YOP LIST 2023-2024

Friday, June 30, 2017

FO Friday and more

I finished my Eva Shawl on Thursday afternoon.

I still need to sew on the medal and tag so it can go into our prayer shawl closet, at our cancer shrine.

It has just enough of a lace to it to make it very light weight and interesting to crochet.  It took almost 200 gms of fingering weight yarn.

Since that was done, I needed another shawl to work on.  I decided to pick up my Dive In shawl and start back on it.

It is all garter stitch and it is a 4 row repeat one the first 2 rows are completed.  It is supposed to be done with 2 colors so it strips, but this sock yarn does all the work for me.  I am hoping it will be large enough to be a prayer shawl once it is completed.

That is all I am doing right now in knitting/crocheting.  I have been very busy setting up journals to help me with certain areas in my life.

Hubby has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  His Dr has asked him to follow a low carb/ low glycemic index diet.  This will be quite a change for him as he is a HUGE bread fan and loves anything with flour in it.  So to help us out in our new venture I made this journal.

I have no idea what is on the lower left hand side of this cover.  It is not sticky yet it won't come off no matter how I try to get it off.

Here is a look at the inside:

 Since I am still counting calories, I added that to the recipe pages.  This way we will know what we liked and what we will never eat again.  We are on  day 3 without any yucky foods....so far.  There will be changes made to a one recipe, but as written it is fine.  Just needs a little tweaking for our taste buds.  I think this will be good for both of us.  I have already dropped 2 pounds in as many days by cutting out the simple carbs (sugars, breads, pastas etc) and increasing my complex carbs (veggies and low in sugar fruits)  Makes dinner time interesting for the both of us.

I made another journal that I was going to wait until Sunday to present during the new YOP post.  But I want to only talk about fibery things that day and this one is for my reading.

I found this journal at Staples in the clearance section for $5.  It was perfect for what I wanted.

I have already listed all the books I just put on my Kindle to read.  I realize, none of them are on the New York Times best seller list but..............I have Prime reading through Amazon and these are all free books.  I can have up to 10 books at a time out and can keep them for as long as needed until they are all read.  I have already started Undercover Amish.  It is my bedtime read.  Very predictable, simple language, not much of a plot twist yet just enough enjoyment for me to continue reading.  It also is helping me fall asleep...........YEAH!

The only other thing I have been working on it this:

This puzzle was brought back from Disneyland by my son and his family.  They had wanted my mom to work it but she just could not figure out the border and decided it was not something she wanted to even attempt.  I volunteered to do it.  Mom is doing the Dumbo puzzle they brought back.  The border on that got completed yesterday.

I enjoy working on puzzles.  This one is going to be a huge challenge, but since there is no time limit on it..............I can take my time and enjoy the process.  Anyone want to come over and help me?

I went and had my lab work done today.  I was about 4 month overdue.  I do not have an issue with having it done.  What I have an issue with is sitting in a waiting room for almost an hour and knowing I can not ask to go to the bathroom as that is part of my lab work!  Not fun!  I wanted to get it completed now as we leave next week for Las Vegas and I have a Dr's appointment the week after we get back.  Wanted to make sure it was all done and documented before all that happened.

Need to go and get dinner going.  Tonight is Easy Taco Salad (without any tortillas).  I just have a lot of chopping, shredding, slicing to do, plus cook up the meat.  Not hard, just a bit of time needed to do it.  After dinner, we will relax, continue our binge watching of Arrow and The Flash.  We are enjoying both of them so much.

Until Sunday........................................Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Organization Overload

I am making bullet journals for different areas of my life.  This is so much fun.  Two are totally completed as for design and how it will serve me best.  One is still in the thinking process.  Trying to decide what exactly I want it to do for me.

Photos of the finished set up will be published Sunday for my start up of YOP year 7.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beautiful morning

I just saw a post on FB that describes how I feel when I wake up early in the morning.  

It's true.  I think that is why I love waking up before hubby does and just me and the dogs sit and enjoy the quiet of the world around us.

Even though I got up early..............I still got quite a bit of sleep.  My Garmin Vivofit HR measures how long I sleep as well as how much was deep and light sleep.  I had a good night with over half of it in deep sleep.  I feel super rested.

Yesterday, I was super busy tidying things up around the house.  Our house is never really dirty, other than dog hair, but it does have a tendency to get 'messed' up.  I put everything away that was in the wrong place.  All mail and magazines were gone through and placed either in recycle or the shredder.  I bathed 2 small dogs since it was a very hot day and they would dry quickly.  The dog collars were cleaned and nail polish put on the back of their tags so their white necks would quit turning black so quickly.  Two loads of laundry were done in the morning and one more in the evening.

I tightened screws up on our wooden TV trays.  They were getting a bit wobbly and it was making me nuts.  I think as I get older I become more OCD on certain things.  My mom did the same thing.  Yes, there are times I become my mother.  It is not all bad though.

In the evening, I worked on my Eva Shawl for the prayer shawl ministry.  I also went though pinterest and looked at ideas to make with my mini cricut.  While in pinterest land, I added ideas to my "journal" board.  Even though I have my Happy Planner, I still needed to set up some 'bullet' pages for certain areas in my life.  I was able to do that with some of the note pages from my Happy Planner.  I was so proud after I completed them.  They are in my Happy Planner and all ready for me to start of them.  

These pages will tie into my Year of Projects group on Ravelry.  I made a page for projects started and a page for projects finished.  I also set up a page for books I read in the next year.  My reading has been lagging and I need to get back to doing more of that and less playing games on my tablet.  

Today, I am going to visit my mom.  I normally go on Monday, but her hair dresser was coming and that usually means our visits are cut very short.  That is fine, as Tuesdays are pretty much household chore days and since I did my chores yesterday.........I can have a day off!   After our visit, I will be heading to Walmart to return some peanuts hubby got that are not the kind he likes.  He did not look at the label close enough.  I need a couple of other items from Walmart, so that makes it easy for me to complete my shopping then.

Hubby is going to the baseball game tonight (diamond backs) with our son.  This will be the first game he has been to this season.  I haven't gone yet but have been invited to go in August with friends that have a suite!  That will be fun.  So that means, dinner will be just for me and the evening will be quiet around the house.  I am hoping to get more done on my shawl.  I would love to have it completed this week so I could turn it in to the prayer shawl group on Thursday.  FINGERS CROSSED!

That is all from Arizona for now........................until next time...........Happy Crafting!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Auld Lang Syne 52

It is the end of the Year 6 for our Year Of Projects group.  I have completed all 6 years and have loved every minute of it.  There are some in our group that go from January to December so they are just a little bit past half way for their year.  It is such a great group and I have "met" some lovely folks there.  If you knit, crochet, quilt, sew, bead or craft in anyway............why don't you consider giving it a try.  You can find us HERE.

If you follow me on a regular basis, you know this week was my week of being in the frog pond.  If you don't follow me on a regular basis, there is a place on the upper right hand side of my blog where you can enter your email address and each time I post on my blog, you will be notified.  Or you can follow me using Bloglovin (My favorite spot to follow all my blogging friends)  

Anyway..............back to the frog pond issue.  I tried to finish up hubby's socks and as I was nearing the end of the first one, I decided to try it on him.  Could not get it on him in any way shape or form.  The yarn has negative stretching ability.  Both socks were frogged and the yarn caked up and will be used for a shawl later on.

I then decided to complete Mr Darcy sock #2.  As I was knitting away on it, I kept thinking it looked a bit smaller than sock #1.  Put the two together and tried them both on using my hand and WOW..........Sock #2 could barely fit over my hand!  A frogging I did go again and caked it back up and it is sitting in time out.  I can not understand what the problem is with it but will give it another try later on in life. LOL

So what is a crafter supposed to do..............................Work on a shawl of course.

My Eva Shawl is making great progress.  I have complete one skein of Bernat Sox in the colorway Camouflage.  I have one more skein to use on this.  It will be the perfect size when the other skein is completed.  Then it will go to our Cancer Ministry's prayer shawl closet to be given out to someone that needs extra love, comfort and peace.

But............I wanted to finish something this week.  So yesterday, I decided to make pans liners for my new cookware.  I got the idea from a crochet magazine I perused while in Texas.  They made coaster type liners but I wanted something that would protect all aspects of the lower pan.

Ta Da..............Just a bit dishcloth pattern I had.  

As is this one.  Now I don't worry about putting one pan inside the other.

My last set of pans, I did not think of doing this and they ended up getting some fairly good sized gouges in a couple of pans.  This time, I would like to keep them for a little while before they get destroyed.

Remember I told you about my new luggage I got?  Did I forget to tell you about that?  While in Texas I found the perfect "THAT'S MY SUITCASE ON THE CAROUSEL" luggage and convinced the hubby we had to have it.

Go ahead and try and tell me this is not something that will jump out at you in the airport terminal!  Got 2 pieces and then a lovely toiletries bag to go with it. 

And the last bit of personal news:

These are sitting on my dining room table making my day brighter.  Being raised in Kansas, these were the state flower.  Being born in Iowa..............these are called weeds.  Living in Arizona............These are sunshine in my house.

Ok, Lets take a look at my list from last year and see how I did on it.

 YOP 6

Baby Items:

Seamless Cable Booties (Decided not to do them)
Corner to Corner blanket COMPLETED


Celtic Denim Sock  HAVEN'T TOUCHED
Hermiones Everyday Socks COMPLETED
Snoqualmie Socks HAVEN'T TOUCHED
Pedicure Socks  COMPLETED
Spring Tulips Socks COMPLETED
Scatterby Socks  HAVEN'T TOUCHED



Stockinette Hug COMPLETED 



Hubby Socks  NOT TOUCHED
Dive In Shawl  NOT TOUCHED
Log Cabin Afghan  NOT TOUCHED
Corner 2 Corner baby blanket COMPLETED


4  Azel  (Matching sets for 2 mother/daughter teams)  MADE 2 OF THEM


6-12 of them, varying patterns MADE 4 THIS YEAR

Other Items for the Year:

Test knits/crochet  HAVE DONE 3 THIS YEAR
Try something new for me in knitting  LEARNED HOW TO ADD BEADS TO KNITTED PROJECT
Photos of completed projects  YUP..........
Give myself the right to change (add/delete) this list as needed  DID THAT A LOT.  JUST LOOK UNDER THE SHAWL CATEGORY LOL

I have my list for year 7 pretty much completed.  Just need to do a bit more tweaking on it.  I am looking forward to the fresh start.

I will leave you with a picture of my boy, Enrique.  He knows when we are getting ready to leave the house.  He gets so saaaaaaad LOL

Until next time........................Happy Crafting!!!!!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Frog pond

Ugh.....I frogged another half completed sock.  Mr Darcy was going fine but I thought it looked a bit smaller than the first sock.  I laid then side by side and..............crud!  Sock #2 could barely slide over my hand!

This is how I feel about socks right now.  I checked my notes and I am using the same size needle as sock #1.  Same yarn, same stitch count.  My tension hasn't changed in years so what gives?  I put it away for a while.  I might go up .25 mm on the needles just to see if I have a change in tension or...........I wrote down the wrong needle size in my notes,

I am working on my Eva shawl instead.  It will be donated to the prayer shawl ministry at church when completed.

Right now I am functioning on 4 hours of sleep.  My insomnia has picked up again.  Looks like it is time for tea before bed.  That has helped in the past.

I did get quite a bit done this morning.  Banana bread has been baked and is cooling, laundry started, dishes done, kitchen cleaned, dining room cleaned, fridge cleaned, chicken pasta salad made for dinner, and now time for me to season my new cookware and get it put away.

I bought a Gotham Steel pan a while back and like it.  Tried out the Copper Chef pan and LOVED it.  Sam's club had a set on special, so hubby bought it for me.  It needs a little TLC before the first use and should always be hand washed.  Not a biggie for me.  You are never to use cooking spray or extra virgin olive oil in the pan either.  And food truly does slide right out.  I love to cook and this just made my life a whole bunch easier.

I have some mending to do today too.  Will work on that after lunch.  There might be some crafting happening then too.

Ok, gotta go change the laundry around........until next time......happy crafting!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Dance

Another happy day in Casa de Noce.  Once again, the eyes popped open at 6 this morning, even though I was up past midnight.  I felt refreshed and ready to tackle the day though.  I fed the dogs and then sat down and worked for an hour on my tablet.  How nice it was not to have network interruptions today.  I got everything done on my tablet in an hour.  It has been taking me upwards to 2 hours a day to do my normal stuff!

I made out a Sam's club list for hubby.  He is so nice to go and do the big box store shopping for me.  I don't mind going, but it seems, when we go together, we do more impulse buying.  Going alone is a much wiser idea.

While he was gone, I set my Cricut up and learned how to work it.  After a bit of problems downloading the correct Adobe Air program I finally got everything to work on it.  Thanks to Rob C at the Cricut help center!  I think I am going to really enjoy working with it and learning some new skills.

This was the only thing I made by myself today.  It was fun and very interesting to see how the little machine works.

Have do have some sad news for you.

These are my hubby's socks.  After doing over half if the leg, I decided to try them on him.  I could not even get them past his heel.  This yarn has NO give to it at all.  I may decide to make a shawl or something like that out of this yarn.  It will not be on anyone's feet!

I picked up the frogged Mr Darcy sock and cast it back on again.  I am being very careful this time that it will match in size the same as the one that is completed.  I am on the first repeat of the leg pattern and am very happy with it.  That will be my TV watching  project now until it is done.

I am trying to stay a bit more monogamous in my knitting right now.  It's not that I don't have may WIP's hanging around.  But I am trying to only have one of each kind LOL.    So, I only have one sock on the needles, one sweater, oops............3 shawls, one blanket etc.  I bet, if you follow my blog regularly, you can kind of get an idea of what my list for next year's YOP is going to consisting of.

Ok, it is mid afternoon and extremely hot outside.  Time for me to go into energy conserving mode.  Also known as knitting until dinner time.  We set our A/C up to 80 during the hottest time of the day to help conserve energy.  I do not do any housework during that time as it is just too warm for me.  Around dinner time, the A/C goes back to 77 and is quite comfy for us desert rats.  That is when dinner gets prepared and dishes done and maybe a load or laundry if needed.

Until next time...........................Happy Crafting!!!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


After taking yesterday to relax, knit and just veg out........today was great.  Once again I was awake by 6 but.........I was energized and ready for the day.

Last night I did a load of laundry and this morning I did two more loads.  I realized it had been at least a week since serious laundry was done.  We do towels often because of the swimming pool.  That's all I did last week.....oops.

Our new router arrived yesterday evening.  Hubby installed it this morning.  The new printer has been installed on every device other than hubby's laptop.  He is doing that at this moment.  

I was able to hook up my mini cricut that was given to me  3 Christmases ago!  It takes up quite a bit of room on the computer desk.  Oh well........maybe paperwork will be filed quicker now heehee.  A messy desk drives me nuts.  My desk at work was always totally organized.  Needless to say.......hubby uses the computer desk 90% of the time.  Looks just like his work desk did.

Anyway.......I am really excited to start using my cricut.  I have tons of ideas rolling around my brain at the moment.  I especially love making my own greeting cards. I think I am going to need more hours in my day.  So many crafts and so little time.

I noticed my bananas are crying to be made into bread again.  Might need to do that tomorrow morning.  I am trying to do anything that heats the house up, in the morning hours.  We hit 119F today and will be around 117F for the rest of the week.  Our lows are 85F.  Not much relief there.  This usually lasts a couple of weeks and then we head down to 105 to 110 for about 3 months.  

I am still working on hubby's socks.  A 2x2 ribbed leg takes FOREVER! I know they will be completed at some point lol.  I am not a fan of the yarn either.  It is very scratchy (non-wool).  I have another skein of it too. (In a different color)  I dread using it.  I do have a sock pattern that goes super quick and that might be the ticket for skein #2.

Taco Tuesday dinner is over, dishes done, baseball on TV, ice water by my chair and a sock that needs my attention.  Guess I will knit for a few hours before my eyes decide to close for the night.

Until next time. ......happy crafting! 

Monday, June 19, 2017


I am D.O.N.E.  I woke up this morning and realized I really did not want to be awake.  No, I do not have depression I have:

Image result for exhausted meme

I have been on the go since Thursday.  I mean........really on the go.  My eyes have been opening around 5:30 each day and they do not close again until 11 at night.  During that time, I have been going to meetings, church functions, visiting my mom, celebrating 2 birthdays, planning and prepping food for Father's Day, having the family over for the day on Father's Day etc.........Yes, there was LOTS of meal prepping in the past 5 days.

So, I have decided to take the day off today.  I have contacted my mom and told her I will see her tomorrow.  Hubby has been sent off to Costco to find a new printer (ours died a week ago), I am waiting at home for the delivery of our new wireless router (ours has been trying to die for the past month and today was the final straw with it).  I am going to knit, relax, knit some more and relax some more.

Being an RA person................I know better than to over extend myself like I did the past week.  This happens about 3 times a year.  There really is no way to stop it.  I can not ask people to move their birthdays to another time of year or rewrite the calendar to move Father's day, Christmas and Mother's day to a different time of year so it doesn't come close to any birthdays in my family.  LOL

So this is me today:

Image result for exhausted meme

Until next time.........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Only 1 more to go YOP

Only 1 more week left in my YOP year 6.  The last 6 months of the challenge, always seems to go by super fast.  Maybe because, I am knitting for pure pleasure during that time and not trying to knock out Christmas gifts.  Anyway.....................It has been a great year and next week will be my wind up on all things yarny.  But..............this week, I have finishes to show you.

First up:

I completed Sock #2 of "My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth" socks.  These were designed my Knitterarium and the pattern can be found here.   They were a fairly easy knit for me.  The leg went super quickly.  My issue is the foot seems to go on FOREVER when it is plain stockinette.  Next time I make these, will continue the leg pattern onto the instep of the sock.

So here is Elizabeth and Darcy together.  Mr Darcy will be gifted to a dear friend as it is 100% wool and also a size small.  She is also a sock knitter, so I know she will take great care of them.  Elizabeth is in MY sock drawer though.

I had another finish this week:

My Spring Tulip Socks are done and also in my sock drawer.  I have to say this yarn is my absolute favorite sock yarn ever.  It is Naked Sock and 100% wool FREE.  It has lovely stretch and wears like iron.  I was so happy to finally complete these.  I started them the first of the year and have loved looking at them while completing test knits.  The pattern had just enough interest to keep boredom away while keeping on your toes just a bit.

So..............now that all that is wrapped up...........................I started on these:

Hubby's socks were taken out of time out last night.  They were being done two at a time magic loop and it was making me a bit batty.  So last night, I put them on DPN's and will hopefully complete them in the next week or two.  I am not in love with this yarn at all.  It has hardly any stretch so the socks look a bit baggy to me.  Plus, I am not a fan of toe up socks. It is probably because, I am never satisfied with the way my toes look.  I much prefer a kitchnered toe.  They just seem stronger.  Anyway, Hubby likes the sock and that is all that matters.

That is all I have for crafting this week.  

It is hotter than Hades, here and will be for the next week.  We are looking at flirting with 120F on Tuesday and will be well above 110F all week long.  Needless to say, the only time I will be venturing out will be in the EARLY morning, or when I go to visit my mom or just to hop into the pool in the backyard.  Luckily, our humidity is only like 2-4% right now, so at least you can breath.

The family is coming over this afternoon for Father's day.  We are having a taco bar and I was smart and prepared all the food yesterday, so I can enjoy the day with everybody else. There will be lots of swimming, laughing, eating and loving going on.  

My daughter is going to bring her 2 dogs over with her.  I need to keep my boy dog socialized as she does her boy dog.  They are all small dogs, so no one gets all ruffled up about who is the biggest baddest dog LOL.  With all of them weighing between 9 and 15 pounds, that is pretty funny to watch.

Hubby has already informed us, he will be watching the US Open today, but will be happy to join in on conversations.  He loves golf, and used to play it as often as he could. Unfortunately, back issues has thwarted him for picking up his clubs anymore.  Now he just lives vicariously through the golfers on TV lol.

I have made my list for next year and am ready to post it in 2 weeks.  It is a pretty general list and nothing very specific is on it this year.  I find, being specific has not worked well for me in the past and I feel too constrained when I do that.  I guess, I am too much of a free spirit when it comes to my crafting.  Otherwise.................I am pretty regimented. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Frenzy

Yesterday was Hubby's bday and I think he enjoyed himself.  There were no gifts given.  I tried to get tickets for him to go to a baseball game in two weeks, but he declined them. He is so easy going.  So, out to dinner I took him so he could get his favorite wings.  We went to The Hub..............they have the best smoked wings and the meat falls off the bone.  He was quite pleased and had enough left over for lunch today.

We had an early morning appointment to get the oil changed in my car today.  Hubby was sweet enough to take it for me and then he was even kinder to go to WalMart and do some shopping for our Father's Day event being held at our house Sunday.

While he was gone, I took the time to scrub our shower (He cleans everything but the kitchen counters and cabinets and the shower so I have not complaints)  It was so nice to get that completed and everything in there shines so pretty now.

We have a charity pick up coming on Monday and this gave me the perfect opportunity to go through my closet and drawers to get rid of all those clothes I have not worn in a loooong time.  I filled a 33 gallon bag with clothes just from my closet and drawers.  It is so nice to have room in my closet again to move hangers around.  I did do a bit of a count and I have 52 pieces of LuLaRoe clothing!  Good Grief.  Is there a support group for this addiction?

After I completed my closet I had my leftovers from last nights dinner and then went into hubby's closet and drawers.  He had already gone through them but I still managed to find 6 t shirts to donate and I was able to rearrange his closet and drawers so he actually has more space.  It looks so much neater now.  He was impressed too.

 I have not really been working on my sock.  Yesterday, I went to prayer shawl and crocheted on my shawl there.  I had to stop at a grocery store on the way home to pick up some items for my mom and then headed out to her place for a visit.  After that was dinner and then I was tuckered out and went to bed.

I did manage to do a few rows today after the closet clean out but.................we are heading out to have dinner with our BFF's.  Tomorrow is my BFF's birthday so we are going to celebrate it a day early and hubby's a day late with them.  We are heading to Olive Garden. I am looking forward to that as I have not been there for quite a while.  Some salad and a fish dish sounds divine..................along with a nice glass of wine!

Seems, our diet in our house is going to change a bit.  Hubby just got the results of his blood work and he has been told to go on a low carb diet.  His A1C is pre-diabetic and the Dr wants to prevent him from having to take any medicine for it.  She did not inform us as to how LOW of a carb diet he needs to be on............so I will be contacting the office on Monday to find out how many grams a day she is going to allow him.  We agreed, this will happen gradually and we will get 100% serious about it after we get home from Vegas next month.  This is going to be hard for hubby...................he is a HUGE carb addict.  I can live without potatoes, corn, bread, and a few other things.  I love rice though and sweet potatoes and those will be cut out as well.  Tortillas, both corn and flour will be a thing of the past too. Ouch............................will let you know how it goes as we move forward.

Seems our weather had decided we are not warm enough at 109 so by Tuesday it is supposed to be 120.  I can live without that kind of heat.  Really I can.  June is always our hottest month in Arizona.  July and August just seem hotter because that is when humidity shows up in our atmosphere.

That is about all from here for today.  Until next time..............Happy Crafting!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday morning

I was going to write this last night, but I was just too tuckered out by the time I completed my day.  Here is a brief look at what I did yesterday:

The banana bread got made first thing in the morning.  After that I helped move everything out of the bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and laundry room.  Hubby set to cleaning all of those rooms while I made phone calls to my Dr, Vet and grand daughter.  After he was done, I helped put everything back in it's place.  The dishwasher got emptied, and 2 loads of laundry got almost completed (I still need to fold the towels).  Then it was time for lunch and after that I was off to get my nails done.

I love having pretty nails and since mine are so nasty without a little help, it makes me feel so 'pretty'.  This time, I had her shorten them, as I could hardly do anything with the loooong nails I had for the past 3 weeks.

This is much better for me.  They don't get all tangled up in my DPN's when I am knitting or stuck in the holes of my crocheting.  This is the length I normally keep my natural nail at and actually, my natural nail is just this length underneath............Do you now how hard it is to take a decent photo of you own hand? LOL  Plus trying not to show you my arthritic knuckles is a challenge too when doing it.  There is a lot of cropping done afterward.  At least with feet photos, I can use a selfie stick!

After all that, I was free to come home and just veg out until it was time to make dinner.  I already had the chicken in the crockpot simmering in Green Enchilada sauce.  I shredded it and made the enchiladas ( I make mine flat, not rolled), stuck them in the oven for 30 minutes and poof.........................dinner was completed.

I spent the rest of the evening with hubby watching a movie and then a couple of episodes of Arrow.  Ok, I was knitting on my Spring Tulip Sock #2 and doing all the TV stuff.  I should have #2 completed by tomorrow.  I would have had it done today, but I have a super busy day with my grand daughter, prayer shawl ministry, visiting my mom, making a special birthday dinner for hubby, and going to adoration at the church.

I do want to show you something though:

Is that not just the cutest progress keeper every?  It was gifted to me when I bought a newly released crochet book.  I took this photo on Tuesday night after I had knit some rows on sock #2.  I now have knitted almost 6 inches and have 1.5 inches to go before the toe.  This toe is only1.5 inches long, so I have to make the foot a bit longer this time.

I bit more of seeing how long that sock is.  Just imagine another 4 inches on it.  NO!  I do not have big feet.  I wear a size 7.5 shoe..................actually everyone female in my family, including the grand daughters and daughter in laws all wear the same size!  The average size for a woman in Arizona is a size 9.5 or 10.  I think that is because, most of the ladies born in this state, go barefoot 90% of the time.

In other news....................Hubby and I went to the store yesterday after my nail appointment.  We needed some fresh fruits and veggies.  I saw these and had to have them.

I am loving having flowers in the house.  They so brighten up the area.

That is all for right now.  Until next time................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Taco Tuesday?

You bet it's Taco Tuesday at my house tonight. We try and stay true to that statement most of the time.  I either make them from scratch or we go to the little place down the street for $.99 street tacos.  Tonight, I made them from scratch.  That is hubby's favorite meal.  Since this is his birthday week and with Father's day topping off the end of his birthday week, I am trying very hard to make some of his favorites meals for him. Tomorrow night is, Chicken Enchiladas.  Yes, we love Mexican food.  Hubby is half Mexican, so that is the food he grew up with.  The other half is Italian..................not really his favorite fare but he eats it cause I love it LOL.

Hubby had a lot of errands to run this morning which gave me some time to work on items I needed to so without interruption.  I got most of the laundry put away.............I got lazy Sunday night and just left it all folded and hung in the laundry room.  I re-organized a cupboard that seemed to have gotten destroyed while I was away.  My bullet journal got updated.  I finished getting all my accident info sent out to both insurance companies.  ( I paid for all my medical bills out of pocket and will be happy when that check comes in the mail)  I loaded books onto my mom's kindle for her.  She loves reading on the Kindle during the day and by book at night.  I made a pan of Sugar Free Brownies...............yes, they are very yummy.

By that time, hubby was home and it was lunch time.  After lunch, I worked on my Spring Tulip socks for a bit.  My dogs had a pedicure appointment, so had to take them to that.  After I got back, I continued to work on the socks and I am almost done with one of them.  I have been working them concurrently, so the other one should be completed by this weekend and if not, by the first of next week.  WOOHOO!

I did finish my test knit socks and will post about them on Sunday as well as the Spring Tulip socks.................complete with photos.

Dinner has been completed, dishes in the dishwasher and it is running, leftovers are in the fridge and dogs have been fed.  Getting ready to settle down for the evening and do some more binge watching of Arrow.  We already binge watched Bosch and have caught up with that.  After we complete Arrow, we are going to give Flash a try.  ReRun season stinks.  But now, we have other shows to fill that time period.

Until next time...................happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 12, 2017


Finally..........vacation mode is over.  Today was as normal as my life ever is,

I did a load of laundry this morning, visited my mom after lunch, knit on socks, cooked a fun new dish for dinner and am relaxing with some knitting and TV.  A 100% perfectly normal day.

As I told you in April, we had a new A/C unit installed.  I have not been impressed with it and was thinking it was just me and my temperature sensitive body. When we came back from Texas, our house was hot.  Last Friday, I had finally had enough.  I called the company we got it from.  They were at my house in 30 minutes (kudos for that).  The guy took about 30 minutes to find the issue.  Seems the installers failed to attach the A/C duct to the houses main duct!!!!!!  Are you kidding me? We were informed it would be Monday before it could be fixed.  I gave him my best "mom" look and said, "that's not very good".  You see, we are already at 107 and my house was staying up to 82.  Not to mention the A/C running continually.  Nope, not gonna happen.

Poof!!!!! Second worker shows up and fixes everything for us. The house is now a wonderful 77 and this momma is very happy and cool.

Our kilowatt consumption has been cut in half.  Amazing what happens when you're not cooling just your attic.

The new dish I made tonight was.....Bangin Good Chicken salad, by skinnytaste.  Super easy and very yummy.

The photo is from the skinnytaste website.  I love her recipes.  That is what I cooked for my grands and they loved everything. There will be 2 more of her dishes made this week.

It's getting late and I am tired.  Until next time. . . . . happy crafting!