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Sunday, September 27, 2020



Hello everyone.  Welcome to my little blog.  I have quite a few things to show you this week so let's get started.

There are no FO's this week.  Havana is still in time out until it gets below 100F here.  Even with the A/C on, it is just too darn hot to work on.  Fodhla was not worked on this week.  I do love this shawl but it takes so long to do just one row with the beads.  It is an 8 row pattern repeat and stopping in the middle of a pattern repeat is a kiss of death for me.

So, here is what I did do this week.

I picked up my cross stitch again this week.  The above one is just a little one.  It will be 4"X3" when completed.

This cross stitch is very slow going.  But, that is fine with me.  It will be gorgeous when completed.  The part being worked on is the blanket wrapping the baby Jesus.

Then I just had to cast on something new.

A new pair of socks needed to be started.  I am doing them one at a time this time.  Hopefully, I will not get second sock syndrome.  The main reason I am doing them this way this time is, we are going out of town in 2 weeks and I wanted an easy to take project.  One sock is much easier to take than 2.  This will be a plain vanilla sock.  I want the color of the yarn to make the interest.  As you can see, it has a pool of color and that pool actually swirls around the sock.  It should be quite interesting the longer the sock gets.  The yarn is Cloudborn in the colorway Josh's Cat.  I have no idea when or where I got this.  It has been in my stash for quite a while.

Oh, I didn't just cast on one new item...............nope, I cast on 2!

Boneset!!!!!!!!!  This is the third time I have cast this project on.  Hopefully, this time I will be able to finish it.  There will be lifelines used this time.  If I had used them last time, I would not have had to frog the entire project when I made an error.  Lesson learned.  Unfortunately, you are not able to see the lace pattern at the moment.  It will need a good blocking for that to open up.  The body of the shawl is garter stitch, which is nice but, it has wrap and turns to make short rows.  I am not a great wrap and turn knitter.  Hence the life lines being used.

I did work on my cardi again.  There is no photo since it is the same sleeve and it really doesn't look that much different.

I did a clean out of my DK weight yarn.  There is a blanket I want to make and it calls for copious amounts of DK yarn.  I decided to pull all my DK and see if I had enough yardage to make the blanket.

Here is a photo of my DK.  Now, most of these cakes are stacked 2 and 3 high.  I do have just enough yarn to complete the blanket.  (7100 yard!  6490 meters)

Here are the colors that will be used in the blanket.  This will completely deplete my DK stash.  I am excited to think of my stash decreasing.  I have been hording collecting so much yarn over the years.  It is time to use it up so I can buy what will bring me joy is needed for a project.  That might help slow me down on having 10 WIP's at one time too.

It is lazy Sunday for us.  We got up bright and early today to make 7AM Mass.  I was happy to hear our 4pm Saturday Mass will be starting back up next weekend!  That 5AM alarm is not a welcomed sound to this retired lady.  Later today, we will be going to our BFF's home for dinner.  I made brownies, from scratch, last night.  It was an unusual recipe as it was made in my Ninja Foodi pressure cooker.  It was made in a little bundt pan too.  It turned out so cute!  I will try and snap a photo of it tonight before we cut into it.  I have it all wrapped up and ready to travel at the moment.  Unwrapping it is not something I want to do until we are ready to eat it.

Hubby and I got our flu shots this week.  I had not gotten one for over 30 years.  Unfortunately, I did have a bit of a reaction to it.  My body ached all over for about 24 hours.  It got to the point I could not raise my arms and could barely walk.  I was warned this could happen since it had been so long since my last injection.  Not to mention, I am over 65 and get the BIG dose of the quadrivalent serum.  We were going to wait until after the first of October to do this but, we are leaving town on the 12th and since it takes 2 weeks for the shot to become effective..............................well, we wanted to be as protected as we could be while on the road.

Speaking of road trips.  We are heading to Las Vegas to see hubby's mom.  We have not seen her since November of last year.  That is also the last time we left town.  We had to make appointments to see her and we only get 10-15 minutes to spend with her.  The facility she is at has set up a plastic tent that the resident goes into and we stay on the outside of the tent.  This all takes place outdoors.  We are still all required to wear masks even though we will not be near each other.  For our stay in the hotel we are taking Clorox wipes as well as lots of hand sanitizer with us.  We have plenty of masks to wear and they are required by law there.  

Our son and his wife were just up there last week and they were amazed at how clean the casinos and hotels were.  There are very strict guidelines in place for them and if not followed, the casino and hotel will be closed until further notice.  That would put a lot of people out of work not to mention the financial hardship for the casino owner.  They said there were sanitizing wipes next to each slot machine as well as hand sanitizing stations all over.  Masks were required at all times unless you were eating or drinking.  There was plexiglass between many machines and only every other machine was operational.  If you want to watch someone play you need to be 6 feet away from them or you are moved.  The table games are only allowing 3 people per table instead of 6 and there is NO SMOKING at any tables.  (that made me happy!)  They said that it is very serious business there.  After we heard all of that, I felt so much better about out trip.    SO, please, no negative comments about our upcoming trip.  There are other things going on in Las Vegas that we need to attend to but is not something I want to put out in public.  Just say, this trip is a necessity and not just for pleasure.  (Although, it is our 45th wedding anniversary)

Now that I have spilled all that our there.  I have a question for all you sock knitters.

When making socks, do you make the leg of the sock the same length as the foot of the sock?  (My answer in the comments)

Until Next Time.....................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I just started making the leg as long as the foot of the sock. It seems to balance the look of the sock when worn. I used to only make the leg about 7 inches long including the cuff. Fortunately, neither hubby nor I have huge feet so this works well with us and a 100 grams of sock yarn is still plenty for 2 socks.

  2. Love all your new projects, Marsha. Those swirly socks look like they'd be fun to knit and to wear. I got my flu shot Thursday and felt achy on Friday, though, my arm didn't hurt at all. I definitely felt worse last year, so maybe there IS something to getting it regularly that cuts down the "suffering". lol Hubs gets his faithfully every year and he never seems to be affected by it (except for maybe feeling it in the arm for a day or so).

  3. I'm also doing a lot of destashing this year. Yarn and Fabric. I am starting to be plagued with guilt when I impulse buy new yarn. Who wants crafters guilt?

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

  4. I'm hoping its 3rd time lucky with your project, fingers crossed. I hope you get some time to relax on your trip and enjoy your anniversary, alongside the essential tasks. I have tiny feet, US5 and there's no way I even knit the leg part as long as my tiny foot. The longest sock I have knit is probably 1" above my ankle bone. My dad's and husband's socks I made longer but still well short of them being the same length, but when I think of folding his commercial socks they probably are the same length! Something that never occurred to me!

  5. Oh no did I lose my original comment. I didn't see a note about it being verified.

  6. Before I forget, I usually make the leg of my sock about 6 or 7 inches. I never heard about making it the length of the foot. My foot is 9 1/2 so if I made the leg the same I might run out of yarn! LOL!
    Cross stitch is a good thing for travel and for working on when hot. Your sock is gorgeous in those colors. I'm thinking that Cloudborn was sold on Craftsy? They went out of business and I lost all the courses that I had bought! I was ticked off! Now there's another one doing the same thing but I won't fall for that again! Good luck with Boneset. It looks lovely so far and I pray you will not need to utilize your lifeline. Look at all your beautiful DK! Is it wool? I have acrylic DK and it would be nice if I could wind it up like that. I need to get a ball winder. I wind everything by hand.
    So glad your Saturday night mass is opening up again. Brownies from scratch are so good!
    Glad you are getting to see your MIL. It sounds like they have a good system there and at the casinos and hotels too.
    I have a question, why would people say negative things about your trip? Happy 45th wedding anniversary!!! Stay safe, and stay well!

  7. Your shawl looks beautiful and yes lifelines are indeed a life saver!!! Nice reminder about reaction to flu vaccine. I get mine in a couple a weeks and as I recall I was quite sick last year for a day. And I get one every year!

  8. Enjoy your trip! Our flu shots aren't available yet, probably mid October - thanks for the heads up about the over 65 being different. Hmmm. Good question about the sock lengths. I think I don't make them the same. My legs are usually 6 inches before I start the heel, and I think my foot is 7.5 inches. Actually my fav socks are anklets anyways so then all bets are off. I have always wanted to knit knee highs but I haven't got there yet.

  9. Have a nice trip!
    When making socks, I usually do try to even out the foot/ leg lengths, though sometimes if I knit them toe up I get lazy and make them shorter! I also do occasionally like an ankle length sock.


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