Friday, November 22, 2019

Day 22 of 30

Today I am thankful for good news from a specialist about me.  I have been having some health issues for the past few weeks.  I had made an appointment with a specialist and today was the day to go and see him.  I am happy to say, there is nothing majorly wrong with me that will not be cleared up in a few weeks.  Phew!  I have been on pins and needles for a couple of weeks now fearing the worse and praying for the best.  My prayers were answered.

Sorry to say, I will be putting moderation of comments back on.  I had hoped the non-related comments had stopped so I took off the moderation.  Darn it!  I got non-related comments on 23 different posts!  I am not going to go in and delete them all at this time.  So I will just make it where I will moderate all comments again for a while.  Sorry, folks.  It is just annoying for me as it is for you.



  1. I'm so glad that you got good news and you can put your worry to rest that something serious may be wrong. On the moderation of comments... It's not annoying to me for you to moderate comments. I moderate all comments that are more than a day old and that keeps most SPAM at bay - though one snuck in yesterday or today, I think. If that happens again, I'll go back to moderating all comments. And here's the reason: I have no idea if there is anything to this, but recently I left a comment on someone's blog after a SPAM comment and I immediately started receiving the very same SPAM (on several of my posts). It made me wonder if SPAM can be transmitted like viruses of a sort. I don't know. But given that experience, if it were me... I'd try to clean up all the SPAM comments even if it takes several sittings at the computer to do so. And after that experience, I will now never leave a comment where I see a SPAM comment that hasn't yet been removed.

    1. That's a good idea on the spam. I noticed Sam has been hit with tons of spam this past week. I have removed all spam messages now. It was crazy. I have no issue if my comments are moderated on other blogs either. It makes sense to me now.

  2. Glad you got good news. I think not knowing and waiting always causes us to think the worst. Not sure why, but I think we're wired that way. Sorry you've had issues with comments. I had the spam things, makes everything take so much longer and so does the moderation thing. Since I check several times daily I just delete comments that are rude or spam. For the most part, the blogger spam filters get most of it; except for maybe the stuff in a foreign language? Awhile back I was on a roll with a lot of Japanese or Chinese comments. Happily after deleting them, that seems to have passed........for now, you know how that goes. Good luck.

  3. Hi Marsha :) So happy to hear about your health! :) Feel better soon!
    Oh the spam...I had to moderate too. But I have mine set to moderate after 1 day. So far I don't have spam issues that way!


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