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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Day 14 of 30

Today's thankfulness may sound trite or silly to some of you.  I want you to think about it though.  Today I am thankful for my washing machine.  I remember the days I had to go to a community washers in our apartment building to do the family laundry.  Carrying baskets of clothes in, hoping there were enough machines vacant so I could get them done quickly while trying to watch my young children and making sure I had enough money to do all the laundry etc.  There were even times I would wash a few items in the bathtub just to avoid the hassle.  It is nice to just go to my laundry room, throw in the clothes and sit down and knit while waiting for them to be done.

Yesterday I used that washing machine LOL.  The shower curtain and it's liner got all nice and cleaned up in it.  While that was going on, I made a loaf of banana bread for our deceased friend's family, stirred up 3 lbs of onion dip for the celebration of life and hand washed some items that can not be put in the dishwasher.  

Do you have your own washing machine?  If so, aren't you happy you do?


  1. Hi Marsha :) YES...and it's NOT trite. I remember the laundry mat days....always wondering if I'd get in and out quickly or have to wait for machines...or worse, wait until the person who left the laundry mat for a while would ever come back to remove their stuff from the machines! I had to make sure I stopped by the bank first for quarters because the change machine didn't always work - I found out the hard way. Sometimes the dryers didn't heat up well and there was never anyone to complain too. Back in 2007, I decided to veto the laundry mat and did all of my laundry by hand and then hung them up to dry. That didn't last long lol! I HATED those days and I'm SO thankful for my machines!

  2. Yes...it's wonderful! I love to hear my machinery doing my work for me! LOL! I remember when I was little going to a creepy basement in an apartment where we lived with my Mother and using a ringer washer and then running the clothes through that ringer to get the water out and then hanging the clothes....there was separate rinsing too. It took a long time and my mother worked full time. I'm sure it took half her Saturday just to do the wash! So yes....I love my washer and dryer too!

  3. I couldn’t live without my washing machine, my grandma had a metal tub and washboard, when she got a twin tub she thought it was more hassle than doing it by hand!!!

  4. Yes, the laundry never stops piling up here. I'm super thankful for our dishwasher too. Once I had to wash dishes by hand before the husband got us a new one and that was a pain.


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