YOP LIST 2023-2024

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finished items and more

 I was quiet last week and I apologize for that.  But I had a special project going and didn't have the time to stop and blog.  Today I am on the downside of the project so thought I would touch base with all of you to let you know what is happening in my crafty corner of the world
 In the above picture you can see on the left a pair of fingerless mitts.  These are going to be gifted to on of my DIL who is having a birthday this week.  She saw my mitts and told me that she thought about just taking them and seeing how long it would be before I noticed they were missing.  Then she reminded me that her birthday was coming up quickly.  So, out came the sock yarn and needles and off I went to make her the mitts and a matching hat.  I am happy to report that I was able to match the stripes on the mitts and that is no small feat sometimes.  The hat is not quite finished but am hoping it will be done by the end of the day.

Also, I bought the volume #55 of Rowan book.  There are several patterns in there that I want to make for MYSELF!  I received it yesterday from Jimmy Beans and have already picked out 4-5 projects that I want to make.  Once I am done with the hat I will be casing on one of the projects right away.

Hubby and I went to Costco last weekend and I saw this craft table.  I fell in love with it and realized that it would help with my storage issue.  I had yarn spilling out all over the place from the cubbies I have.  He was nice enough to go back and get it for me and we put it together.  It is really really big and I am very happy with it.  On the right hand side is all my sock yarn.  It may not look like much, but the shelves are so deep that I have them double stacked in there.  On the left hand side is my yarn that needs to be wound into cakes as well as all my needles and hooks.  I have asked for a swift for Valentines day and Hubby said that he will be happy to get it for me.  The table is large enough for it to sit on it.  This is the swift that I am wanting.  I have heard several people say that they love it but the trick is to put clothes pins just about where the yarn sits so it doesn't fly off while winding.  I had thought about an umbrella swift, but just didn't find one that I truly wanted in the price range I could afford.

That is about all from sunny Arizona.  Our weather here is wonderful and I feel so sorry for all the people being hit with the sub-zero temperatures right now.  I have lived in those places and it is no fun having your pipes freeze, not being able to get out of the house because of snow and ice, having to wear several layers of clothing in the house just to stay.  We may have 115 degree temps in the summer but my motto is.................you don't have to shovel sunshine.

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

YoP update for the new year

I have no real excuse for not posting for the past couple of months other than I was so busy trying to finish all my Christmas knitting/crocheting that I didn't have the time to even log onto my computer or download pictures or even TAKE any pictures.

But I finished all my Christmas knitting/crocheting just in time.

The Green Bay afghan got finished at 1pm on Christmas Eve!  It was given as a gift at 4pm that same day.  Talk about a close call!  My BFF loved it has uses it all the time to keep herself warm.  She has some medical issues and she is always cold so this was a much loved and will be a much used gift.

I didn't get photos of the other gifts that got made but here is a list of them:

2 dishcloths (I had others already made so only needed 2 more to complete the season)
2 pair of socks
Peacock earrings and necklace set (I know it is not fiber related but I had to make some anyway)

That is about all I made.

Let me tell you....................I made a pair of mink socks for my mom and she is in love!  She said they are the warmest things she has ever had on her feet.  They are short socks as she likes to wear socks to bed and that is what they are for.

The other socks I made were from Panda Cotton and for my DIL.  I have made socks for everyone else in the family and she has made comment that she has never received any.  That problem is now taken care of.

The afghan was a bugger to to do.  I was not as professional on it as I should have been but it took me a loooooong time to do it and by the time I was done I was totally sick of green and gold!  It is huge too.  It fills the top of her king sized bed.

So now what do I work on?  I was working on my Radian Yoke sweater when I was notified that my fingerless mitts almost went to a new home.  Yup, my DIL saw them on my kitchen counter and decided that they would be a perfect thing for her to have.  She also reminded me that her birthday was coming up at the end of January. (I can take a hint)  So I pulled out my sock yarn and started on them.  I also realized that I would have enough yarn to make her a matching slouchy beanie.  One glove will be done by today and hopefully the other by next weekend.  The hat doesn't take but a few days so it will all be done before the 30th!

I looked at my YoP list for this year and have discovered that being 'fague' is a good thing.  Lets see how I am doing.

Doll Clothes for AG doll (uses up lots of 'scrap' yarn) 
 Nope, haven't even started on this

Lots of socks.  Hopefully at least 6 pairs made 
 4 pair done and more ready to go

Fingerless Mitts for me (one is done but needs a partner)
Yup, did that and now doing another pair for DIL

Scarf for me to match the hat and mitts I am making  
This might happen before the year is up

2-3 sweaters for adults  
Trying to finish the one I have started now

1-2 sweaters for children 
Yup, finished one already

Complete GB afghan 

dishcloths for gifts again this year 
Yup, finished 12 of them so far and gifted all of them.

I feel pretty good about the list this year.  Of course things always seem to get added on around Christmas time.  I have a request from my Grand Daughter to make her a pair of pink slippers with blue fluffy trim.  REALLY?  I will have to look into this but not until her mommy's mitts and hat are done.

Hope you all have had a blessed Christmas/ Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Boxing Day/Twelfth Night or what ever it is that you celebrate this time of year.