Monday, March 30, 2020

It Happened

Businesses willfully violating stay home order face consequences ...

It finally happened.  Our governor just issued a stay at home order to go into effect on Tuesday, March 31 at 5pm MST.   Hubby and I were pretty sure this was going to happen eventually.  That gives everyone another chance to panic shop for the next 36 hours.  Thank goodness, we are good on everything we need for the next couple of weeks.  

In other news...............Our daughter and her hubby came over last night.  We fed them dinner and enjoyed a little time spent together as family.  I laughed at the son in law.  When he was leaving he looked at me and said "sorry, there will not be hugs tonight.  Love you!"  What a great guy.

This morning I woke up with renewed energy.  I did 2 loads of laundry and then did 2 more loads of DOG laundry.  Their blankets and beds were a bit nasty.  After the dog laundry was done, I had to clean out the washer and dryer to get rid of all that dog hair.  What a mess.

While laundry was going I made a loaf of banana bread for our son.  I changed up the recipe a bit as the last loaf was too dry.  I think this one will be much better.  He said he would let me know after he cut into it tomorrow.  (I delivered it after lunch.  Felt good to be out of the house)

Hubby cleaned the family room today while I was doing all the other stuff.  When he was finished he watered all our outdoor plants and then sprayed all the weed AGAIN!

We will be having leftovers for dinner tonight.  One thing we have learned is, throwing food out these days is NOT allowed.  We have leftover smoked brisket (from last night) and tater tot casserole from Thursday.  Cooking will commence tomorrow night.

Tonight, I am going to work on my pink shawl and see how far I can go on it.  I did 4 pattern repeats last night after our daughter left.   It is a very relaxing knit.  Perfect for my mood right now.

Oh, I talked to our TX family yesterday.  Sounds like our son may have the virus.  He went to the ER but was not tested.  He has all the symptoms other than a fever.  His symptoms are not horrible other than the fatigue.  His cough is mild but he has horrible chest pain in his lung area.  The ER did a chest xray, EKG and blood work and nothing came back abnormal.  Yet to not check him for the flu or covid19?  Oh well.  They did tell him to go home and quarantine for 8 days.  So he has put his whole household on quarantine as a precaution.  

Our daughter brought us a little gift last night.

Twinings Cold Infuse for Water Bottle 6 Flavour Variety, 72 ...

Have any of you heard or seen these?  Twinings cold infuse for water bottles.  She brought us a variety to try.  Hubby tried one last night and enjoyed it.  I put one in my Contigo water bottle this morning.  I am on my third refill of my Contigo and still getting lots of flavor from the infusion bag.  Thinking this may go on my shopping list for next time.  We drink a lot of water everyday and this is a nice change of pace.

How is your Monday treating you?  Are you all staying well?

Until next time...................happy crafting!


  1. I will pray for your son! Although it does seem weird that nothing showed up in any of the tests. The Twinings Cold Infuse looks interesting. I'll have to look into it as I drink water all day. Have you tried refilling your hydroxy script? I'm going to call today and see how the supply is. Not good if people that need it can't get it. Greed and fear together are a terrible combination! Stay well!

  2. Getting ill with anything now is a bit of chore and worrisome. After all who wants to go out to a health facility while there is so much illness around. Hope your son is doing ok.

  3. I hope your son's okay. Same ol' around here; I should clean the house but haven't been in the mood. Me and couch have gotten to know each other very well.


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