YOP LIST 2024-2025

Monday, October 5, 2020



Welcome back to my daily challenge to remove items from my home.  Today I have removed 5 more items.

There are Christmas napkins, an commemorative coin, an autumn hot pad, an old thermostat and a red, white and blue basket that was never used.  These are all going to GoodWill.

This is kind of fun for me.  Now when I walk into a room, I look to see if there is anything in plain sight that needs to find a new forever home.  Some things are just not even of use to  anyone and they have been trashed.  I have decided not to use trashed items for this challenge.  If I did, I would already have enough items for the month LOL.  

Also, I am not putting these items together each day.  Some of these days have been together for many days.  I needed to do this in order to have items for the days we will be gone next week.  After all, once you get going in an area, you will find LOTS of things to remove from the house.  Or at least I have found that out.

Until next time...................................................


  1. Good progress, Marsha. Like you, as I look around me, I'm suddenly finding things I don't need or want. Things I didn't even notice before are suddenly are visible and seem to be saying "pick me"!


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