Tuesday, September 22, 2020



It has been an unusual day for me.  I am having a few side effects from the flu shot I got yesterday.  It doesn't surprise me since it has been almost 40 years since I have had one.  My muscles are sore.  Like I had done rock climbing.  I am sure they will be gone by tomorrow.  I am also very tired.  I was warned by the pharmacist I could have this happen so I was not alarmed by it.

I did manage to get 5 mask liners made and 2 masks completed before my back told me to quit.  The other three should be completed tomorrow.  Right on schedule.

Hubby and I made a grocery store trip.  I love going to the store during the week in the middle of the day.  No one is there!  We picked up the few items we needed, very quickly.  I even managed to get more COTTON CANDY grapes and GUM DROP grapes.  They are my go to snack in the middle of the afternoon.  Better than grabbing junk food.

Just before I started this post, I spent 46 minutes on the phone with Medicare.  My old Doctor's office billed them for 2 visits after we left their practice!  Medicare paid them too!  Luckily my secondary insurance did not pay them because they were no longer contracted with them.  A fraudulent claim has been made with Medicare and they will now start the investigation.  I was ticked off!  The practice sent me a letter in January letting me know they were no longer going to take our secondary insurance and we needed to find another Doctor.  They gave us less than 30 days notice.  When I got my Medicare EOB today, I saw the fraudulent charge and called the Doctor office.  Guess what.................they are not taking phone calls because they are in the process of moving their practice.  Really?  

I worked in the medical field from 1974 to 2015 and when we moved a practice, there was still someone available to answer phone calls from patients.  They were accepting messages and said they would call back when they were able to.  Believe me, I left a message for them.  When they call, I will be happy to inform them that the Medicare fraud division will be contacting them shortly.  You. do. not. want. to. mess. with. MEDICARE!  

Now, I am going to kick back and work on one of my projects.  Not sure which one yet.  Do not think it will be the beaded shawl as that requires a lot of movement that does not feel good right now.  Maybe my sweater or one of my cross stitches.  Who knows.

Until next time...................happy crafting & stay well! 


  1. I've never had a reaction from any shots but every year the flu shot is different. I hope your arm feels better. What excitement you've had with your ex-doc and Medicare. I'm going to check and see if I can get any of those grapes at Walmart. I know they have them in Mountain Home as I got them last year when I was there but that's a 1 1/2 hour drive!
    Take care...TTYL!

  2. no one ever answers a phone call anymore. I hope that the charges get resolved quickly for you. We are gearing up for a flu shot beginning of October, hopefully!

  3. Both my husband and youngest son got flu shots recently and they didn't have any side effects.
    I was thinking I'd go in this week and get it done, hoping this year's concoction maybe wouldn't leave me feeling bad the next day or so. But after reading your post, now I'm dreading it. Ugh. I felt terrible after mine last year - and I'm pretty sure I caught a cold from the guy administering it. :^(

  4. Sorry that happened to you. I hate ppl who try to take advantage of others.


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