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Friday, November 1, 2019

DAY 1 OF 30

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I will once again try and write a blog post daily for the next 30 days.  Some will be short and some long.  I really wanted to try and make a theme for this years 30 days.

There is one blogger, whom I follow, who will be doing a minimalist theme where she will be parting with items from her home that match the day number. (IE. day 16 remove 16 items from your home)  This does appeal to me.  Hubby even thought it was a grand idea.  Then we realized, we are going to be away from said home many days this month.  Therefore, this did not seem feasible.

How about casting on a new project each day of the month? Are you kidding me?  I would end up with 30 projects in a basket by the end of the month.  After really considering this for about 10 seconds, I threw it out the window.  I don't even think I have enough knitting needles or crochet hooks to have that many projects going at once. (Actually, I just checked and I do have enough crochet hooks to do that!)

Then there was the though of taking my camera out each day and taking a photo to post.  Once again, with us being out of town and having spotty WiFi coverage while away, this did not seem like the perfect idea.  This one was probably my favorite idea.  I really want to get to know my camera better.  This would have been the perfect plan.

The last idea I came up with is a tried and true one.  Several bloggers do it each year in November.  This is the month of giving thanks.  Each day I would post something I was thankful for in my life.  This would be super easy to do.  I am usually a glass half full type of person.  It really doesn't seem very challenging to me, yet, it would be something I could do even if I was traveling.

So, this is the first day of the month.  Today I am very thankful for my house.  It isn't just a house.  It is a home.  We have lived in this home for over 30 years.  Our children were raised in this home.  We have laughed, cried, yelled and loved in this home.  It is the place I always feel safe.  It is not a mansion.   It is not fancy.  It is the home where my memories are alive.  It is the home I love and am truly thankful for.

What are you thankful for?


  1. What a beautiful sentiment! I like the one about throwing out something(s) every day. I'm participating but not sure at what level! LOL!

  2. What a lovely idea! And to answer your question, I'm thankful for my husband. He has helped me pull through depression and loss, and whatever crazy ideas I come up with, he'll support me or even join in. He's "The One" for sure.

  3. I love your idea, too, Marsha. I'm sure reading your posts of thankfulness will inspire that spirit in all us readers, as well. I'm thankful for fellow bloggers. :) It is a most encouraging group of people.

  4. What a lovely idea! I would take part myself, but I tend to start these things and not be able to finish! So instead I will partake vicariously.

  5. I'm familiar with the blog challenge that's always in April about blogging alphabetically, have done it a few times, but always felt I put more into then I got out of it, so stopped doing it. Is this November thing you're talking a blog hop of sorts? I could cast on and or crochet something different each day, but would need to make a note to remind myself what in the world I was making and where I left off etc, I do have enough needles and or hooks.......then again some are in projects bags.......some I know where they are, others, probably not so much, lol.


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