Sunday, November 24, 2019

Week 21 & Day 24 of 30

Hello again.  It is early on Sunday morning, the house is quiet (other than my male dog snoring), I have my coffee by my side and lots of pictures to show and tell about.  First up is my crafting week.

Since we were on a road trip from Sunday through Thursday, I did not get too much done in the craft area.  In fact, the only item worked on was my Fawkes sock.

This is where I am at on sock #2, as of this morning.  My goal (hope) is to have it completed this coming week and get back to working on my sweater.  The weather here has cooled off quite a bit and a sweater would be most welcomed now.

While hubby and I were grocery shopping this week, we ran across this:

Is that not the cutest bowl ever?  We found it at Trader Joe's.  I just knew it would be perfect to hold my sock yarn cakes.  My other yarn bowl is quite a bit bigger and I use it for my DK and worsted cakes.

It is just perfect.  This photo was taken on Friday afternoon so you can see I have gotten quite a bit done on the sock. Anyway, I know the bowl does not have the usual cut out on the side for the yarn to guide through, but my bowls sit on the floor by my chair.  Since the yarn is caked, it just pulls off the cake easily.  I mainly use the bowl to keep the yarn off the floor and out of any dog hair or dirt that many be there.  Plus, it doesn't roll away from me either.

If you follow my blog regularly, you know hubby and I took a little trip to Las Vegas last week.  We left on Sunday and returned on Thursday.  The main reason for the trip was a delayed anniversary trip for us and a bingo tournament.  The tournament was HUGE.

This was only part of the room where the tournament was held.  There were over 2000 people in this room.  Needless to say, we did not win at the tournament but we did meet some very nice people there.  

When we got to our room, I started to unpack and put clothes away.  While doing so I discovered I had under packed for myself by 1 shirt.  I never under pack.........NEVER!  No problem, we will just go to the gift shop and see what they had.  There was quite a bit of clothing there and I found an adorable blouse.  Well, it was adorable until I looked at the price tag and it was $110!  No thank you.  But I did finally find something there that was in my price range.

I now have a souvenir sweatshirt.  Good thing it was chilly inside and outside.  Hubby and I had a good laugh over this.  I wore that shirt with pride too.

We also visited hubby's mom while we were there.  She is 92 and feisty as ever.

She is still insisting on going home and it looks like she will probably get her wish in the next month or so.  We do not agree with this idea as she will need constant care, but she is determined to make this happen.  The house is almost ready for her to go there and her youngest son has sworn he wants her home too and will take care of her.  Time will tell, right?

Oh, I did get about 15 minutes of knitting in during one of our breaks at bingo.

Yup, that is all the knitting I did while gone.  Since I did all the driving up and back and all around, there was no car knitting done either.  On a happy note, when driving, I was able to see some lovely fall foliage as well as snow capped mountains.  

On the way home we were in and out of rain the entire 5 hours.  Most of the rain was light and did not last long.  I think we hit 2 really heavy downpours where it was almost blinding.  The most interesting thing we saw on the way home was this:

That, my friends, is hail covered earth.  It was almost 2 inches deep and covered everything.  I thought it was snow at first but hubby was able to really look out the window at it and was able to see the hail stones.  Lucky for us, it was done hailing when we got to this part of the trip.  That much hail could have really done some car damage.

We are gearing up for Thanksgiving this coming Thursday  We will all congregate at our son's house for food and festivities.  I have the turkey in the fridge defrosting.  Everyone contributes to the meal which makes it easy on the host/hostess.  Next Saturday, we will be heading to our daughter's place for a brisket dinner.  She has been wanting the family to come out there for some time now.  She and her husband have a very small place so it will be quite intimate LOL.  I am making no bake cheesecakes for the occasion.  One will be plain and the other peanut butter.  YUM!

Today I am thankful for Pinterest.  WHAT?????  Are you kidding me?  Thankful for a website?  You betcha.  I have been able to get so many recipes, craft patterns, hair tips, decorating ideas from this site.  When hubby was told to cut down on gluten, Pinterest was there to help me with that.  When I got an air fryer and needed ideas on what to cook in it, Pinterest was at my service.  When I was looking for a way to undercut my thick hair so it would lay down better, Pinterest gave me copious amounts of photos to show my hair dresser.  When I am stuck on what to make for a gift using my cricut, Pinterest pops all sorts of images up for me to choose from.

Yes, Pinterest can be a time sucker but........................most everything on there is free and, I would be scouring book stores trying to find the same stuff.  This way I do not need to leave the comfort of my home to go and seek things out.  

Until next time.............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your trip sounds great, even if you did underpack and only squeezed in a little knitting! Love the socks and the bowl is perfect.

  2. A souvenir sweatshirt but not souvenir yarn? Great you could find I sit here in one of my many sweatshirts...and comfortable as well.....I really like the yarn you are using, although not a pink person...

  3. It’s quarter past midnight here as I read this and I am having to tell myself ‘I must not open Pinterest’ lol. Sounds like you had a fun trip. Have a lovely Thanksgiving, I’m not sure what a brisket is so will google that now and then sleep...must not open Pinterest. Your MIL looks great for her age.

  4. That wooden bowl is beautiful - and perfect for your sock yarn. And WOWZA! I've never played BINGO with a group, but I have some idea what that might be like. That tournament, though - what a HUGE set-up that is. I'm amazed! Glad you enjoyed your trip. I hope you have happy Thanksgiving celebrations, Marsha!

  5. Glad you got home safe and sound! Your MIL at 92 should be able to do what she wants What's the risk when you're 92? LOL! I could see not being a risk taker when you have a job, a mortgage and a family but at 92? You go girl go!
    I love your sock...the colors are gorgeous!
    I too adore was made for me and I have loved it from day 1! It has given me so many ideas and inspiration and is a great diversion when I need one! Happy Thanksgiving! Those pies sound really good!

  6. Hi Marsha :) The bingo tournament sounds like a lot of fun! But omg a $110 blouse? Tourist prices lol...That hail is no joke. Snow is something, but hail can wreak havoc! Oh I'm a pinterest lover too, I get so many ideas from that site!! :) Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Love the pic of your feisty mum! Hail? yucky to drive in. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  8. Yeah, it's all about Pinterest now. I don't use cookbooks anymore and the ones I've tried to check out from the library in the past, I didn't have the patience to look through.


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