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Monday, October 6, 2008


My mother and I have spent the last 2 weekends cleaning out my craft room. The first weekend we got the main part of the room cleaned and this weekend we attacked the closet. Now I know most of you think............so what? Well I'll tell you what! I have a yarn stash that makes most LYS look naked. After cleaning out the closet and reorganizing it I now have 7 twelve gallon tubs and 2 fourty gallon tubs full of yarn. Then there are two 12 gallon tubs of ribbon, one 12 gallon tub of soap making supplies and popourri dolls supplies. I have 2 seven drawer rolling carts full of cloth ribbon, dried/silk flowers, "fancy" sissors and material/patterns. And to add to that I have a 3 drawer wide cart full of my glass/egg etching supplies. So what do I decide to do once we get started on cleaning all of this up so I have some sort of organization? I start a new hobby! I am now into beading. I guess it really is not all that new since I have been making rosaries for the past 10 years and that does require beads. But this time I am making jewelry from the beading and am loving it. Most projects do not take much time to complete but finding just the "right" stuff for a person can be difficult.

I do need to let all of you know that I finally completed my first pair of socks. I am mailing them to my Daughter in Law in Chicago. I am not totally happy with the way they turned out but they will be a nice sock for her to wear around the house this winter. They do not have any wool in them (she is highly allergic) and the yarn was so nice and soft to work with. I have several more skeins of this sock yarn but will need to wait on that. I have promised my Daughter in New Mexico a prayer shawl for almost a year now. I am over half way done with it and am working on it as much as possible right now so I can finish it. She has seen the beginning of it but has no idea of the "surprise" that will be on it when she receives it. And since she reads this blog frequently I am not going to tell the rest of you what it is until it is done and in the mail to her. Then I will post a picture of it on here. (sorry Jenn, you will have to wait)

I don't have any new pictures to post (I haven't taken any!). I keep forgetting to take pictures of projects when they are finished. Do you think it would help if I had my camera by my crafting chair? Or maybe I should just keep it around my neck all the time so I can shoot off some pics as needed. LOL

My husband is leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas again. We have no idea for how long this time. He father is getting really weak now and requires a lot of help just to get out of a chair to walk to another one. He is still eating good though. Please keep us in your prayers as we really don't expect to have Dad around for much longer. We cherish everyday that we have with him and bless God for giving us the chance to love this very special man for all the years we have had.

Have a blessed day and keep on craftin'

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