YOP LIST 2023-2024

Saturday, October 17, 2020

DAY 17


Hello everyone.  Hubby and I made it home around 2pm yesterday.  The drive was really pretty easy but boy, was I tired afterwards.  I guess I am not as young as I thought I was.  I was in bed with lights out by 9pm.  That is pretty darn early for me.

We had such a great time while we were gone.  It was sad to leave but, the dogs were so excited for us to be back home.  They have not left our sides since we got back.  Now it is time to get back to reality.  Decluttering continues on and I am excited to get more items out of my house.  So far, I have not missed one item that has been removed.  Today's items have been the hardest to clear out.

These stitch markers were made by myself and Josie.  Even though they are pretty and have some sentimental value, I can not stand using them.  I seldom use stitch markers and when I do I want ones that are light weight and small.  These will fit up to a size 10 needle comfortably.  So, here is my issue:

I do not want to give these to GoodWill or some other thrift store.  I would like them to go to a fellow knitter.  I am contacting the prayer shawl ladies to see if any of them would be interested and I am also putting it out there for my blog readers.  I will be happy to give these 17 stitch markers to anyone that would use them.  They are made with Swarski crystals and stainless steel metal.  If you are interested in owning them, please send me an email at,

menoce @ cox dot net

I will need your address as to where to send them.  I will pay for the shipping as long as it is in the USA.

Come on back tomorrow to see what has gone away from my home.

Until next time...............................................


  1. Glad you're back! Even though you had an automatic daily post, I still missed you. lol

    That is so nice of you to give away your lovely stitch markers. Some one(s) is(are) going to love those.

    1. Surprise! My daily posts , while out of town, were not automatic. I wrote those daily from my hotel room. Granted, the items collected were done a week in advance. Now, that was challenging to do. That meant doing a daily number and then a number much bigger all in one day.

  2. Oh WoW! I missed you needlessly! I do know you were commenting on my blog, but I truly thought all your posts were pre-posted and scheduled to publish while you were gone. Every once in a while I find myself a day or even a few ahead (I am at the moment), but I can't imagine doing a week's worth of collecting of stuff. You and Sam have my admiration.

  3. So glad you had a good trip and a happy time. You could use those for scissor fobs. I can see why they might be a bit big for stitch markers but people put those on their little scissors for keeping track of them. Key rings? I need nothing as I am trying to de-clutter too but thank you for offering.

  4. I do envy you for a getaway -- and for seeing family!
    We are being strict about Covid, so we only see people outdoors -- and those days will end soon.
    Those are beautiful stitch markers but, like you, I only use really light ones. I'm sure they will find a happy home.

  5. I like that you and your granddaughter made those together.


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