Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Day 12 of 30

Luna and Enrique are what I am thankful for today.  If you are a pet owner, I am sure you can relate.  The unconditional love given by a pet is so awesome.  They are so forgiving of your faults.  All they ask in return is a safe environment where they can receive food, water and fellowship with their human.  The toys, comfy beds, blankets and yummy treats are added extras they are always grateful for too.

Through the years we have always had pets in our house.  Whether it was hamsters, gerbils, cats, dogs, or fish.  I know these two will probably be the last pets we ever have.  So, each day I have with them is special.

Luna is around 11 or 12 and Enrique is around 7 or 8.  This breed of dog has a long life expectancy.  Usually around 15-18 years.  I pray they each live a long time yet.  They make me smile each day.

As for their breed?  Luna is Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher, Enrique is Dachshund and Chihuahua.  We adopted both of them from a rescue called, Mixed up Mutts and Shephard too.  They are the mixed up mutts part.  Luna is a lover and social butterfly.  Enrique is my guard dog especially when men or other dogs come over.  Are you terrified?  They both love to spend their day following my husband and myself around the house and then finding a comfy blanket on the couch to take naps on.

If you have a pet, tell me about it in the comments.


  1. I miss my girls every day. I have always had pets and always at least 2 dogs...this is awful being without them but I cannot have anymore for the expense and the training and the fact that I would worry about what would become of them when I die...which could be any minute now! LOL!
    I enjoyed getting the details on your sweet and I had no idea they lived that long.

  2. Luna and Enrique are ADORABLE!!! Well, Marsha, you know I have the 6 furries. I don't think I could live without pets in the house, especially dogs. I'm hoping to have MANY more in the future when we settle down.

  3. I'm surprised your pups aren't siblings. They look so much alike in the photos. We'll loved pooches you have there. :)

  4. Cute dogs! I’ve never loved anything as much as I love our dog...she’s saved my life for sure.

  5. You know we have Mortie and Minnie; they're growing even more and seem to be eating more as well. Always up to mischief these two and now they're strong and brave enough to get up to the loft beds and jump down from them.


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