Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Day 13 of 30

Today I am thankful for warm covers.  I love to sleep with the window open this time of year.  Having fresh air blowing in while I sleep makes me sleep so much better.  It was a bit chilly for us desert rats this morning and I am very thankful for the warm covers I have on our bed.  I snuggled into them and relished their warmth.


  1. One of my sweetest, simplest pleasures to is to sleep with the windows open when the temps are below 55. It's the only time I can truly enjoy my covers without getting overly warm. But inevitably, even with a room as chilly as 50 (or lower) I end up overheating and have to poke a leg or two out (for a while) to cool off. And then it's back under the covers I go!

  2. We used to have a heavier comforter at the apt, but gave it away because we were too hot. Now in our house it's colder of course but fleece sheets keep me warm and toasty.


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