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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Week 20 & Day 17 of 30

This will be quick.  We are wanting to get on the road soon for our 5 hour drive to Las Vegas.

I have a finished object, sort of.

Sock #1 of Fawkes is done.  The pattern was easy but I did have to keep track of where I was on it.  It is a 12 row repeat.  I know it is hard to see the pattern because of the stripes, but trust me, it is there.  I case you want to know what the hardest part of this was, it was the knit 3 together!  You need sharp needles to do that.  Thankfully I have stiletto Signature DPN's.  Otherwise it was mostly YO, K2TG and SSK.  Super easy.

Here is what I am taking on our trip.

Fawkes sock #2.  You can see the pattern a bit better here.  There are 2 completed patterns on this one.

As for the sweater................this past week was waaaaaaay to crazy for me to get much done on it.  I am still working on the first sleeve.  The weather is supposed to finally cool off next week, so it will be perfect sweater knitting weather.  

Not yarn related but something I was not aware of.  Did you know they have urns where you can put 2 peoples remains in them?

Look at that!  She died 2 years ago and he died 2 weeks ago.  How thoughtful of the children to do this.  Don't mind the beer can...............that is an old family tradition when we have a celebration of life.  We always give the person being honored a 'drink' to toast with us.

 Today I am thankful for books.  I don't care if they are electronic, audio or paper.  I love to read.  Reading allows me to get away from 'my world'.  I can read about other places and other people.  I can find books that make me laugh, cry, get angry or even make me think.

A good friend introduced me to the Overdrive app a couple of weeks ago.  It is a free app and as long as you have a library card, you can check out books from your 'local' library.  The books are either electronic or audio books.  FINALLY!  A free book service.  Granted, their audio book selection can be a bit limited, but I don't care.  I am always able to find something to listen to while I am knitting or cleaning or doing laundry.  What a joy.  I got my hubby hooked on it too.  They even have a Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (yarn harlot) audio book and she does her own reading!  I have not checked it out yet, but it is on the list.

Ok, my friends.  Time for me to go and finish packing and get on the road.

Until next time.........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Have a safe and fun trip Marsha! I love your sock, I can really see the pattern in the second photo! I LOVE the idea of the "couple's urn"...I like it, I'll mention it to Alex. That's great about the books! We don't have that technology here yet, but it doesn't really matter because all I can get are french books. Can't wait to live in an English province!!! :)

  2. Have a lovely trip. The sock pattern looks great on the close up photo, a lovely bright yarn. I’m struggling to find a book to grab my attention the last few weeks. I’ll make a trip to the library tomorrow I think.

  3. I hope you have a safe and fun trip to Las Vegas. Okay... I can't help but wonder - do you open the can of beer? It's a very thoughtful tradition, but I have a mind that's always curious about the details. The details that most people don't bother to mention or explain. :)

  4. Yes overdrive is fantastic!! Enjoy your trip. And if you partake in gambling - good luck to you.

  5. Those socks are so pretty! I see the pattern and I really like it. Have a safe trip and I'm going to look into Overdrive but doesn't your library need to be a member of it? I don't think our library has any ebooks or audios online. I wish!

  6. Now that is interesting; my husband says when it's his time to put his ashes in a coffee can right by my bedside. I use the Libby app for Kindle books but still have to have Amazon open to download it to my Kindle.


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