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Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 2009

I can not believe it is almost the end of January of 2009. Seems the older I get the quicker the time flies.

Not much going on in our lives. At least other than the normal day to day grind of working, eating, sleeping and crafting when time allows.

Right now I am working on a knitted prayer shawl of my own design. (trust me it is nothing fancy but VERY easy to do). I am crocheting a star shaped lapghan in pastel colors. I love the pattern and will do it again with worsted weight yarn next time as the baby yarn is taking a VERY long time to do so I can only do a couple of rows a night before my hands ache from holding the small hook and yarn.

I have ordered a fillet crochet pattern of the Last Supper. It should be here in the next week. I know it will take a while to do but I am hoping once it is done I can fame it and place it over my fireplace. It will be done in crochet thread (and I am complaining about baby yarn?). The nice thing about fillet crochet for a lefty is most people have to read the pattern from right to left but a lefty reads it left to right just like a book! Lucky us, huh? The other nice thing about fillet crochet is it goes so much quicker than other crochet. The "holes" go quickly and increase the size of the project rapidly. Now, with the crochet thread I know it will not go that quickly and as intricate as this pattern is I am sure it will take a bit more time than normal, but that is fine as I am not giving it to anyone for any special occasion. Well, that is unless I get it done by Easter and then I will give it to my Hubby. He will love it.

It has been really warm here in AZ for the past week so it has been hard for me to look at the lapghan or the shawl to work on. We have been in the high 70's and even hit 80 yesterday. In fact, socks and dishclothes have been appealing to me but I have promised myself no new projects until these two are completed. It is suppose to cool off this next week so I will get busy on them again and hopefully get at least one of them completed.

I want to get back to my beading also but will not do that until those two projects are done. So I have plenty of motivation to get them finished don't I?

My cousin from GA is coming in this weekend for a conference in Tucson. She is going to spend the night at my Mother's house and we are all going to get together on Sunday for brunch and a nice visit. I have not seen her for almost 10 years! The nice thing with her it never seems like you have missed a day of being together. I am looking forward to seeing her again.

I have also started taking "Financial Peace University' Course from Dave Ramsey. It is really great and I have already learned a great deal about personal finance. We will be changing our live style a bit but if done properly we will be completely debt free by the time I retire! That gives me 10 years to complete everything and I know it can be done because I have crunched the numbers and it is completely possible. My mother took the course last year and I read his book last year while she took the course. So I decided to take the course this year and Mom is going thru it again for review and revising of her budget. Of course this does take up some of my "crafting" time but it is well worth it and the course is only 13 weeks long, one evening a week. I think I can handle that. But sometimes the homework I get takes SEVERAL evenings for me to complete. That is where the time comes into it.

My grand daughter has started dance class and totally loves it. Doesn't she look cute in her dance clothes. She is doing tap right now and will learn other methods but not ballet because she is too young for that. Her feet need to develop more before ballet is brought in.

I don't know if you heard or not but the Arizona Cardinals are going to the Superbowl! This is a picture of my son, Josh (on the left) and his neighbor Scott on Sunday's game day. It was kind of hard for us in a way as we lived in Philly for 4 years and kind of got attached to the Eagle mania up there. But since we now live here in Arizona we support our home teams. Now will the Cardinals win Superbowl? I have no idea. The Steelers are a pretty tough team but then we have come this far, why not? Superbowl is on Josh's birthday this year. He is kind of excited about that too. So you can guess what we all will be doing for his birthday can't you? We will be at his house parked in front of his BIG screen TV watching the game and eating lots of yummy things and enjoying the company of family.

Better go and get something done.