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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Hi there.  Can you believe it is already Thursday?  How did that happen?  

I did something today I have not done in quite a while.  I vacuumed the entire house today! Hubby has been doing 99% of the house cleaning for the past 15 years.  My part is doing the laundry, making menus, making the grocery lists, doing most of the grocery shopping, and cooking.  Hubby said he needed to go to Sam's Club today so, while he was gone, I grabbed the vacuum and did the entire house while he was gone.  I also vacuumed our living room furniture.  And I mean it was FURniture.  I got a ton of dog hair out of it.  

Hubby brought home a lovely roasted chicken from Sam's Club.  I cut up some broccoli and steamed it up and that was our lunch today.  It was a nice change for lunch.  We will be able to get several meals out of that chicken.  

On the mask front.  yesterday afternoon, I finished the 5 masks I needed to deliver tonight.

I have 2 more masks cut out but they are for me.  They match the clothes I am taking with me on our road trip next month.  No need to sew them ASAP.

There were treasures delivered to my house yesterday.......................finally.

My order from Pampered Chef.  This was ordered the first of August.  Because of COVID they are behind on their shipping.  I was informed of this before I made the order so I am not upset about this at all.  ANYWAY...................This is a snack bar mold with a spatula that fits into the little wells to remove the bars.  The black knife is nylon and will be used in some of my bakeware I do not want to ruin with a metal knife.  That thing is sharp too.

My daughter is a Pampered Chef consultant.  She and I are having so much fun sharing recipes that we make in our Pampered Chef items. I am on the lookout for healthy, no bake snack bars to make in this little jewel.  I always share my recipes with her.  This helps her with her parties too.  Right now she is only allowed to do online parties.  She is hoping to do in home parties soon.  

It is time to kick back and pick up one of my WIP's and work on it for a little while.  There are towels going in the washer.  Hopefully they will be ready to throw in the dryer soon.  That is all the laundry I am going to do today.

Anything fun happening in your life?

Until next time..........................happy crafting & stay well!



  1. Vacuuming can be hard with RA...I had a vacuum recommended by the RA Association and it was terrible and so heavy to push around then I got a Shark and I love it. It really makes a difference what vacuum you use.
    Your Pampered Chef things look like fun!

  2. Not much exciting here but do need to start working on WIP's so I can whittle the number down a bit.


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