Tuesday, September 17, 2019


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Have you guessed yet?  Do you want another hint?

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I have one of the above washers in my laundry room.  It is very busy right now, helping me get caught up on the past 2 weeks of laundry that has been sitting in baskets waiting patiently to be washed and dried.  Who knew that buying a washing machine could be so darn stressful?  

Mr Repairman came out yesterday morning and after I 'talked' to him about how my laundry habits have not changed in all the years I have used that machine, he decided to do a little diagnostic work on it.  While working on it he found $1.10 that had been rattling around in it for many years and a piece of cloth that was blocking the drain pipe.  We were lucky we hadn't had a flood!  The final diagnosis was..............'You need a new motor'.  The cost difference between and new motor and a new machine was not enough to make a difference.  Not to mention with a new machine you get a years warranty and with a new motor you get 90 days.  New motor takes 10-14 days to arrive and new machine is the next day delivery.  REALLY?  Let's go shopping!

Here is the kicker.  Our last washer was only 36 inches high.  Today (13 years later) all washers are 40 inches high.  So what?  My on/off valves for the washer are 37 inches from the floor.  When you put a washer that is 40 inches tall in front of them, you are hard pressed to reach them to turn them on and off if need be.  Not to mention the lovely shelf that held all my laundry supplies was at 39 inches.  No, we did not re plumb the shut offs.  Yes, we removed the shelf and put all laundry supplies in a cabinet.  It is not as handy in there but does look neater.

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It took us 2 trips to the appliance store to make sure this washer would fit our space.  There was quite a bit of measuring and mathematics happening yesterday.  The nicest part of the entire day was, we were able to buy a machine that had one little scratch on the side of it and were able to get it $300 below the 'perfect' model!  It doesn't effect the way it works and who is going to come to my house and look all over the machine to see if there are any boo-boos.
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I received a phone call at 6:45 this morning to set up today's delivery.  Good thing I had insomnia last night.  Normally I do not get up much before 7!  The three gentlemen that came out to install the washer were phenomenal!  I even called the appliance store and told them how happy we were with the installers.  Hubby gave them a monetary tip since they really took their time to make sure everything worked right and our house was back to the way they found it. (They had to remove a door to get the machine in)

My life is getting back to normal.  I have bread in the bread machine.  Menus, for the next 10 days, have been made.  I have been able to knit on my sweater and also on a languishing WIP shawl.  I got to watch DWTS that we recorded last night.  Last but not least, I am on my last load of laundry!  I want to do my sheets but will wait until tomorrow.  I am starting to run out of steam.

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So that is the last 24 hours of my life.  OOPS!  I left out the part where my family and my cousin met up for dinner last night.  It was so nice to see the cousin again.  He spends his winters here and is planning on becoming a permanent resident by the end of next year.  It will be nice to have more family in the area.

Yup, that covers all of it.  Time to go and switch the loads around and get some lunch.

Until next time.....................happy crafting!

Sunday, September 15, 2019


Hello lovely readers.  A big thank you to all that sent their well wishes to me last week while I battled a bit of a virus.  If I had been 13 yrs old, it would have only lasted 3 days.  Since I am 66 with a compromised immune system it lasted 7 days.  It never got so bad I had to stay in bed.  I did go through an entire box of Kleenex though.   So, thank you once again for your well wishes.

On to fiber related items.  Finishes first.

Hubby's RCR (Rose City Roller) socks are completed.  A discovery was made this past week.  The second sock was completed within a 48 hour window!  Since I was a bit under the weather, I cast on the second sock on Thursday afternoon and it was completed before noon on Saturday.  No, I did not knit nonstop.  Meals were prepared and eaten and I also worked on a couple of other projects (not craft related).  These socks were made with the rounded toe this time.  I wanted to see if hubby would notice the difference.  He did and likes the rounded toe much better.

After the socks were completed, I handed them to him and his first response was, "Am I still a knit worthy spouse?"  He cracks me up!  I told him as long as he continues to wear what I make for him, he will continue to be knit worthy.  I even caught him eyeing my sock yarn stash the other day and picking out colors he likes.  Yes, he is extremely knit worthy.

There were squares crocheted this week also.

Five more were completed and added to the pile.  What a fun way to use up all that worsted yarn I have had languishing in my stash for so long.

Lastly, I am working on the sleeve of my Cardigan.

The pattern suggested working on the sleeves before completing the body.  That way you don't worry about running out of yarn when it comes time to do the sleeves and you can make the body as long as you want until the yarn runs out.  I thought that was a brilliant idea.  I want the body longer than the pattern calls for and I know I have more yarn than the pattern calls for so this will let me knit away on the body until the the yarn stops.  The sleeves on this are HUGE!  I have big upper arms but not this big.  Instead of decreasing the arm every 10 rows, I a decreasing every 5 rows until it is down to a manageable width.

That is all the fiber arts I worked on this week.  After looking at a few things in my WIP basket, I have decided to frog one of the items in there.  I just hope it will frog OK.  It is an Alpaca fiber and has lots of halo to it.  I am afraid it will be a challenge to take out but I really do not like the pattern I started with it.  In the next YOP update, I will let you know how it went.  Here is a quick look at my list so far this year.


Finish Boxy Sweater started in 2015

Finish Eva Shawl started in 2011 going to frog this, hopefully

Finish Forrest Path Shawl started in 2018

Summer Top for me
  Spotting Clouds ( this time with fingering yarn )

Cardigan for me
  It Really Fits  Cardigan 7/1

Short Socks
  Rose City Roller 7/4>7/31
  Rose City Roller  8/3>8/27
  Rose City Roller  8/29>9/14
Regular Socks

Project bags/totes

Market bags

Produce Bags

Tissue Box Covers

Plastic Canvas Nativity bought in 2009  7/17


Shawls for both Prayer Shawl and Personal

  Polly Plum Squares
  Baby Blanket  7/12>8/3
  Victorian Lace Squares Afghan 8/11

  DW Pattern (no longer available online!)

Doilies/Table Runners

Baby Items
Wee Sherlock  7/2>7/9 & 8/31>9/3
Little Boy Blue  7/10>7/10 & 9/3>9/4
Easy-Peasy No Sew, Stay On Baby Booties  7/11>7/12

Purchase of yarn is prohibited!!!!!  I have over 21,000 miles of yarn to play with this year.  (38,481,140 yards) So far no yarn purchased other than for the first baby outfit.

Any other project that falls into my lap.

As for the rest of my week....................my washer decided to stop spinning on Tuesday this past week, while I was washing a load of towels.  I was able to take the sopping load over to my BFF's house and get them spun out and then came home and dried them.  The repairman could not make it to our house until Thursday.  He ran the towels through it and all worked just fine.  He said the load was unbalanced and I needed to be more careful.  I started doing laundry again on Friday and BOOM!!!!!  On the second load of just everyday clothes the spin cycle stopped working again and this time the door locked and I could not get it opened.  I called the repair place and was informed they could not get anyone out until Monday, called the manufacture to find out how to get the door unlocked so I could get the clothes out so they would not mildew in the next 4 days.  They were no help at all.  Finally I unplugged the stupid thing and waited for about an hour and tried the door and was able to open it.  (the machine is a front load)  Yea me!

I hope the repairman is the same one because he and I are going to have a little conversation.  I have owned this machine for 13 years and have NEVER had an issue with the way I load it to do laundry.  So, he better not tell me the way I am doing laundry is causing the problem!  I am not in the mood for sass!  I need the washer fixed as I am starting to get a bit low on certain items of clothing!  Phew.......I feel much better now that I got that off my chest.

As for reading................Harry Potter is still my reading companion.  I am on book 6 and half way through it.  That leaves one more book in the original series to read.  My Grand Daughter also loaned us all 7 of the movies.  We have watched the first two so far.  Hubby is just now reading book 3 of the series.  I hate to spoil the books for him by watching the movies, but he says he will still complete the series even if we watch the movies.  Works for me.

Today will be spent watching American Football, trying to frog an alpaca shawl and working on my sweater.  I plan on making jalapeno poppers and wings for dinner tonight.  We try and have pub food for dinners during football season.  It gives the day a little bit of a special feel. It is the one day of the week we don't really worry about our dietary needs.  Otherwise I have been very faithful following what we should and should not be eating.  Oh, I think a loaf of bread will be made today too.  Finally have a recipe for my bread machine I love!

That being said, I did take the time this past week and cleaned out my pantry, deep freeze and the refrigerator freezer compartment.  I can now find things to make for dinners and was also able to give away quite a bit of canned goods to our local food bank.  When I don't feel good, I love to clean and organize. OH, I also organized my laundry room and found items to donate to Big Brother Big Sister's on their next collection day.  Then I went through all the coffee cups we have accumulated over the past several years and got those ready to donate too.  There were kitchen drawers and cupboards cleaned and reorganized also.  Feels so good to be able to open up a drawer or cupboard and see it all neat and organized.

And the best news of all............................Our outdoor temps have finally given us a break.  We will be between the 90's and 100F this next week!  For us, that is a BIG break from the 110's.  Our mornings are in the 70's now.  Of course, this also means our pool will not be swim-able shortly.  Once the night time temps fall into the 70's, the water cools off pretty darn quick.

Ok, I think I am done bending your ear.  If you made it all the way to the end, thank you so much!

Until Next Time........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2019


A person would think, after 9 years of doing a weekly blog post, I would have no problem thinking of a clever, attention grabbing, witty way to start off the post.  Yet each week, I struggle with something to say to get my reader excited to continue reading.  I confess, I am not a writer.  There were not any journalism classes in my education.  There was one creative writing course I took in college....................I came out with an 'average' grade in it.

That being said, I still continue to blog weekly and even sometimes more than once a week.  We have heard the phrase, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.  This is why I try so hard to have photos in every blog post.  Today is no exception.  I have photos!  I have words!  Let's get to it, OK?

First up, another finished item.  Actually two finished items!

The sweater and hat from the donated yarn.  This is my all time favorite baby outfit to make.  I completed the entire thing in 3 days.

The cable is so sweet, yet the buttons is what makes it individualized.  I gave this to the Great Grandma last night at Mass and she was thrilled.  The baby is due next month, so the 3-6 month size will be perfect for this California child.

There were four more squares completed this week, also.

There is some math going on in my head, trying to figure out how many of the squares I need to make a nice sized blanket.  I am thinking between 42 and 56.  Looks like I have a ways to go then.  There are 21 completed at this point.

There was work done on hubby's RCR sock also.

There is still a ways to go before the toe gets worked on.  Then the second sock still needs to be knit.  This is my mid day knitting.  It is an easy project to pick up and set down when I am doing things like; laundry, baking, doing food prep, etc.

Then, there is a Ta-Da for me this week.

My cardi sleeves are on stitch holders!  This has been my main knitting project this past week.  My original plan was to have this completed by the middle of October.  (That was when we had planned on going overseas)  Now my goal is to get it completed before hubby and I go to Las Vegas in November.  This is my evening, TV watching knit.  It is stockinette for the next 5 inches.  After that, there are several inches of a lace pattern to pull in the waist a bit and then back to stockinette until the end.  I have made it bit bigger than my actual measurements.  Oversized sweaters are my favorite fall/winter wear.

Something happened at my house for the first time!

I made my first ever, from scratch, pie.  It is an apple pie made with honey instead of sugar.  The crust was made with spelt flour instead of white flour.  It is quite yummy.  I used Granny Smith apples for it this time.  Next time, I will use a Jonathan Gold or Pink Lady or Honeycrisp.  This was a a bit tarter than I would have liked, yet hubby didn't seem to mind.

There is some new growth at my house too.

I circled the new growth so you wouldn't miss it.  This is an orchid I purchased in May.  The flowers lasted for about a month and then all I had left were the leaves.  I cut off the dead stalks as instructed and was diligent in the way I watered it.  Around the end of June, I decided to transplant it into a bigger pot.  This was a bit nerve racking as orchids are not lovers of being man handled.  I am glad I did it though.  When I took it out of it's original pot, there was hardly any soil there.  It was completely root bound.  I mixed orchid potting soil with regular potting soil and hoped for the best.  (Orchid potting soil was nothing but wood chips and would not hold any moisture for the roots to expand in!)  When I spotted the new growth, I was ecstatic!  My mom had tried for 3 years to get her orchid to do something and it never did anything.  Now, whether this will bloom again................who knows.

I will leave you with this precious photo

My Grand was out of school for a couple of days with a virus.  I stayed with her as she doesn't like being alone for long periods of time.  Her puppy never left her side while she was under the weather.  I would also like to thank her for sharing her virus.  Hers only lasted 3 days.....I am on day 2.  It is just basically a very sore throat and one of those 'just don't feel good' types of things.  Nothing major.

Until Next Time.....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

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What a week already.

  We had a lovely gathering at our house on Monday for pool, BBQ and fellowship.  Tuesday I was to go and pick up my grand dog while everyone was at work/school/out of town.  Plan got changed as the Grand Daughter was sickly so I went to their house and stayed with teen and dog.  Got to repeat that again on Wednesday.  Needless to say, nothing got done on my end of household chores for 2 days.  On the plus side, there was plenty of knitting time for me while there.

It is a good thing I am retired!  I got up early this morning and started on the laundry.  Five loads later and I am done with that. There is a dishwasher asking me to empty it too.  It will all get done.  I have one pantry shelf left that needs purging and that is also on my 'to do' list for today.  There needs to be a run to our fresh fruit/veggie store too.  I have a dog that needs a bath soooo bad.  That may happen today too.  Why does my male dog have more body odor than my female?  STINKY BOY!

I got a little excited last night at I watched the weather for our area.  We might actually have a couple of days, next week, BELOW 100!!!!!  There is also, what looks like, rain in our forecast.  Oh my.  Be still my heart!  I need to get my 'weather station' set up in the next couple of days then.

One of my friends sent me a recipe for an apple pie that uses honey instead of sugar.  I so want to make it soon.  I also found a recipe for Air Fryer Apple Fritters that does not use any sugar other than the glaze on top.  That will be changed to brushing it with honey.  The honey we use is raw and uncooked.  It is so yummy and good for you.  (Not good for children under 1)  Apple season is just about here and hubby and I love anything with apples in it.  I will be scouring the recipe sites for 'healthy' apple deserts for us.

Ok..........I think my brain has drained all my thoughts out.

Until next time................happy crafting!!!