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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Day 26 of 30

I hope all of you are safe and warm with all these horrible winter storms hitting the US.  We are expecting rain over the next 3 days and our high temps will only be in the 50's.  Pretty cool for us desert rats.  

Today I am very thankful for warm clothing.  I refuse to turn on our heater since I just turned off our A/C the first of November.  Hubby and I both are just layering our clothing.  I love my long sleeved undershirts that I wear under my blouses.  I have leggings I wear under my jeans.  Naturally my knitted socks are nice and warm and always on my feet.  My house is sitting at 69 during the day and when I wake up it is around 64.  The coolness forces me to move often which means my housework gets done in record time.  I also, do not shy away from using my oven since it adds heat to my home.  In the summer, it seldom gets turned on for the same reason.

I am sure some of you are thinking "64?  that's warm for us".  In the summer my house sits between 77 and 80.  What temp is your home at?  In the winter I have the heat set at 68.  It all depends on what your body is used to.  Our summer temps are often 110 plus so when our temps in the winter are 40 it is down right cold for us.  I have tried to explain this before and people just do not get it.  So put it this way:

110F to 40F is a 70 degree difference.

Take your normal summer temp and subtract your normal winter temp.  Is it 70 degree difference?  If so, then you understand us being COLD!

Thank you warm clothes for allowing me to keep my heater off for a little bit longer.


  1. Yeah, it's in the mid-50's in our house right now; I've been making use of my hoodies and calf-length socks.

  2. All I know is it's been so windy today even 40-something degrees was chilling, while normally that would be pretty tolerable for me - with a mid-weight jacket. And I noticed the house felt colder - we keep it at 68 once we have to turn the heat on. And if I'm working - moving around, I can be comfortable in a short sleeve shirt. Sitting, I'll eventually want to put a sweater on. I used to get cold so easily. Winters are much more tolerable to me now and summers have become something to endure. I can't even imagine 110F summer days. When we start approaching 100 we get heat warnings. Blech. But yes... all that said, I get that it's what a body is used to. And hormones. :)

  3. I don't spare heat as with RA getting your joints chilled is not good....I keep the AC down in the summer as much as possible for the same reason. I do dress warm in the house so I don't have to have it too warm. I turn it down at night to 69 because my bedroom then is 64 and right now during the day it is about 72. When I use my oven after I turn it off I open the door to release the heat into the room. Oh, and my wool socks are on now! LOL!


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