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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Day 9 of 30

Today I am thankful for the Saint Peregrine's Shrine stationed on our church's campus.  Today we celebrate the 10th year of the dedication of the shrine.  St Peregrine is the patron saint of cancer patients.  The Shrine is a place where people of all denominations are welcomed to come and pray.  The shrine offers spiritual and emotional healing for all those affected by Cancer and other diseases.  It is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year because God never sleeps.  There is someone in the Shrine at all times praying.  My hubby and I take an hour of prayer there each week and find it to be the best hour for the whole week.

If you would like to know more about the Shrine, go here.

Image result for St Peregrine Shrine, Mesa Image result for St Peregrine Shrine, Mesa

The above images are from the inside and outside of the Shrine.  It is not big and only holds around 70 people total.

We have a wall of prayer in the entrance of the shrine.  On this wall are small cards with a person's first name and type of cancer or disease they have and need prayers for.  We select a person from the wall and take the card with us when we go into the main body of the shrine to pray.  After praying for this person, we write a little note on the back of the card and deposit it in the box by the 'prayer wall'.  Those notes then get mailed to the person. When a name is first submitted to the shrine a prayer shawl and other literature about the shrine are mailed to the person for which the prayers will be offered.  All of this is done with no charge to anyone.

So now you know where my prayer shawls go when I complete them.  We have distributed packages all over the world.  There have been people from all over the world who have come as a part of a pilgrimage to the shrine.

Today, Hubby and I will be going to our church starting at 2pm to be a part of the 10th year celebration.  My DH worked at the church when the construction of the shrine started.  He was quite involved with many of the workers and designers of the shrine.  I have placed several peoples names on the prayer wall also.  One of the names I placed there is now cancer free and will be making a trip to the shrine the end of this year to give thanks for his healing.  

Until tomorrow.....................peace.


  1. That is so nice to learn where your prayer shawls go. I'm sure many are blessed by those shawls, the prayers, and the notes reminding them they've been prayed for.

  2. I find that very interesting how there is always someone there praying.


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