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Saturday, October 24, 2020

YOP WEEK 17 & DAY 25


I can not believe we are already up to week 17.  This year of YOP seems to be flying by.  I thought, with all the stay at home orders, time would drag.  Nope, it is speeding by.

I spent this week watching my Grand dog, Thor.  That meant I had time to do crafting and yet,  really did not do that much.  Here is what got worked on this week.

Hubby's second sock saw a little love.  Not a lot though.  The grand dog was most interested in the skein of yarn attached to this sock and kept trying to take it.  I had to keep a watchful eye on him during knitting time.  So, I thought, cross stitch might be a better idea.

I did manage to get all the pink flowers completed.  There is supposed to be back stitching on each one of the flowers but, I am not going to do it.  No, I am not lazy.  I tried putting the back stitching on the top pink flower and it muted the colors in the flower.  I ripped it out and decided I liked the 'petit point' look of this so, will not be doing any back stitching.  This is just now half done.  It was the easiest thing to work on with the dog around.  Although, I left the room for just a couple of minutes and when I returned, he was standing outside with this in his mouth.  He wanted me to chase him (his idea of a fun game) but I refused.  In just a couple of minutes he had dropped it and was back in the house seeing what I was up to.  No harm was done to the piece and I was super glad I had put the needle back in the needle case before I laid the piece down.

That is all for crafting.  I am still doing the 31 day declutter though.  Today is day 25 and I do have 25 items to get out of my house.

I am still working in the room we had designated for Josie when she was spending more time with us.  She is now old enough (15) she does not need to be here as often.  So, here is what I got from that room today.

I blew this photo up so you could get a good look at what came out of there.

There are, baby clothes, baby hangers, umbrella stroller, little hat, 2 stuffies, little collapsible hamper and a jug filled with baby socks, shoes, hats and undershirts. All the baby clothes are for two dolls I have.  They are the size of a 3 month old baby.  Josie loved to dress them up all the time.  There is a boy and a girl doll.  I will be keeping the dolls and just a few of the clothes I have.  I like to dress them up at Halloween, Christmas, Easter and a few other Holidays and display them.  You will be seeing quite a few more baby outfits leaving my house in the next few days.

Today, I am taking things easy.  After being gone almost 8-12 hours each day last week, I wanted to just enjoy being home.  There will be a couple of loads of laundry done today, but to me that is nothing too strenuous.  In fact, I kind of enjoy doing laundry.  I am going to make out menus for the week and do some research on recipes.  That to me is fun too.  Of course, there will be crafting involved today too.  I have a couple of meetings this coming week, but other than that, I am leaving my calendar open.

What are your plans for the coming week?

Until Next Time...........................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love your decluttering updates although I still have not embarked on my own. I know my kids want me to declutter this house and I had the same conversation with my 91 year old dad that it's not nice or fair to leave a junky house for the kids to clean up. In my case that would be particularly cruel since the kids don't live nearby.

    I just found some little ornament cross stitches I did I don't know how many years ago in a drawer. I think I may mail one to each of my kids for their trees this year. Obviously cross stitching didn't stick as a hobby for me. I think it's because I don't need more things to hang on the wall. But I can always use another pair of socks!! :)

  2. Well I am under quarantine, so I will be teaching from home...and I can do more crafting that way...

  3. I also like the look of those cross stitch flowers without backstitching. I've heard of petit point, but realizing I don't know what it is, I looked it up. It looks like needlepoint. Tiny needlepoint, I suppose.

    Your picture of baby/doll clothes takes me back - especially that little sailor suit. I'm sure my two oldest boys wore a little outfit pretty much just like that. Makes me wonder if that was something I saved. When it warms up again, I may have to go through their memorabilia boxes (which are in the garage) and see what articles of clothing I saved from their baby days. I didn't save, much, but I'm realizing I'd love to see it again. :)

  4. The embroidery flowers look lovely as they are. I am so glad my dog isn’t interested in any of my craft bits and pieces. Almost every post you have done has reminded me of something I should be getting rid of. They are a useful record for you but a great reminder of categories I should be including when I get round to doing mine.

  5. Your cross stitch is gorgeous, thankfully it survived dog sitting! I am having a lazy week!

  6. At least you started the 2nd sock! My sock is slow going. I love your cross stitch. I definitely like the roses as they are without the backstitching. Congrats on the 25 items! At first, I thought those were your children's clothes when they were young! I thought that was a long time to save their baby clothes! LOL!

  7. I love your decluttering :) Again, it inspires me for the winter days ahead. Lovely cross stitching and I am going to cast on a new sock this week!

  8. Even before the quarantine, when I spent too much time away from home, the only thing I want to do is BE HOME doing "boring" home tasks!

  9. I like doing laundry too. I feel so accomplished when it is done. Of course I also like garbage day, and recycling day - just feels good to get to square zero to start all over again. I wish I liked vacuumiing and dusting in the same way! Good word on the de-cluttering. I actually finished, but yesterday I went through some more files and turfed old school notes. Felt good to let go of stuff I have been hanging onto (some were highschool notes!)
    Thor sounds like a trip! Good idea not to chase him - or your beautiful petit point might not have survived the game!

  10. Fun how the color pools in your sock.


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