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Friday, June 30, 2017

FO Friday and more

I finished my Eva Shawl on Thursday afternoon.

I still need to sew on the medal and tag so it can go into our prayer shawl closet, at our cancer shrine.

It has just enough of a lace to it to make it very light weight and interesting to crochet.  It took almost 200 gms of fingering weight yarn.

Since that was done, I needed another shawl to work on.  I decided to pick up my Dive In shawl and start back on it.

It is all garter stitch and it is a 4 row repeat one the first 2 rows are completed.  It is supposed to be done with 2 colors so it strips, but this sock yarn does all the work for me.  I am hoping it will be large enough to be a prayer shawl once it is completed.

That is all I am doing right now in knitting/crocheting.  I have been very busy setting up journals to help me with certain areas in my life.

Hubby has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  His Dr has asked him to follow a low carb/ low glycemic index diet.  This will be quite a change for him as he is a HUGE bread fan and loves anything with flour in it.  So to help us out in our new venture I made this journal.

I have no idea what is on the lower left hand side of this cover.  It is not sticky yet it won't come off no matter how I try to get it off.

Here is a look at the inside:

 Since I am still counting calories, I added that to the recipe pages.  This way we will know what we liked and what we will never eat again.  We are on  day 3 without any yucky foods....so far.  There will be changes made to a one recipe, but as written it is fine.  Just needs a little tweaking for our taste buds.  I think this will be good for both of us.  I have already dropped 2 pounds in as many days by cutting out the simple carbs (sugars, breads, pastas etc) and increasing my complex carbs (veggies and low in sugar fruits)  Makes dinner time interesting for the both of us.

I made another journal that I was going to wait until Sunday to present during the new YOP post.  But I want to only talk about fibery things that day and this one is for my reading.

I found this journal at Staples in the clearance section for $5.  It was perfect for what I wanted.

I have already listed all the books I just put on my Kindle to read.  I realize, none of them are on the New York Times best seller list but..............I have Prime reading through Amazon and these are all free books.  I can have up to 10 books at a time out and can keep them for as long as needed until they are all read.  I have already started Undercover Amish.  It is my bedtime read.  Very predictable, simple language, not much of a plot twist yet just enough enjoyment for me to continue reading.  It also is helping me fall asleep...........YEAH!

The only other thing I have been working on it this:

This puzzle was brought back from Disneyland by my son and his family.  They had wanted my mom to work it but she just could not figure out the border and decided it was not something she wanted to even attempt.  I volunteered to do it.  Mom is doing the Dumbo puzzle they brought back.  The border on that got completed yesterday.

I enjoy working on puzzles.  This one is going to be a huge challenge, but since there is no time limit on it..............I can take my time and enjoy the process.  Anyone want to come over and help me?

I went and had my lab work done today.  I was about 4 month overdue.  I do not have an issue with having it done.  What I have an issue with is sitting in a waiting room for almost an hour and knowing I can not ask to go to the bathroom as that is part of my lab work!  Not fun!  I wanted to get it completed now as we leave next week for Las Vegas and I have a Dr's appointment the week after we get back.  Wanted to make sure it was all done and documented before all that happened.

Need to go and get dinner going.  Tonight is Easy Taco Salad (without any tortillas).  I just have a lot of chopping, shredding, slicing to do, plus cook up the meat.  Not hard, just a bit of time needed to do it.  After dinner, we will relax, continue our binge watching of Arrow and The Flash.  We are enjoying both of them so much.

Until Sunday........................................Happy Crafting!

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  1. The shawl turned out so nice! The purple one is gorgeous....look at those stripes! Perfection! The pattern sounds like one I would enjoy....simple! LOL!
    Sorry about hubby but hopefully you caught it in time. So many people complain about being hungry on the low carb diets. You are so organized and I love your journals. I should pay more attention to carbs too.
    Can't you give them the urine sample before you go in to see the doctor? I've never heard of that...usually they get it first thing when you sign in. Just speak up...tell them 'it's now or never'! LOL! Will it be hard to stick to your diet while in LV? Not sure I'll have time to plan or post this Sunday but I will after company leaves. Take care and thanks for the t.v. recommendation...I'll have to look for that one. Also, did I tell you I got Prime? I decided it was worth it for me as I order so much online. I didn't know about the books! I have to look into that! You are a wealth of information and great ideas! Thank you!


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