YOP LIST 2023-2024

Sunday, December 31, 2023



I am back.  So much to talk about so let's get going.

I have some finishes.

The second hat and mitt set was completed and both have now been mailed to their Kansas recipients.  The yarn for this set was so pretty.

Look at all those colors in it.  It was a good yarn to work with too.  Encore Colorspun was the yarn.

I was then asked to make a gnome for one of my nieces.  I finished him just in time as my niece and her family came for an unplanned visit this past week.  I now have two more to make per request from two of her children.

Then there was some cooking.

Hubby and I made green chili corn tamales one day.  It is pretty easy to do but takes time.  it took us 5 hours to make 100 tamales.  Hubby wants to make more, I do not.

This is the only holiday baking I did.  I just did not have the gumption this year to do more than these little beauties.

We had Christmas at our house this year.  There was 15 of us.

The day was filled with love and laughter.  Not to mention a TON of food.

There was another party we had and it was last night.  It was our annual End of Year party with extended friends who have become family.

This is our son and his wife from TX and also our niece and her Husband from Las Vegas.  They were the unplanned company that made our life so fun for 5 days.

Just a fraction of the people for our annual party with extended friends that have become family.  That is Josh on the right side with our niece from Vegas.

Our youngest son helping little Liam sink baskets.  Liam was one of 3 littles we had at our house this past week.  Oh how I miss having littles around.  Their laughter lights up a room.  They left this morning and my house is eerily quiet!

We finally have a diagnosis for Josh.  He has Glioblastoma.  A very aggressive tumor and will eventually take his life.  He has been approved to take the clinical trial chemo drug as well as radiation to help shrink and slow down the growth of this nasty thing.  There could be more surgery in the future if it grows to a point where they can remove some of it again.

Needless to say, this was not what we were praying for.  To say we were all devastated would be an understatement.  To get this news 4 days before Christmas was not something I would wish on anyone.  Josh went into a very dark place and it took some very stern action and people with the same diagnosis as him talking to him to finally get him to realize he needs to live the best life he has.  This is the reason I did not post last week.  It is also the reason we have been having a lot of unplanned company showing up.  

Chemo and radiation should be starting in the next week or two.  Waiting on the insurance for the prior authorization.  Such a pain!  I treasure each day I get to be with or talk to him.  No time line is given these days so we have no idea.  Although, one of the ladies in his support group is on year 25 and another one is on year 8.  Both have the same diagnosis as Josh does.  So now, we hope for extended quality and quantity of life for him.

May you all have a blessed 2024.

Until Next Time...........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2023



Do you ever just sit infront of your computer screen trying to figure out how to start your blog?  UGH!  This is me today.  Coming up with something catchy to grab the attention of the reader is one of the hardest things I do each week.  Since, I am unable to find the 'words' to get this blog off and running, I will just jump right in to my week of crafting and 'real' life.

Sunday (after posting) - I was finally able to get a bit of laundry done.  Not being home most of the week kind of puts a kink in things.  Yet, I do not begrudge my time spent with my son at all.

Monday - Got hubby to the airport.  He is off to finish up his mother's estate, finally.  She passed away two years ago.  The house had been remodeled and put on the market last month and sold in about 3-4 weeks.  It feels good to have the last thing completed.  I was told there was no need for me to come to be with Josh as he had his post op follow-up appointment and his wife was going to take the day off.  Well, things did not go as planned there.  His head was swelling and the Drs were quite concerned so sent him to the ER for various tests and then admitted him to the hospital.  Seems he was leaking 'brain fluid' (Josh's words) in-between his skull and scalp.  He was only in the hospital one day.  They started him on some new medicines to help and also made him start wrapping his head to help the fluid drain.  This is what was causing so much of his pain too.

I told him he reminded me of Ebeneezer Scrooge from the original Dickens "A Christmas Carol" movie.  He didn't find the humor in that.

Tuesday - I had Josh duty again.  There is also more car trouble going on.  Hubbys car's check engine light came on when Josie was driving it on Sunday night.  I had her switch cars with me so she wouldn't worry about it.  Seems there is a Cylinder #2 air to fuel problem.  I called the dealership to see if we could get a loaner while they repaired this.  My service advisor was not there and the person I spoke to flat out told me no way.  I was a bit miffed and decided to wait until my advisor was back the next day.  This caused me a bit of stress.  When stressed I pull out my needles and release said stress.

I was able to complete my niece's peek-a-boo mitts and seed banded slouch hat.  Then it was time to start my great niece's set too.

This is how I totally relaxed that evening.  Knitting, Christmas Movies and a little nightcap to help me relax so I could get some sleep.

Wednesday - Back with Josh again.  He is looking so much better.  The swelling has gone done greatly and his pain is minimal.  I was able to contact my car service advisor.  I explained the situation of only having one car (josie's car is still in the shop too) and needing a loaner if at all possible.  She spoke to her manager and was able to get one for us!  I turned Hubby's car in for service and picked up the loaner.  Hubby returned from his trip this evening.  So nice to have him back home.  He is also super glad to be home.

Thursday - Another day with Josh.  I am getting concerned as he is not interested in doing anything other than sit around.  I tried to get him to go outside for a bit but he refused.  Asked him to go for a walk and he scoffed that off too.  He did get a call from the clinical research team letting him know he was a candidate for their trial drug.  This is good news and bad news.  The bad news is, this means he has a grade 3 or 4 tumor (aggressive).  The good news is, the trial he took before surgery permeated the tumor so there is a chance this chemo will attack it and possibly put it into remission.  We should know more after his oncologist appointment on Monday.  Hubby and I had Adoration at our church's cancer shrine.  There were lots of prayers going up for our son that night.

Friday - Back with Josh again and deeply concerned.  He is slipping into a very dark place.  I tried talking to him about it and told him he needs to move and get out of the house.  He ignored me so I called in the big guns......My TX DIL.  She was a Senior Chief in the US Navy and doesn't take crap from anyone!  She hightailed it over to the house.  Before she got there she sent him a text and told him to get up, shower and plan on getting his bum out of the house.  And he did!  She took him on a walk and had a little chat with him about his pity party.  What a change in him after she came.  We even went out to dinner as a family that evening and what a grand time we had.

Saturday - Time to catch up on laundry!  Finally got all the clothes washed, folded and put away.  Hubby had a retreat at church so I had the day to myself.  Made a pan of corn bread to go with the soup we were having for our evening meal.  Watched a couple of Christmas movies and worked on my great niece's winter wear.

I am saving the thumbs for the end.  They can be a bit fiddly and I want to make sure I have the time to really work with them so they look nice.  I am in love with this color.  Hopefully she will be too.  I was told she likes purples and to 'think of the forest at night' type of purple.  I think this captures that.  Hubby and I also went to Mass this evening.  After dinner my Grand daughter Jaxon called and asked me to go to her house and get her meds she forgot to take to work with her.  (She is having some cardiac issues)  She was unable to reach her parents.  So, Mimi to the rescue!  Once that was all done, I finally sat down with hubby, watched a few shows we had recorded and then off to bed.

Here we are, another Sunday.  I still have a load of towels to wash and dry today.  There is going to be a loaf of cranberry bread made also.  Hubby will be glued to the TV watching NFL football so I will have lots of time to do mundane tasks.  I might even do a little Christmas baking today.  I have not made any treats for the upcoming season!  All the ingredients have been purchased.  Now they just need me to mix them all together. Needless to say, Josh has taken priority over everything the past 3 months.

Josh's in laws are coming in on Monday and will be staying through the first of the year.  I do not know if that means they will be taking over his care or not.  I know his father in law loves to be outdoors and he and Josh normally sit out back a lot.  His father in law will also be helpful in getting some of the yard work done that Josh is not able to do at the moment.  I did a bit of trimming up a tree on Friday but there is much more needing done.  TX DIL helped clean up the doggy diamonds (think about that LOL), Josie helped me clean out the fridge and freezer as well as getting stuff into the recycling bins.  We also got all the dishes done and cleaned up the kitchen for them.  His mother in law is great about keeping the kitchen cleaned up, dinner made and doing laundry.  That will be a big help for Stacie.

That, my friends is the end of my last week.  Thank you for hanging in until the end.

Until Next Time......................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2023



I missed last week for updating.  The exhaustion and mental stress of the week took a toll on me and I just could not bring myself to even open my computer.  But, today is a new day/week and I am back and ready to update you on all that has happened.  Both in my crafting world and in my 'real' life.  Let's go!

I have finishes!

Hubby has a new pair of socks.  I do not have a photo of the two of them together.  Seems each time I go to take a photo, he has worn them and they need to be washed.  Does this mean they are his favorite?  Maybe!

After the socks, I needed something to make while waiting for some yarn to arrive.  I decided on making something for ME.

This is the Needham vest.  A very simple little design that will be perfect for our moderate temperatures here.

I got a bit of a start on it.  The yarn is Anthem by Cascade and has been reclaimed from a sweater I knit and absolutely hated the fit of.  At the moment this project is in time out while I work on a special request from one of my nieces.

TA-DA!  I finished the first pair of two Peek-a Boo mitts.  This pair is for my niece.  They are made in Encore Colorspun.  It is a wool blend and very warm.  (I tried them on and they were VERY warm)  I have made these before but for some reason I had a horrible time getting the fit right and the thumb gave me great fits.  Hopefully when I made the next pair for her daughter they will go smoother.  Although, her daughter's hand is an inch narrower.  Ugh, more math to work out.

As a special surprise I am also making matching hats for them.  They did not request hats.

The pattern is Seed Knitted Slouch Hat.  It is one of my favorites to make.  It goes pretty fast too.  I just hope I have enough yarn to make it.  It will be close.  Stay tuned.

And that my friends is all from my crafting side of reality.  On the other side..............my real life as a mom and wife...........well, it has been a stressful and blessed two week.

Our son, Josh, had brain surgery on November 30th.  What was to be a 4-6 hour surgery ended up taking 10 hours.  The surgeon was able to remove 60-70% of the tumor.  I know that doesn't sound like it was successful but it was.  He had to be careful as the tumor is in his central nervous system and he didn't want to cut something that could cause permanent damage.

We were blessed, in the fact, there was suite available for us to stay in while he was in surgery.  Since there were 10 of us there waiting, it made it very comfortable for us to wait and wait and wait.  Stacie (Josh's wife) did receive hourly updates as to how the surgery was going.  That also helped.  Once he was in recovery, Stacie was allowed to go and see him.  The rest of us waited in the suite.  By the time he was brought to his room in ICU there were only four of us left waiting.  We were allowed to see him, two at a time, for a few minutes.  He was in horrific pain and they were having a heck of a time getting it under control.  This mamma's heart ached seeing him in that much pain and not being able to do anything about it. We all finally left around midnight to go home and try and get a bit of sleep.  

I went back up the next day and was amazed!  He was talking and was 100% cognizant of what was going on.  His right eye was totally swollen shut and had some bruising on it but otherwise his looked pretty good.  Oh, don't get me wrong, he has staples from the top of his forehead all the way down and behind his right ear.  I am not going to post a photo of that as it is not very pretty.  They removed two sections of his skull so they could get to the tumor from two different directions.  The bone was put back in place with plates and screws.  (We asked)

He was released from the hospital on Monday! Just 3 days post op.  Amazing!  That is when my TX DIL and I stepped up and took turns staying with him while his wife worked half days.  He was not a challenging patient.  It was mainly to help him keep track of his medication time schedule and make sure he got up and moved around often.

Thor was so glad to have him home.  This was taken on Friday of this week.  The incision is on the other side of his head.  They have people bringing food over for them so Stacie doesn't need to worry about cooking when she gets home.  There has been such an out pouring of love and support.  It has made my eyes leak several times.

However, we did get the initial pathology report back and it was not the news we were hoping for.  He has the worse type of brain cancer there is.  They are waiting on the molecular pathology to pinpoint exactly which one of the two it is as well as which chemo will attack it.  He either has Wild Type Astrocytoma or GBM (Glioblastoma).  His Dr and staff said this is not a definite death sentence as it has been in the past.  They have patients now who have been treated and have been in remission for over 8 years and 15 years!  They also said, since Josh is young (not 50 yet) and in very good health his chances of them being able to kill the remaining cells and put them into remission are very good.

So, prayers are still needed.  He will start his chemo and radiation in 4 weeks.  His follow-up appointment is tomorrow with his surgeon and possibly his oncologist will be there too.  He has not met the oncologist yet but trusts his surgeon to get him a great one.  Needless to say, he has a long road ahead of him. Oh, and his chemo will all be oral, no needles!  He was happy to hear that.  He will be getting MRI's often to keep tabs on the tumor and how it is reacting to the treatment plan.

One thing that happened on one of the days I was with him, was this:

I was visited by their cat, Loki.  (Do you see a theme here?  Thor and Loki?)  Everyone was gone and Josh was sleeping.  Loki came out and was fascinated by my yarn and needles.  He is a very timid car and this is the first time he has actually come up to me and let me ever so gently touch him.  He is the softest cat I have ever felt and I have had about 8 cats in my lifetime.  I just wish he was more social.  I could sit and pet him for hours!

And that my friends is all I have for you today.  I am sorry this is so long but actually typing all of this up has helped me and my aching heart.

Until Next Time.................Happy Crafting and Keep the Faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2023



Yup, another week, another update.  


I was so hoping this sock would be completed by Thanksgiving.  It was not to be.  There were way too many interruptions each day for a good solid knitting fest.  Last night, I got two rows of the toes put on before I finally had to give up and get some sleep.  I am sure these will be completed today, sometime.  

I was contacted by my niece today.  She is asking for some knitted goodies for her and her daughter.  I now have something to do once the sock is completed!  And the items she wants are all very portable.  Even better!

That is all I have been doing craftwise.

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our home.  I wish I would remember to take photos.  My dining room table was laden with food from all members of the family.  After dinner, there was very little leftovers to pass around.  We had a great time with lots of laughs, and hugs to go around.

Hubby and I are now in Christmas decorating mode.  The outside lights are completed, the tree is set up but undecorated.  I did have to move one piece of furniture so I could put the tree where it can be seen from many places in the house.  Hopefully today we will bring in all the decorations for the inside of the house.  It needs to be completed before Thursday.  After that, all bets are off since we do not know what kind of help will be needed after Josh's surgery.

Speaking of Josh..........................

Here he is with his 'little brother'.  They decided to have a golf date last week and had a blast.  The 'little brother' is the one who just completed 20+ years in the US Navy and then moved his family here from Texas.  So glad to have almost all of my chickens back here.

After Thanksgiving dinner, hubby and I kicked back as did Enrique.

He is not a huge fan of crowds so did not sit down or relax the whole time family was here.  Poor little boy.  He slept hard the rest of the evening.

I think I have found the Christmas tree I would like to have in my house.

Could you imagine this right inside your front door?

That is all for today.  

Until Next Time........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2023



Hello everyone.  My update this week will be short on the crafting front and long on the Josh medical update front.

Hubby's first sock is complete.

I was smart and cast on sock #2 right away.

This was taken yesterday afternoon so it is further along this morning.  Hopefully it will be completed before Thanksgiving day.

I also have a Thanksgiving surprise

My cactus is blooming.  I know everyone calls them Christmas cactus, but after looking at a nursery I found out they are actually Thanksgiving Cacti.  Christmas Cactus have a different leaf shape as does the Easter Cactus.  Who knew.  This is the first time my cactus has bloomed during it's actual season.  It seems to love the new spot I put it in and is doing well with the transplanting too.

That is all from Leftycrafter.  The following is the post that was put out publicly from Josh (my son).  Needless to say, my posting over the coming weeks may be a bit spotty.

OK Friends and Family, update time, and a long one. We got the pathology from the biopsy on 11/13 and it is indeed a cancerous tumor (we call it Felix). The molecular results were not yet conclusive but it is trending towards a grade 3 glioma. More molecular results are pending. In other words an intermediate form of cancer. So what's next? Great question. We have an amazing medical team at St Joes BNI. Dr. Nadar Sanai is our primary Dr. Look him up, you will not be disappointed. I chose him and requested him to be my Dr. after doing my research. For those of you that don't know, you always have a choice in doctors. Do not let anyone tell you different. 

 Next is surgery on Nov 30th with a check in time of 4:45 AM to remove the tumor. It is a 6 hour procedure starting at around 7-7:30 AM, including knocking me out and waking me up. The Dr. is confident he can remove the entire tumor. Says he does close to 10 of these a week. After the tumor is removed, there is no guarantee all the little glioma cells get removed because you can't see things at the cellular level. So meds and radiation treatments will follow. We still need to meet with the oncologist on this. We will get these options once the final molecular pathology is received. The other good news is I am being offered a clinical trial med before surgery to see if it invades the tumor. If so we can continue with the trial after surgery if the oncologist approves to use as a treatment. Positive, my trial and treatment could save more lives. 

 Yes, I am scared and terrified beyond what anyone could ever imagine. I am also afraid for what Stacie and Josie will have to witness before and after the procedure. I always envision myself as the one to protect them from pain, not cause it. This procedure requires cutting and pulling back a flap of skin and making a half dollar sized hole in my skull to remove the tumor. I will be in the hospital for about 3 days. Sorry to gross anyone out but these are the thoughts in my head and the reality I now live. This stress and anxiety obviously is not healthy. I am reading literature and reached out to brain tumor support groups for additional mental and emotional help. I have an amazing family, and support system of friends, and even strangers. I am and will continue the fight! I will not give up, and I will be here for my family for a long time!

People always ask what they can do to help. PRAY! I truly believe in the power of prayer and that God has put every single person in our lives for specific reasons. Some people have been in our lives for over 20 years and now it is glaringly apparent why they have been with us for so long. Not just because they have been great friends during that time, but because they had resources we would need later in life and didn't know it until now. We may ask for meal trains, help at home, or other care options, but until things happen, we cannot say for sure. We won't be shy to ask. I will be potentially out of work recovering at home for 6 weeks. The, do not overdo it, approach is important.

 Speaking of being out of work for a while, a big thank you HairClub! The people in this company have been behind me, supporting, and treating me like a family member instead of an employee. They check on my well being, come to visit me, call and offer help, and even offering up personal assets to help us. And this is from the top leadership down. This is why I have stayed with this company for over 26 years, the people! I love and thank every single person in this organization!

And with that, I will close my blog for today.  And before you ask, Hubby and I are doing pretty good with all of this.  Like Josh said, we have a wonderful network of family and friends who are by our side.  Our Christian faith helps to sustain us also.

Until Next Time....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2023



There is not much to talk about today.  Hubby and I went to Vegas last Sunday and got home Thursday afternoon.  We are not winners but had a fabulous time meeting new people and visiting old friends.

Since I was the driver for both legs of the trip, I did not get as much done as I was hoping.  But since I have gotten home, hubby's socks have been my main focus.

They are moving along quite nicely.  I have hopes of completing this sock and starting the mate before next YOP update.

Josh as still not heard anything about his biopsy.  The nurse called him on Friday to let him know they do not have all the pathology back yet and do not have any information for him.  He does have a follow up on Monday.  The Dr is supposed to have a 'game' plan to give when they meet.  I will update once I know anything.

And that, my friends is all from me this week.

Until Next Time....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 5, 2023



Made it through another week!  My ribs and sternum are getting better.  My car should be done by the middle of this month.  I have a rental which is good since hubby and I are on the road this coming week and wanted take my SUV.  The rental is a Nissan Rogue and rides very much like my Hyundai Tucson. Perfect!

Anywho..........Let's take a look at what transpired this past week.

Monday - Picked up the rental and ran some errands.  Spent a few hours with Josh as he was having quite a bit of anxiety over his upcoming biopsy.

Tuesday - Spent the morning taking Josh to his office so he could get his company computer updated.  I did a little shopping while he was busy but did not find anything to buy!  Went to Mass for a Holy Day of Obligation.  Met our new Associate Priest too.

Josh hard at work

Wednesday - Enrique got his pedicure and then went to the vet to get his hind end cleaned out.  Oh the joys of owning a little dog LOL.  Got invited to lunch with Josh and Stacie and enjoyed our time with them, as always.  Finished my Female Gnome.


Not sure I want to make anymore female gnomes.  They are a lot more work than the guys.  Once I finished her I started another RCR sock.

Thursday - Josh's needle biopsy day.  Everything went smoothly and he did quite well.  He was very relieved to have that part over and now he waits for the results which should be in by Wednesday and a follow up appointment on the 13th.  I was a good mom and set up a crockpot of chicken and dumplings for them so they did not need to worry about anything for the rest of the day.

Friday - Got all the laundry done, grabbed a few groceries and helped Hubby clean the house.  Still working on the RCR in little spurts.

Saturday - Did our food bank pick up and started getting stuff ready to pack.  Went to Mass and then went to Josh's house and played games for a few hours.

This may sound crazy but, I did not pack my knitting up first!  In fact, it was the last item I packed.  That has never happened before.  I want to show you the RCR I am working on at the moment.  This is my road trip project.

That green yarn has been begging for me to find a way to use it for a couple of months now.  I love the contrast of the two colors.  Hubby is quite pleased with it too.

Hubby and I are on the road for the next 4 days.  Heading to Vegas to play in a bingo tournament.  We will see some friends and family while there too.

Until Next Time................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2023



Oh my, this was the week that was!  Let's take a look at how the week went for me.

Sunday - Hubby and I went to a new Casino and met up with our boys and their wives.  It was fun to be together for a few hours watching NFL Football.  When we got home, I started another RCR sock for hubby.

Monday - This is my laundry day.  I also made some very yummy sourdough cranberry bread.

Tuesday - Hubby has a class in the morning.  This gives me time to have a little me time.  I went to JoAnns to grab some beads to bling out some shoes.

I have 3 pairs of Hey Dude shoes.  I am not a fan of the way they have the laces attached.  So, I decided to make them just a little more feminine.  JoAnn's had their beads on sale so I was able to bling out all 3 pairs for under $15.

Wednesday - Josh called and asked me to pick him up and take him to the office so he could get his office laptop updated.  Things did not go as planned.

I had a gentleman pull out infront of me, from a buisuness driveway, and I t-boned him.  His car is pretty well totaled but he was not hurt.  My SUV is damaged but repairable and I have bruised ribs and chest from the seat belt doing it's job.  My knee is also bruised from hitting the dash.  Unfortunately, the man I hit does not have insurance so my insurance company will be taking the full brunt of the bill.  I will be picking up a rental car on Monday and they are getting me another SUV which is nice. I feel blessed as this could have been much worse since it was in the middle of rush hour traffic.

Thursday - Hubby cleaned half the house and I pitched in and did all the counter tops.  Not my brightest idea.  It really irritated my ribs.

Friday - Hubby and I went to the grocery store for our weekly groceries.  We also hosted game one of the World Series.  I am glad we decided to order a 4 foot sub for eats.  I also delegated the rest of the food to those coming to the party.  It was so much fun to have company at our house.  Unfortunately our team did not win.  Oh well, there are a lot more games to be played.

Saturday - OH MY RIBS!  I over did yesterday and I paid for it.  Anti-inflammatories became my closest friend on this day.  Hubby had a retreat all day so I sat and decided to start binge watching Virgin River on Netflix.  It is sooooo good!  So, while sitting and letting my ribs relax I did this.

Yup, I completed a pair of RCR socks in less than a weeks time.  Hubby was very surprised when he came home to find a pair of socks waiting for him.  Since those were done I decided to grab my basket of wool scraps and make a Gnome.

The hat is done and one row of the body.  It will give me something pofrtable to work on this week.  But wait, there is more.  I got treasures in the mail this day too.

Leading Men Fibers had another mystery sale on yarn.  I love their ShowStopper yarn.  That is what the RCR socks were made from.  These are 50 Gram hanks of yarn.  Perfect for a pair of RCR socks.  It is always so much fun to see what colors are picked for me.  They were all half price too.  Hubby is excited as he sees some colors we would never thought of using before.  He is so open to anything I make for him in any color.  Love that man!

We stayed home Saturday night and watched game 2 of the World Series.  Our team won!!!

Today is Sunday again.  Hubby and I went to Mass and are planning on a quiet day at home watching NFL Football.  The weather has finally cooled off and I am opening up windows after the sun goes down.  It still gets into the 80's during the day but into the 50's at night.  LOVELY!

Here is a photo taken the last day we had temps in the high 90's.

He loves to bury in blankets no matter the temperature.  Love this boy!

Until Next Time.........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2023


 Another week has flown by.  It was a good week, overall.  I did do a bit of crocheting this week for a change of pace.

It was time to do another prayer shawl.  Once again, I used the ever popular 'To The Point' pattern.

The yarn is called Shimmer by Red Heart.  I think it might be discontinued.  This yarn has been in my stash for YEARS.  It is one of the softest yarns Red Heart makes.

Those white specks are actually little shimmering stands of yarn wound in with the 'normal' yarn and gives a lovely light shimmer to the shawl.  With the big three holidays coming up, I thought it would be nice to make a little more glamourous shawl for someone going through a tough time.

I got a sweet text from my SIL who lives in Colorado.  She received her socks this week.  They even managed to arrive on her actual birthday.

She loves them.  I am sure they will be loved with the cold weather coming there soon.  

No other crafting was done and I am once again trying to think of what I would like to do next.  It was suggested to look at my YOP list.  Well, I did not list specific items to be worked on only general categories to add items to.  I am sure something will strike my fancy soon.

Ninety percent of this past week was actually a normal week for me.  There was laundry, grocery shopping, menu planning and general housework.  It felt good to kind of be back to normal again.

Here is a post my son did this week about what is going on with him.

OK, for all of my friends and family I have not spoken to in person, I am sorry. So many to update and so little time. I know there have been questions about some of my posts recently, and concern about what is happening at the Price house.   


Here it is, on August 30th I was called by my doctor with results of an MRI I had taken due to some disorientation and dizzy spells. On that day he informed me that I have a brain tumor. He could not say what it was or what it meant. We have since been doing testing and consults at both the Mayo Clinic and Barrows Neurological Institute. As of today, we have decided to move forward with a biopsy at Barrows on November 2nd. This will tell us what the lesion is, and what next steps need to be taken. There is nothing more I can report than that at the moment.


All we can ask from our friends and family is for your prayers, love and support. We are doing everything we can to remain positive and hopeful for the best results possible from this biopsy. 


Since there are so many of you to update, I will post more on facebook as information becomes available. Thank you all for being patient with me and our updates as this will remain a fluid situation for a month.

So, we sit and wait again.  Once the needle biopsy is done, it will be about 7-10 days before the results are back.  Again with the sit and wait.  I will keep you all updated as we are updated.

And now, I leave you with something I see each evening around 5pm.

He is trying to let me know he is starving and hasn't eaten in MANY days!  Little pudgy liar.  He eats twice a day and gets a little doggie treat at bed time.  Most spoiled dog ever!

Until Next Time......................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!