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Monday, October 20, 2008

Another chapter begins

I am not one to soft coat much of anything and this post will be no different!

My Father in Law passed away yesterday early morning. We are assuming it was around midnight Sunday morning. My DH was home for the weekend to celebrate our 33rd anniversary and had just told me on Saturday that he would be driving back to his parents early Sunday morning. We received a call during our dinner informing us that Dad's breathing was shallow and labored. My husband told his brother he would catch the next plane out and be there ASAP.

To your surprise all flights from Phoenix to Las Vegas stop at 9pm and we got that call at 8:30pm. So he booked the first flight for Sunday morning which was 7:30am. Unfortunately his father passed from this life about 7 and 1/2 hours earlier than that.

We have been expecting this chapter of our lifes to come to a close and the new chapter to begin but it is never easy to lose a loved one. The one comfort we do have is that he died peacefully in his sleep. He was breathing and just stopped. No "death rattle" as so many people report, no struggling for breath just stopped breathing and went home to his eternal rest.

This post may not be posted on for a couple of weeks as I am trying to tie things up here on the homefront so I can get to Las Vegas to be with the family. I will be there for a few days and then be home..........but...........My mother had a total shoulder replacement done last Wednesday and I have been helping her out with meals, dressing, cleaning, laundry etc. She gets her sutures removed this Thursday so that should help her out a bit. I also have a friend that will be coming in to help her out while I am gone so she will not be totally on her own. We also have in home health that comes in Monday thru Friday for 2 weeks.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers over the past few months. Your support has meant a lot to us.

Just a bit on the crafting front............

I finished my Daughter's prayer shawl and will be mailing that to her this week. I took pictures of it and will post those once she receives the shawl. I am also trying to crochet slippers for some family members for Christmas. I am not able to find a decent pattern for them. I use to make them when the kids were little but I can not find a pattern like the one I use to make. It is unisexed and is kind of like a ballet slipper without the strap across the top. DOes anyone know what I am talking about? They don't take long to make and you can make then any size to fit any foot. HELP!!!!!! This would be a great item to take with me on my way to Vegas on that lovely 5-6 hour drive. If you know what I am talking about please leave me a comment on here as to where I can get the pattern as all comments go to my e-mail and I can pick that up anywhere I am at.

Thanks again and God Bless all of you.

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