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Thursday, October 1, 2020



I have joined the 30 day declutter challenge.  Becki from Field Lilies blog did this last year and I was impressed with all the things she was able to find to remove from her home.  She is doing it again this year and I have decided to join her.  I know there are many items in my home that do not need to be here and may be of use to someone else.  

The rules are simple: on day one pick 1 item to remove from you home.  Photograph it and post about it on your blog.

Here is my item for today.

A license plate holder.  Never even been taken out of it's protective wrapper.  We don't even know for which car it went with.  Bye-Bye.

The remainder of the rules..............pick the number of items as the date.  So for day 2, pick 2 items, day 3 - 3 items and so on.  By the time you reach day 31 you will have removed 479 items from your home.  Just think of how freeing that will be!

Until next time.................happy decluttering!


  1. I think it's fun to see what kinds of things we keep around, I guess thinking we'll use them, until the moment we realize we won't!

  2. I bet you will unearth all kinds of goodies that others will appreciate if you donate them.

  3. Oh! I am behind already but maybe I can catch up as next Tuesday is garbage pickup of anything other than t.v. or computer stuff. What fun!


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