Friday, March 13, 2020

Finally Friday

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It is finally Friday.  Not that it makes that much difference to us retired folk. LOL  But for some reason, Friday is still a happy day for me.  When I got out of bed and opened my blinds I was met with such a happy site.

There were some blue skies peaking through the clouds.  It was a bit short lived but at least I was able to get outside for a little bit to look around to make sure the high winds and rain did not do any damage to our property.  Everything looks ok.  I have not checked the roof yet.  Maybe tomorrow once the last bit of rain has left us.  It is getting ready to rain again as I type this.

While I was outside I did take a photo of the front of our home.

This is the planter that is in front of our carport.  I have never seen our lantana this full.  What a beauty of luscious purple.

Here is a close up of the flowers.  I was hoping our Texas sage would be blooming.  Usually after a lot of rain it is going crazy with flowers.  Maybe by Sunday's update it will be in full bloom.

I have been much more productive already today.  There have been 2 loads of laundry completed.  The dishwasher is going to be emptied after this blog gets posted.  I have also picked up a partially completed dishcloth and have been working on it.  My one lazy day seems to have made me a bit more active today.

This dog had me quite concerned yesterday.

This is Luna.  She is about 12 years old and one of the sweetest pups on the face of this earth.  She is more goat than dog.  She will eat ANYTHING.  Yesterday, she refused to eat any breakfast.  Hubby and I tried for several hours to interest her in food.  The above photo is what she did all day.  When it was dinner time, I managed to wake her up and made happy conversation with the two of them hoping to get her excited.  As a final good measure I buried a couple of her treats in her food to help entice her.  It worked!  She finally ate dinner and then came and begged for our dinner.  Back to normal today.  Thank goodness.

Update on the DFWFF........

"Due to the ongoing, ever changing nature of the situation, we are meeting with our facilities, officials, and board to discuss how best to manage our event.  We hesitate to give a specific time when we will have an answer — but know that we are working toward getting one for you all."

Do you see this is them heading towards a cancellation?  After further discussion and thinking, last night.  I have come to the conclusion, even if they do not cancel I am not going to go.  Being an RA patient and over the age of 60, I am at a greater risk of getting Covid-19 and having it turn into a more severe case. I would also be very upset if I brought it home to my husband or other family members.  There is always next year and there are so many other fiber events in the western part of the US.  I will make it to something.....sometime.  After all, it is on the bucket list.

OK, off to empty that dishwasher and then finish that dishcloth.  We have a full day tomorrow so I doubt much hand work will get done then.  

Until next time..................happy crafting!


  1. Glad you got a break in the weather. IT is raining here again. It rained all night but it is springtime...the rainy season. Your lantana is beautiful! I am just like you...after years of working I still think Friday is my favorite day. So glad Luna perked up and ate finally. They have their days too and they can get sick. I usually check their should be wet and cold. I remember my girls and even the cats sometimes would have a warm nose and I knew they were sick but they would perk back up in a day or 2. They wouldn't eat (smart) but they would drink water and sleep.
    I think you are wise to skip the fiber fest. I even ordered stamps online yesterday...why chance it. I am way over the age of 60~lol! Although it doesn't seem to be rampaging here but it is ramping up so it's just a matter of time. A dishcloth is a good idea. I have sort of lost my mojo and that might be just the thing! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Yes stay safe. I have been staying in a lot also. I am more worried about my mom, aunts and uncles who are living in Michigan and are all over their 80s. They know very little about the virus, are shutting everything down with the anticipation that things will 'almost' be back to normal in two, three or five weeks. Oh vey ! I am over 60 also... Your Lantana is beautiful. Here in Georgia I've only seen the yellow or orange. There no telling what was going on with your doggy but at least the appetite came back. Have a great weekend !

  3. LOL, Luna; glad she was better and ate again.

  4. I don't know how they won't end of cancelling the event, honestly. The only way the social distancing measures are going to work here in the U.S. if if everyone takes them seriously and does their part not to contract and spread the virus. Some businesses can't just cancel, so doing our part makes it safer for them (and safer for us) when we need to interact with them (and each other) face to face. COVID-19 isn't just going to disappear, but I'm totally on board with this idea of slowing it down and minimizing its impact while we figure out how to cope with it.


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