YOP LIST 2023-2024

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

DAY 27


Here I am again, with another day of decluttering.  This week is the hardest because of the amount of items needed for each day.  The first 10 items of the day are usually pretty easy to find.  But then I seem to slow down on finding the rest of the items.  Let's take a look at what I came up with for today.

I found these coffee cups in a box in Josie's closet.  These cups came from my hubby's office when he retired 15 years ago!!!!!  I do not even want to guess as to how they came to live in her closet.

Next up is the rest of the baby/doll clothes to be recycled to GoodWill.  There is also another shirt I found for a little girl in there.  Now that her closet is cleaned out, I can start on her entertainment center.  It is an Ikea piece of furniture that contains plastic bins for storage.  All of her toys and crafting supplies are in it.  It will be great fun to see what can be removed.

Today, I will be making my first pullman loaf of bread using my sourdough starter.  What is pullman bread?

It looks like the store bought sandwich bread.  It is a bit denser than the bread I make in the bread machine.  It has it's own special pan to bake in too.

You bake the bread with the lid on.  That is how it becomes square.  There is no sloping on the sides of the pan either.  It is 100% square.  My dear friend in Las Vegas introduced me to these pans.  There are 2 different sizes of pans.  The large is 13x4x4 and the small is 9x4x4.  I have the small as hubby and I like our bread fresh and most homemade breads are best if eaten in the first few days of baking and bread is eaten here maybe 3 times a week.  But, now that I am using sourdough to enhance the flavor of this bread, it may be eaten more often.  

Other than that, I do not have any major plans for today.  It is once again nice and cool out with a high of 68 today.  I did not make it to my porch to knit yesterday.  Instead, I pulled out the Havana blanket I was working on and did a few rows on that.  It was nice not to feel like I was in a furnace while working on it.  My plan is to continue on it until the temps head back up later this week.

Anything new going on in your neck of the woods?

Until next time.......................................................


  1. Lucky you to find 10 mugs right out of the gate! That's always fun like when I found all the audiotapes. It's rainy and cold here but that's fine with me as I have lots to do inside too.
    that Pullman bread sounds and looks great! I have sourdough but I'll need one of those pans. I wonder if it was named after the Pullman railroad cars? Let me know how you like it. Good job on your de-cluttering!

  2. That bread pan is interesting. The end product looks like bread that is used to make Texas Toast at some steak houses. I hadn't even wondered how they got all four edges square. I feel so enlightened...

  3. That's a lot of coffee mugs, LOL.


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