manage him at home.  Hubby and I go to Mass and then have a graduation gathering for a friend who just graduated from our city's fire academy.  She was a classmate of Josie.  When did these kids grow up?

Today - A lovely lazy morning.  It was needed!  Then off to another graduation gathering.  Saw people we hadn't seen in over 20 years.  It was so nice to catch up.  Then we went to At Home.  If you don't have one of these stores near you, you are missing out.  I wanted to pick up some small pots.  Found them!  Then to Home Depot to pick up plants for the pots.

During my downtime this past week, I have been looking into herb growing.  I want to make infused water.  Fruit and herbs make some wonderful flavors when combined.  It is much more economical to grow them at home than buy their cuttings at the grocery store.

From left to right are mint, mint, sweet basil and rosemary.  I love the little pots I found for them.  The reason one of the mints is in red solo cup is, it is a hydroponic plant and can not be planted.  Anyway, my kitchen  smells lovely.  I will transplant them in a few days.  I wanted them to adjust to their new surroundings first.  No need to put them into shock.

I did work on the lapghan this week too.  It is the only thing I worked on.

I am on the last color (red).  The stripes will run vertically.  I know that is a bit different from most ripples.  I like being different.  My goal is to have this completed sometime this week.

Here is this weeks chuckle:

Until Next Time...............Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2024



Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate this day in the US.  It was a nice day here.  Our TX son and wife came over and we smoked up some ribs and had a couple of sides with it.  We had a wonderful time.  Our daughter stopped by, on her way back home, to eat with us and enjoy some mom time.

Some beautiful colorful flowers from my daughter.  So pretty and colorful.

Yellow roses from my TX son.  My all time favorite flowers.

Crafting happened this week.  I worked on the gnome.

I am at a stall with it.  There is not that much more to do on it to finish it.  Yet, I just am not feeling like working on it.  So, it is in time out until I decide to continue on with it.  There are a few modifications I want to do to this to make it different from all the other ones already completed.

I didn't feel like working on my RCR socks either.  I was restless.  I wanted to do something. Something I have never done.  Something that would be useful.  I went browsing though all my patterns and found nothing.  Off to Ravelry I went to look around there.  BINGO!  Here is what I chose.

A ripple lapghan for the prayer shawl ministry at church.  Never have I ever done a ripple before.  I have some scrap yarn as well as one skein wonders that need using up.  This has been a joy to crochet.  It is perfect mindless work.  As long as I remember to count to 3, I am doing good with it.  Naturally, I decided to do something that lays in my lap as our weather heats up to 100F again.  

And that, my friends is all for my crafting.  

This past week we had a family day at Top Golf.

It was so much fun.  Lots of food, beverage and laughter all around.  Something different for us to do as a group.

And, I will leave you with this:

Enrique is upset with me because I refuse to feed him an hour before dinner time.  So he lays with his back to me.  I am not sure if he thinks this will hurt my feelings or what.  But I find it humorous.

Until Next Time.......................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 6, 2024



 I totally missed posting yesterday.  Hubby and I spent the entire day with our boys and their families.  We had so much fun.  There was so much laughter and love flowing.  We even have an entire family vacation planned towards the end of summer. So excited to have all 4 kids together at one time.

But that is not why you are here.  Let's take a look at my crafting.

I am still working on my MKAL gnome and the RCR sock.  The sock only saw 5 rows added to it.  The gnome's hat is close to being done.  In fact, this is the second time I have done the hat.  I was not happy with the way it looked the first time I did it. I ripped it out down to the row before the welt and did it all again.  It is kind of slow going.  Our weather here has been perfect so working on knitting has taken a back seat to other endeavors.

Look at what we see everyday when going around town.

Once again our palo verde trees are in full bloom.  They are just starting to drop their blooms which leaves the ground looking like the yellow brick road.

My son's 'Sunrise Rose' lantana is in full bloom.  It is just gorgeous.  

Our Mexican bird of paradise bushes have just started to bloom as have the prickly pear cactus in our next door neighbor's yard.  So many pretty flowers to enjoy.  Once June hits the heat will have many of our spring blooms going away until next year.

That my friends is all from me this week.  

Until Next Time...................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!