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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


After taking yesterday to relax, knit and just veg out........today was great.  Once again I was awake by 6 but.........I was energized and ready for the day.

Last night I did a load of laundry and this morning I did two more loads.  I realized it had been at least a week since serious laundry was done.  We do towels often because of the swimming pool.  That's all I did last week.....oops.

Our new router arrived yesterday evening.  Hubby installed it this morning.  The new printer has been installed on every device other than hubby's laptop.  He is doing that at this moment.  

I was able to hook up my mini cricut that was given to me  3 Christmases ago!  It takes up quite a bit of room on the computer desk.  Oh well........maybe paperwork will be filed quicker now heehee.  A messy desk drives me nuts.  My desk at work was always totally organized.  Needless to say.......hubby uses the computer desk 90% of the time.  Looks just like his work desk did.

Anyway.......I am really excited to start using my cricut.  I have tons of ideas rolling around my brain at the moment.  I especially love making my own greeting cards. I think I am going to need more hours in my day.  So many crafts and so little time.

I noticed my bananas are crying to be made into bread again.  Might need to do that tomorrow morning.  I am trying to do anything that heats the house up, in the morning hours.  We hit 119F today and will be around 117F for the rest of the week.  Our lows are 85F.  Not much relief there.  This usually lasts a couple of weeks and then we head down to 105 to 110 for about 3 months.  

I am still working on hubby's socks.  A 2x2 ribbed leg takes FOREVER! I know they will be completed at some point lol.  I am not a fan of the yarn either.  It is very scratchy (non-wool).  I have another skein of it too. (In a different color)  I dread using it.  I do have a sock pattern that goes super quick and that might be the ticket for skein #2.

Taco Tuesday dinner is over, dishes done, baseball on TV, ice water by my chair and a sock that needs my attention.  Guess I will knit for a few hours before my eyes decide to close for the night.

Until next time. ......happy crafting! 

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