Friday, April 30, 2010

End of Month

It is the end of April and I had my last sock class last night. I am almost done with my mom's bed socks. I have about an inch left to do on them and then bind off and weave in all the loose ends and she will have a nice pair of bamboo bed socks. I loved the class and learned a whole new way of doing socks and I really like this way. Of course while in the class I got a discount on the yarn at the shop so I had to take advantage of that and so I got about 8 more skeins of yarn. Four skeins are for socks and the other 4 can be used for socks but I think I am going to do something else with it as it is a bit thicker than the sock yarn I like to use.

Tonight we have a surprise party to go to. Can't tell you what it is for since it is a surprise. But it should be a very nice time.

Tomorrow DH is in a charity golf tournament and I go along for the socializing at the end of the day as well as the really good prime rib dinner they serve. There are lots of friends and family going too so looking forward to that.

That about covers my weekend.

I was very sad that my sock class came to an end. It was so nice to get out among others that have a love of fiber like I do. So I found 3 more classes to sign up for. I actually found 2 others but they were in the middle of the day during the week and I didn't think my boss would understand me having to leave for a "yarn class". SO I will wait and see if they will offer them at night. My first class is making beanies with the magic loop method. That is in June. In August I have 2 classes a couple of days apart. One is a leaf scarf class and the other is how to make a scarf that is reversable. I am really looking forward to those. That will give me some new things to work on for gifts!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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