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Sunday, September 6, 2020


Here we are, once again.  Time to update y'all on what happened last week in my crafting and a bit in my 'real' life.

Hubby's socks are coming along nicely.

I decided to do a heel flap this time instead of the Fish Kiss Lip heel.  So the flap is done as is the heel.  I am now on the gusset.  Hoping to get that finished up this coming week.  Seems like I will get more knitting time this week than normal.  (Will explain later)

Then there is the Havana blanket that I am in love with.

I am now starting to repeat the colors.  This is a fascinating way to do crochet.  The thought coming to my mind is, additive.  If the weather would cool off a bit I would work on this more.  

The purple arrow shows where I was last week.  There are 7 sections to this pattern.  Each section has 12 rows and is worked 3 times.  That means there are 36 rows done for each pattern section.  I am on repeat #2 of section 3.  Depending on how big it is when I finish this section, I may decide to do 4 repeats of section 4 so it will be long enough to be used as a cover for a bed.  It certainly is wide enough for up to a queen sized bed!

That is all the crafting for this week.  In other news..................................

Luna, on Thursday, had her teeth cleaned and a mass removed from her left flank.  She was totally whacked out when we got her home from the vet.  So whacked out she actually bit me!  This is my sweetheart of a dog.  I was shocked.  It took her several hours to become semi normal again.

She is required to wear a baby shirt for the next 2 weeks to keep her incision covered and away from her licking it.  This is not making her very happy but it keeps me from having to watch her every moment of the day.

Last night we went to our BFF's place and spent 3 hours having dinner and then roasting 30 pounds of green chili.

This was toward the end of the bag of chilies.  Otherwise, this large 6 burner grill was covered in chili.  We will be having green chili pork tonight for dinner.  YUMMY!  We love Mexican food.

While we were there, their big dog went outside and started running and did something to his leg.  He was limping and whining.  Since she works for a vet, she was able to talk to one of the vets and got advice on what to do for the remainder of the evening for him.  I just talked to her (by text) a few minutes ago and evidently he really messed it up bad.  They had to have him put down this morning because of the injury.  My heart is breaking for her.  He was so sweet and kind and gentle.  A gentle giant of a dog.

Image may contain: dog

You will be greatly missed Magnum.  You were so loved by so many for many years.  Run free my friend.

This coming week, I will be on teenager and dog duty for my son.  He is going out of town for business so Mimi and Mommy  will be running all over to keep up with the teen's activities and making sure the dog is not in a kennel all day long.  The teen starts hybrid school this week.  It will be, online learning Monday through Wednesday and in person learning Thursday and Friday.  She has play practice on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings and swim practice every morning from 5:30 - 7:30.  This will give me lots of knitting time.  Hence the reason I am hoping to have the gussets on the socks completed this week.  They are the perfect traveling project.

How was your week?

Until Next Time........................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck with the socks, finishing them sounds perfectly doable. Your Havanna looks lovely, all the beautiful colours.
    I'm so sorry for your friend's loss. Pets are family members, it's so hard to have to let them go.

  2. Hahaha! That you told Hubby my socks took 8 years....It's usually about a year average, but I have done some quicker, like my shark socks last year....Oh I'm so sorry for your friend...what a heartbreak...and yes that blanket is pretty....

  3. Love the socks; is that a pattern or vanilla? Stay healthy with running a teenager around.

    Blogger doesn't seem to like me to use my url to post.

  4. I feel so awful for your friend losing her dog! How could he have hurt his leg so badly that he had to be put down? That's horrible and such a shock to them, I'm sure. I still miss my girls....not sure I will ever get over the losses from last year.
    30 lbs of chilies sounds like you are set for winter! I'm not big on Mexican food because of the spiciness but I love it! Your havana is so pretty. Someday I might try it. Those socks are stunning! Hubby will be the talk of the town with those babies on! Who is Mimi and Mommy? YOu will have lots of time to knit. You'd better plan another project just in case you finish those socks! Stay safe! Have a good week!

  5. How sad about your friends dog, I’m glad Luna is doing well and forgiven for her snapping. Your Havana looks fab! On my mini I am only doing 2 repeats and have just finished the first 2 and have used up a 1/3rd of my yarn, so I may do just one repeat of the middle section (4th)...or may end up forgetting and doing 2 and have 1 repeat at the end. I should have made it narrower, ah well, it’s addictive and enjoyable to do so I’m happy. I need to meet your BFF, they have a Minion in their garden! These seem like my type of people!

  6. I'm hoping to get Frodo's teeth cleaned this fall. He was five when he last had it done and I remember him being ultra dopey. Good luck with keeping up with a teenager and a dog! Busy busy busy. Love your socks and I prefer flap over fish kiss for my foot's fit.

  7. I wish my spouse would wear hand knit socks! I made him a couple pair but they were too hot for his feet so he gave them to his dad. More sweet socks for me, I guess.

    Love the colors on the Havana blanket!

  8. That is soo sad about your friend's dog. Your Havana is gorgeous. I want to make it too, but have to choose colours and make a yarn order. Decisions, decisions!

  9. Oh my goodness, as I was reading I did not expect for Magnum to have suffered that bad of an injury. Poor thing. Do they know what happened? I hope Luna heals up quickly so you can take that baby shirt off her. ;^) I'm sure she'll glad for it. You Havana is amazing, Marsha. I love your colors and it does look addictive. Looking forward to the changing sections!

  10. Oh no, poor Magnum! I'm so sorry; how sad. That is devastating.

  11. Sympathies to your BFF and the loss of her Magnum. Also for your Luna many good wishes.

  12. Your hubby's sock are fantastic as is Havana. So sorry for Magnum, what a shock.


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