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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beautiful morning

I just saw a post on FB that describes how I feel when I wake up early in the morning.  

It's true.  I think that is why I love waking up before hubby does and just me and the dogs sit and enjoy the quiet of the world around us.

Even though I got up early..............I still got quite a bit of sleep.  My Garmin Vivofit HR measures how long I sleep as well as how much was deep and light sleep.  I had a good night with over half of it in deep sleep.  I feel super rested.

Yesterday, I was super busy tidying things up around the house.  Our house is never really dirty, other than dog hair, but it does have a tendency to get 'messed' up.  I put everything away that was in the wrong place.  All mail and magazines were gone through and placed either in recycle or the shredder.  I bathed 2 small dogs since it was a very hot day and they would dry quickly.  The dog collars were cleaned and nail polish put on the back of their tags so their white necks would quit turning black so quickly.  Two loads of laundry were done in the morning and one more in the evening.

I tightened screws up on our wooden TV trays.  They were getting a bit wobbly and it was making me nuts.  I think as I get older I become more OCD on certain things.  My mom did the same thing.  Yes, there are times I become my mother.  It is not all bad though.

In the evening, I worked on my Eva Shawl for the prayer shawl ministry.  I also went though pinterest and looked at ideas to make with my mini cricut.  While in pinterest land, I added ideas to my "journal" board.  Even though I have my Happy Planner, I still needed to set up some 'bullet' pages for certain areas in my life.  I was able to do that with some of the note pages from my Happy Planner.  I was so proud after I completed them.  They are in my Happy Planner and all ready for me to start of them.  

These pages will tie into my Year of Projects group on Ravelry.  I made a page for projects started and a page for projects finished.  I also set up a page for books I read in the next year.  My reading has been lagging and I need to get back to doing more of that and less playing games on my tablet.  

Today, I am going to visit my mom.  I normally go on Monday, but her hair dresser was coming and that usually means our visits are cut very short.  That is fine, as Tuesdays are pretty much household chore days and since I did my chores yesterday.........I can have a day off!   After our visit, I will be heading to Walmart to return some peanuts hubby got that are not the kind he likes.  He did not look at the label close enough.  I need a couple of other items from Walmart, so that makes it easy for me to complete my shopping then.

Hubby is going to the baseball game tonight (diamond backs) with our son.  This will be the first game he has been to this season.  I haven't gone yet but have been invited to go in August with friends that have a suite!  That will be fun.  So that means, dinner will be just for me and the evening will be quiet around the house.  I am hoping to get more done on my shawl.  I would love to have it completed this week so I could turn it in to the prayer shawl group on Thursday.  FINGERS CROSSED!

That is all from Arizona for now........................until next time...........Happy Crafting!

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  1. I love the Garvin information....if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even know these things exist! Not that I will be getting one but it is very interesting. I am a techie for sure!
    I want to know how your house is never really dirty? I need to know your secret on that one for sure! Do you have carpeting or hardwood floors? Curious minds want to know! LOL! Oh, then I read OCD so that explains it....I wish I was....my house would be cleaner probably. I'm just a 'plodder' and when the day is done i got done what I did and the rest will go on the list for the next day but I never get it all done at once which would be nice. We both do love to plan though and I think it really helps me get more done and stay organized. I love your idea of some separate ones for different areas of your life and interests. A mini-cricut? Now that sounds interesting too and I need to look you up on Pinterest! How fun you are!


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