YOP LIST 2023-2024

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

DAY 14

Still here in Las Vegas.  We were able to visit hubby's mom yesterday and will be leaving soon to see her again today.  We had to make appointments for the visits.  There is a plastic shield she sits inside of and we are on the outside of it.  It is placed outside in the shade so not to let the resident of the facility get too warm.  Even though we were outside, we were still required to wear masks through the entire visit.  It make it quite hard for her to hear us and for us to hear her.  Luckily, the person that brought her out stayed with her and helped with getting messages to her and us. The visits are scheduled for 10 minutes but we were able to be with her for 30 since no one else was scheduled right away.  As soon as we left the visiting area they were out there sanitizing the inside and outside of the plastic shield and the chairs where we sat.  That made us feel very comfortable with their procedures.  It could be why there have only been 5 residents of this skilled nursing facility, that have had the virus.  They take this quite seriously.  My only regret is not being able to touch her and give her a hug.  We are quite a hugging group and this is the hardest part of this pandemic for me.  On our way back to the hotel, we discovered a Skechers shoe outlet.  Of course we had to stop and see what they had to offer.  BIG MISTAKE!  I found 3 pair of shoes and hubby found 2 pair.  This is about the only brand of shoe I can wear with my arthritic deformed feet.  So I was thrilled to find that many pairs of shoes that felt wonderful.

Anyway, here is my group of 14 items that left my house.  Like I said yesterday, we have cables.  Let me rephrase that...................we HAD cables.  I threw in a picture frame just to make it more interesting.

After our visit to hubby's mom today, we are going to go by her house and see what all has been done on the remodel.  Then we are going to go and pick up some Las Vegas Raiders NFL stuff for some friends of our.  (They are huge Raiders fans and were so excited to hear we were going to be in the Raiders new home town)  After all of that, we are heading to our friends home for some down time, watching baseball, eating homemade pizza looking over their brand new casita and swimming pool addition to their home, and there just might be some knitting involved too.  Then back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Until next time............................................................


  1. You DO (or DID) have the cables! :) The hugging comment reminded me of yesterday when I had a small group of friends over and when they were leaving, I commented to my closest friend that it's just too weird and unnatural to not hug. She said she was willing if I was, so we did! Sort of awkwardly. To which I commented, "When we get back to the point of giving hugs freely is it going to be awkward? I realize not everyone's a hugger. I didn't use to be (except in my family), quite honestly, and I don't know that I mind a little less hugging in my circles the future, but I have come to recognize the value of a friendly hug and even a kiss on the cheek from someone I'm close to. Maybe because I'm getting older, have spent time with some older people for whom this way of greeting is somewhat normal for them. It makes me sad that, at least for the moment, we feel a wary of these most kind and tender gestures.

  2. Glad you had a nice visit despite its restrictions and yay for vigilance on cleanliness and sanitizing.

  3. YOu are now cable-less! Good for you! I know I have some as I am always afraid to throw them out in case I need one but I never had so out they will go when I find them! WOnderful that you both got shoes!! It is hard to find the ones you like. I love Asics and I still put in Dr. Scholl's gel inserts....ahhh....feels so good! Glad you got to see your MIL and are having a good time!


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