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Wednesday, September 16, 2020



Happy Wednesday to all of you.  I got up earlier than usual this morning.  Doing so, I made a discovery.  The sun is rising in the sky later than it did a month ago.  

It is also setting much earlier than a month ago.  In the summer we have full sunlight by 5:30 and it stays light until almost 9.  Does this mean fall is heading our way? 

Seeing that our temps are back up again this week, I don't feel like it is.  Hopefully this will be the last week with above average temperatures.  My pool has already cooled off to the point I won't get into it.   Come on fall and winter!  I am ready and waiting for you to show up.

September is the month I dislike the most.  It is the month I am ready for the heat to go away.  Each year I think "this is the year it will cool off in September".  And each year, mother nature just laughs and laughs at me.

So, what happens when September hits?  I sloooooow down in everything I do.  It is like I go into 'I don't care' mode.  But I do care.  Each morning I greet the day with a smile and think of all the wonderful things I can accomplish in the day.  I make a list of what I plan/hope to do that day.  I even step outside to feel the coolish morning air on my face and realize it is going to be a great day to make things happen.  But then something happens.  My brain just stops working.  

Case in point:

Hubby's socks are at the same place they were on Sunday.  I keep meaning to pick them up in the evenings to work on them but...................well, it just doesn't happen.  Usually by now I would have another 30 rows on each sock.  Nope, brain is not engaged.

Another case:

My Fodhla shawl has not been touched either.  Of all the projects I have going, this is my second favorite and yet, it sits in it's yarn bowl pleading with me to pick it up and work on it.  The brain ignores it.

Granted, I did make 12 masks on Monday and paid the price with back spasms Monday night.  (They were gone by the next morning)  Tuesday, I decided to try and cleanse my pallet and made this:

A dishcloth for my kitchen.  Did you notice the white corner? (Like you could miss that LOL)  If I had used a needle one size smaller...................well, you know.  I like using a size 8 on dishcloths that are 100% cotton.  That way, when I launder them, they are not Barbie washcloths when they come out of the dryer.  I have fairly large hands and like a large cloth to clean with.

But, did the dishcloth make me want to pick up my WIP's?  Nope, the brain just will not engage.  Maybe today will be the day.  It could happen.  Here is one issue that I know is slowing me down..................Havana blanket.  I love working on it and find it the most satisfying item I have worked on it quite a while.  Unfortunately, it has gotten so large, I can not sit under it to work on for more than about 30 minutes.  It is HOT!  Havana has been put away until the weather changes and that has made me a bit sad.  If you have any suggestions on how I can bring it back out to work on without melting under it, I would love the hear them.

Changing subjects now...............................

Today, I am taking Luna in to have her stitches removed.  It will be so nice for her not to be wearing a baby shirt anymore.  She has been a real trooper about the shirt and has not bothered her sutures even once.  I am very proud of her.  She will get a special treat today for all she has been through.  

After the Vet appointment, hubby wants to go to Costco.  I will go with him to make sure nothing comes home we don't need.  Maybe the trip out and all that walking will make my brain happy again!  

Changing subjects now again..................................

Grapes!!!!!  This is the time of year I love grapes.  Our Sprouts Market place likes to bring in different types of grapes in the fall.  This year they have Cotton Candy grapes as well as Gum Drop grapes.  Oh My!  They are like eating candy but much better for you.  They taste just like their name implies.  They are only available once a year.  I grabbed a bag of each of them yesterday.  They make the perfect mid afternoon snack.  Have you ever tried either of them?

Until next time.........................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. Cotton Candy grapes. That sounds amazing. I wish we had those here.
    I always find that the summers slip away and don't get much done -- despite makeing lists, etc.

  2. I have had the cotton candy grapes and they do taste like cotton candy! Our temps have finally gone inot the 80's..like 83/84 and less if you get out before noon so it has been great! No humidity either...we need rain again. I am all busy with Fall cleaning in and out and I want to get out my Fall decorations too. TIme to pick up your cross stitch....it's not hot or pump up the AC so you cam work on your Havanna! LOL! That is so not like you to be doing any handwork.
    So happy Luna is all healed up and off with the onesie! Give her an extra treat for me....sweet baby Luna! I always make my dishclothes 54 stitiches across instead of 44. Maybe there's something else you want to be doing? A new hobby? decorating? more reading? You Tube? You'll figure it out. I was off kilter this past week...so much to do and I was so tired all week...I took naps which I rarely do so maybe it's the change of seasons. The animals get busy gathering food and migrating so maybe there's something in our systems that gets restless too. Take care!

  3. Cotton Candy Grapes? I'm trying to decide if that sounds good. I'd sure like to try them and see. ;^) We're having some unseasonably cool weather now, and I'll take it! September is still mostly a summer month here in Indiana. And the bees! The bees here have their last hurrah before frost.

  4. I am barely getting anything done around here, maybe it's because it's September! I have high hopes of getting a sock done but I'm not confident...

  5. I haven't had those grapes yet. My husband bought three kinds of grapes this past Friday. They're already almost gone.


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