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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Dance

Another happy day in Casa de Noce.  Once again, the eyes popped open at 6 this morning, even though I was up past midnight.  I felt refreshed and ready to tackle the day though.  I fed the dogs and then sat down and worked for an hour on my tablet.  How nice it was not to have network interruptions today.  I got everything done on my tablet in an hour.  It has been taking me upwards to 2 hours a day to do my normal stuff!

I made out a Sam's club list for hubby.  He is so nice to go and do the big box store shopping for me.  I don't mind going, but it seems, when we go together, we do more impulse buying.  Going alone is a much wiser idea.

While he was gone, I set my Cricut up and learned how to work it.  After a bit of problems downloading the correct Adobe Air program I finally got everything to work on it.  Thanks to Rob C at the Cricut help center!  I think I am going to really enjoy working with it and learning some new skills.

This was the only thing I made by myself today.  It was fun and very interesting to see how the little machine works.

Have do have some sad news for you.

These are my hubby's socks.  After doing over half if the leg, I decided to try them on him.  I could not even get them past his heel.  This yarn has NO give to it at all.  I may decide to make a shawl or something like that out of this yarn.  It will not be on anyone's feet!

I picked up the frogged Mr Darcy sock and cast it back on again.  I am being very careful this time that it will match in size the same as the one that is completed.  I am on the first repeat of the leg pattern and am very happy with it.  That will be my TV watching  project now until it is done.

I am trying to stay a bit more monogamous in my knitting right now.  It's not that I don't have may WIP's hanging around.  But I am trying to only have one of each kind LOL.    So, I only have one sock on the needles, one sweater, oops............3 shawls, one blanket etc.  I bet, if you follow my blog regularly, you can kind of get an idea of what my list for next year's YOP is going to consisting of.

Ok, it is mid afternoon and extremely hot outside.  Time for me to go into energy conserving mode.  Also known as knitting until dinner time.  We set our A/C up to 80 during the hottest time of the day to help conserve energy.  I do not do any housework during that time as it is just too warm for me.  Around dinner time, the A/C goes back to 77 and is quite comfy for us desert rats.  That is when dinner gets prepared and dishes done and maybe a load or laundry if needed.

Until next time...........................Happy Crafting!!!!!

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