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Monday, September 14, 2020

Whatha Doin'?

 How was your day?  I spent 90% of my day in my craftroom.  But first thing this morning, I took my car to Discount Tire to get the back tire repaired.  Lucky for me they were able to plug it.  Phew, since there was only 6000 miles on the tire, I really did not want to replace it.  I was in and out in less than 30 minutes.

While I was there, hubby went to get some blood work done and then went on to his allergist to get his allergy shots.  I had just gotten home when he called to tell me he was at the car wash and it was not busy at all.  

Off I went to get my car washed.  It was sooooo dirty.  We had a couple of rain days and when it rains, all the dirt in the air gets plastered to the car.  It sure does look much better now with the wash completed.

When we got home, I called the appliance repair place our appliance store told us to call.  The seal on the fridge door is starting to shred.  The place I called was hesitant to give me a quote without sending someone out to look at it first.  I got a little hot under the collar and explained I was quite sure I could tell if the seal on the door was falling apart.  Their service call is $90 just to drive to my house!  They finally gave me a quote that was through the roof!  I immediately started looking online for recommendations for appliance repair people.  I found a gentleman with 5 stars and gave him a call.  What a difference.  He was happy to give me a quote if I would just send him the model info from the inside of my fridge.  He gave me a quote that was significantly lower than the first place.  He owns his own one man business and was so polite and easy to work with.  The part I need is on back order so it will be several weeks before the work can be done.  That is ok as there is no cold air escaping from the fridge at this point.  I just do not want it to start though.

After all that, I headed into the craftroom and began mask production again.  I started at 10:30 this morning and finished at 6 tonight.  That included all the cutting and sewing and 1/2 hour off for lunch.  Here is what I accomplished.

Twelve masks completed.  The top 6 are for the teen, the middle 2 are for my son and the bottom 4 are for me.  Hopefully that is it for a while............... again.

Nothing else got done today so tomorrow will be busier than usual.  I have a couple of errands to run and laundry to do. Right now I am going to go and watch a little NFL Football while I knit on my shawl and hubby's socks.

Until next time.....................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. wow! your masks are great and how nice to spend so much time in your craft room, every day should be like that! too bad pesky errands and tasks get in the way of that.

  2. You are the best mask maker!!! I have to go back and look up your pattern and print it off as the grands are needing more and their Mom and Dad plus a few for me. You are amazing with all you get done!

  3. I am masked out right now. I think our crew certainly has enough.


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