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Monday, May 28, 2012

Just like I promised

Wow, a month has passed since I last posted.  It doesn't seem like that long but dates on blogs don't lie.  Do they?

I do have some crafts that I have been working on fast and furiously.  First up...............a lovely shawl for a friend.

She had tried to do this herself and after row two wanted to throw it in the trash.  So we exchanged.  I gave her a cross stitch that I loved and I took the shawl to do.  This has been on my hook for about 2-3 weeks.  It has traveled many places with me including to Las Vegas where most of the work was done on it during the car ride.

Remember that sweater class I was taking.  Well here is where I am at on the sweater.

I have the cap sleeves finished, the neck is finished even thought it is kind of rolling.  I have been promised that once it is blocked that will stop.  So now it is a matter of straight stockinette knitting for the rest of the body until I am ready to put the lace pattern from the sleeves onto the bottom.

I also too that cuff down magic loop sock class.  I have been doing toe up magic loop since I first started making socks.  So I was excited to do the cuff down.  I finished the first sock and it fits my hubby just fine.  So not wanted to be one of those knitters with second sock syndrome.................

Here is the second sock.  Today is the day I am going to work on that and hopefully will be able to get the rest of the foot done and maybe even get to the end of it and close it up.  Then I will be back on the sweater again.

Since the ravelry group that I have been in for the past 11 months has decided to do their Year of Projects for another year...........................I now have to come up with a list of projects that is reasonable/feasible for me to complete in a years time.  It starts on July 1st and is an absolute blast to do.  We have knitters, crocheters and even some sewers in there.  It is great fun to see what everyone does.  I especially love reading all the blogs from all over the world.  I have learned some totally new 'sayings' from it.

Not much else on the crafting front.

Personal life..................................just about the same as always.......................exercise,work, eat, knit/crochet, sleep.

Happy Crafting!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Wait for it

I promise that I am still alive but extremely busy for the past month.

I truly do expect to make a crafting post this weekend and I promise that it will contain WIP's and FO's.  So please wait for it.