Friday, September 4, 2020


 Where Did The Week Go? - Bay Area Budgeter

BAM!  And just like that it is Friday.  I can not believe this week is almost done.  As you read in my last post (Monday) I was extremely busy that day.  In fact, I got so much done on Monday, the rest of this week has been pretty easy.

Tuesday, most of my time was spent working on my two projects and trying to get progress made on each of them.  The best part of the day was a surprise phone call from my nephew who lives Seattle.  He is my brother's youngest and such a great guy. It was wonderful to talk to family and catch up on his life and what plans he has going forward.  

Wednesday was senior day at our local Kroger store.  As a senior we receive an extra 10% off our total grocery bill that day.  Naturally, hubby and I went to the store and picked up our needed groceries for the week as well as stocked up on items we use throughout the month.  After that little excursion, I dropped hubby off at home and I headed to WalMart.  I had not been there in quite a while and forgot how busy and big that place is.  All I needed was some baby onesies for Luna. (Explanation to follow)  Their baby department is clear in the back of the store and looked like it had not had any new shipment of items in some time.  I did find 7 plain white onsies and bought them and got the heck out of there.  Although, I will say, everyone was masked and was keeping their distance from others.  I just am still a little leery of being around a lot of strangers.

As you can see, I had to get long sleeved onsies so that evening, I did some little alterations on the onsies to remove all the snaps and also make them all short sleeved.

Thursday was the hardest day all week.  Luna had to go in for her dental and also for a mass removal from her left flank.  I had to have her there at 7:30AM!  Then I had to wait for them to call me to tell me how she did and when I could pick her up.  I got the call about 1:30 to come for her between 2:30 and 3.  They said she did quite well with everything and would explain what they found when I got there.  Now, does that sound ominous or what?

Hubby and I went to pick her up at 2:30 and she was still very drugged up.  She was so drugged she bit the vet tech that got her out of her kennel.  When we arrived home, Hubby was trying to carry her into the house and she nipped him too!  This dog has never even snapped at anyone, much less bit them.  We realized she was still under the influence and probably in quite a bit of pain from the mass removal.  We got her in the house, settled her down and then I put on her little onsie.  (that is the explanation)

She tried to bite me while I was putting this on her but stopped when she realized who's hand was in her mouth.  (Smart dog)  It took her quite a while to come completely out of the anesthetic and we made her as comfortable as possible.  

This is her temperpedic bed and she loves it.  She stayed in it most of the rest of the evening.  She did jump up on the sofa once (my heart took a real scare that time) and I went to help her get off the couch and then she totally chomped down on my hand!  I was totally shocked.  It hurt but she did not break the skin.  (Probably because she is missing quite a few teeth)  So I quickly realized, not to mess with this dog when she is on drugs and in pain.

About 10PM, I gave her a pain pill thinking it would help her relax and go to sleep for the night.  HA!  She was super restless and neither of us went to sleep until around 2AM.  Hubby said he did not hear anything so that is good.

She is much better today and is back to being the sweet loving dog we all adore.  Her incision looks very good.  She will be in the 't-shirts' for 2 weeks and then she will get her stitches removed and she can be naked again.  As for her surgery, she did have 3 teeth extracted (which we kind of expected) and the mass was a bit larger than they anticipated and it had attached to part of her muscle tissue.  So the surgery for the mass was a bit more extensive than they thought it would be.  It was just a fatty tumor so no need for concern for cancer.  Phew!  She will be sore for a while and her muscle will heal just fine.  Poor little girl.

So, today is Friday and hubby has just finished cleaning the last half of the house.  I am planning on going swimming (water arobics) later today and working on my projects.  My loaf of bread is just about finished baking and my house smells so good. Tomorrow we are going to our friends house to roast up 30 pounds of Hatch green chili.  That should hold us for another year.  While we are gone, I will be putting Luna in my craft room so Enrique can not bother her.  He loves her and is very curious about why she smells different and is wearing clothes.  She, on the other hand, is not as fond of him LOL.

Have a great day!

Until next time.........................happy crafting & stay well


  1. I was wondering why the snaps were being removed from the onesies! Glad to hear Luna is recovering well. Your hatch chili plan sounds lovely. I love group harvest projects, it is a nice end of season tradition to harvest anything with friends.

  2. Oh, poor Luna! I know she was in pain as she would never bite you guys. That was a major surgery! I hope she is feeling better, poor baby...It just makes you feel so bad to see them hurting and that's the only way they can let you know. I "knead" to make bread today too! LOL!

  3. What a smart idea to use a onesie instead of a cone of shame.


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