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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Kicking Back

Hubby and I spent the morning cleaning half of the house.  We will do the other half tomorrow.  It always feels so good to get the house cleaned.  Too bad it doesn't stay that way.  

After the housework was completed, we took off and did our grocery shopping.  We got all we needed for the next 2 weeks of dinners.  I will need to hit one more store in the next couple of days to pick up 1 item that none of the other stores had in stock.  We might need to pick up fresh produce too but for right now we are good on everything.

This afternoon I am kicking back and refreshing my memory on this:

I have had this camera for 3 years now and still need this manual to help me find my way around all the settings on it.  The reason for this is, Josie is having a swim meet this Thursday and she has asked if I would bring my camera and get some action shots of her.  I am not sure how close they will let me get to the kids (stupid COVID) but just in case, I do have a telephoto lens I will take with me.  

I knew I had a 'sports' setting on the camera, but could not remember how to get to it.  I am so glad I bought this book when I bought the camera.  It has been a godsend!  With the weather starting to think about cooling off, I want to take me and my camera out and about and actually use it and try different things with it.

There are a couple of Alpaca ranches about 1.5 miles from me.  I think it would make a great day trip to go there.  What a perfect place to play with the camera!  Not to mention, they have stores attached where you can purchase their yarns.  Not that I really need any but, supporting my local businesses is my duty, right?

Until next time...................happy crafting & stay well!




  1. OOH! Take me w/you to the alpaca farm. I'm already excited for you on getting good, action shots of your granddaughter at her meet.

  2. I look forward to seeing pics of the swim meet (if you can share). I can't believe it's been three years already since you got that camera. Time flies!


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