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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

POOF! It's gone

Poof - Comic Expression Text Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And ...

And just like that...........my energy is gone.  There really wasn't that much on my to do list for today.  What was there is not time sensitive and can be moved to tomorrow.  After all, I am not going anywhere anytime soon.  

Hubby had to go to the allergist today to get his allergy injection.  Since he was out and about, he volunteered to stop off at the store and pick up the 7 items on our grocery list.  He was able to obtain everything other than corn tortillas.  He said the store was not crowded at all which was nice although, unusual for Walmart.

After lunch today, I decided to sit on the front porch for a while to enjoy some fresh air.

I saw many people out riding their bikes, enjoying the beautiful day we are having.  It is around 80 outside and is supposed to get real close to 90 by Thursday.  The high thin clouds keeps the sun from beating down intensely.  There was a gentle breeze also.

While sitting outside, I did notice spring had hit our front yard.

Our Mexican Bird of Paradise is busting out with all sorts of new life.  By the time it starts blooming it will stand almost 6-7 feet tall.  Each fall we cut it back as close to the ground as we can.  This insures it will be thick and full the next time it blooms.

With my audio book going and my knitting in my lap, I enjoyed a lovely 90 minutes out there.

The fresh air was such a joy.  Seeing people out enjoying the day was a boost also.  

Tonight we will be ordering take out from our local mom and pop Italian restaurant.  They are offering a buy one get one free on their lasagna this week.  It is the BEST lasagna ever.  I will take my home made bread and make garlic bread out of it and serve it along with the lasagna.  We are trying to help keep these small businesses in business.   Who knows how long it will be before these places can open their doors again for customers to come inside.

Hubby spoke with our Texas son today.  He said he is starting to feel a little better.  This would be day 11 of his illness.  He said everyone in his house is keeping a 20 ft distance from him.  LOL  I don't blame them.  Hopefully, no one else there gets it.

There is progress being made on my Feather and Fan shawl.  The stay at home order is so good for my knitting time.  Hopefully my mojo doesn't disappear like my get up and go did.

Until next time..................happy crafting!


  1. I guess I missed that your son was down ill. Glad he is recovering. This time of staying at home is just hard if you aren't a stay at home kind of person - like me. But getting sick is harder so picking the least hard thing to do is my attitude to all of this. Stay well.

  2. So glad you were able to sit outside. I might as well live in the country as no one in my neighborhood comes out except for garbage and mail! LOL! No walkers....no nothing! This is the time here to be outside too as it isn't hot yet. That is great you are supporting the businesses. We don't have any good restaurants here IMHO. I can make better at home. I have the same issue...one day I have energy and the next it seems I am recuperating from working the day before! LOL!
    Enjoy your day and stay well!

  3. What a nice way to spend your day. Glad to read about your son.


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