Monday, March 16, 2020

So Quiet

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Dang, it is sure quiet in the neighborhood.  Not even cars are going by.  All the schools are closed.  Several of the schools are doing online classes to make sure the kids do not end up going to school until the end of June.  Our public library is closed.  Grocery stores have shortened their hours.  Our church has cancelled all daily and weekend masses.  Also all gatherings and meetings.  If you are getting married, only 10 people are to be there.  Funerals are immediate family only. This is a first for me.  It is very eerie, this quiet.

So what do you do when it is this quiet?  Order YARN! Since my fiber fest was cancelled, the promoters of it have asked us 'attendees' to go to the vendor list and support the vendors that were going to be there.  After all, this is the way these folks make a living.  So, I went through all the vendors, looked at all their wares and decided which items would serve a purpose for hubby and I.  There were so many cool things.  It was a blast to shop this way. (And I didn't have to use hand sanitizer when I was done!

Man, I had a great time.  I started this 'journey' at 9am and it is now 4pm and I have just now finished my last order.  It was so much fun and I probably spent less doing it this way than I would if I had attended the fiber fest.  (Your welcome hubby)

I ventured out last evening to the grocery store.  What an experience.  Let me just say this.......I lived in PA for several years.  In those years we experienced some severe snowstorms.  They were predicted storms.  Yet, even with those storms, where you knew it would be several days before you could make it to a store, our shelves never emptied like they are at this time.  I had to go to 3 stores just to buy 1 can of Rotel.  I needed it for today's meal.  My main Kroger was out of all canned goods as well as pasta, rice, and beans.  At my veggie store the only fresh fruits and veggies were organic.  (I now have organic yukon gold potatoes and organic spaghetti squash!)  Walmart was the best stocked as far as canned goods, produce and bread.  Hopefully I have everything I need until sometime next week.  (Thank goodness for my bread machine!)

Our trivia night has been cancelled.  Dang!!!! Now I need to cook on Wednesday nights again!  I feel sorry for the restaurant it is held in.  Those people need their jobs.  Most of them are young college age students trying to pay for schooling.  The Trivia host is disabled and this is his income!  So sad.

Hopefully, all of you are staying well.  Praises go out to all the healthcare workers, truckers and volunteers helping out during this crisis.  God Bless You All!

Until next time..................happy crafting!

PS:  One of the pluses of being can self isolate and still receive a paycheck!  (I know you smile!)


  1. Okay, Marsha... I LOL'd when I read that you solved your "it's too quiet issue" by ordering YARN! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

    One of our sons had the day off work so he came over for a while today. It was so good to see him and have the diversion - even if we all kept our 6 feet of distance. It makes me hurt for those who are so elderly or compromised that they truly can't have visitors.

    When he was gone, we both commented at how deserted it looks outside. We have a big bow window in our living room that we can look out on the world to. There were no school buses, no kids playing, very few cars passing... Very strange. I like quiet, but this is too quiet - even for me.

  2. Staying well so far in Georgia. The Walmarts here are the opposite. Instead full shelves they are empty. I read yesterday that Publix is limiting two item pitches on certain items. ~ I'm pretty sure that "Shopping online" is my middle name. I love it. We have really nice yarn shoppes here in the metro Atlanta area but none in my town. There is one shop in Buckhead (in Atlanta) that has every yarn imaginable. I go maybe a few times a year. Shopping online allows me to think about what I'm purchasing. Somehow when I'm in a Lys I feel obligated to purchase something because it's a small business. Anyway enjoy the rest of your day !

  3. I ordered a skein of Must Stash Yarn today, her Kiss Me, I'm Irish!


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