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Thursday, November 1, 2018

NaBloPoMo 2018

National Blog Posting Month started several years ago.  Last year was the first time I tried it and managed to actually post 30 days in a row.  I thought I would try it once again this year.  Not sure if there are may left that do this, but that's OK.  It is fun and challenging.  The posts do not need to be long and drawn out.  They can just be a photo or a meme or maybe a few words of wisdom that inspire you.  Some bloggers pick a theme to go with for the month.  Not me..............I guarantee, my posts will be all over the board, just like real life is.  The only day not to have it's own post will be Sunday's when I do the Year of Project post. So, let's start.

Today is my Prayer Shawl group day.  Hopefully, I will make the meeting today.  Hubby came home last night and was running a low grade fever as well as having a few other issues.  If he is right as rain this morning, then I will go.  Otherwise, we will be calling his specialist's office to try and get an appointment.  Finger crossed!

After the meeting I want to get back to my scarf and sock knitting.  There is not going to be anymore Christmas crafting this year.  The hat ornaments are completed for the grand kids and the adults have submitted their wish lists.  I decided to keep my sanity and will chose gifts from their wish lists and call it good.  I want to enjoy the coming season without pushing myself to complete something that may not be appreciated.

There are beans cooking on the stove and the shank ham bone will be added shortly.  It is that time of year when we love our ham and beans, soups, chili's and other warm comfort foods.  This is my favorite season here in Arizona.  The mornings are chilly and the afternoons are warm until the sun sets and then the chill in the air returns.

Until next time.....................happy crafting!


  1. Happy to see you doing NaBloPoMo this year!! I hope your hubby was right as rain this morning!

  2. Hi Marsha :) I remember your month of posts last year! :) Good luck this year! :) I hope your hubby is okay. Oh the comfort foods...I LOVE them all the time but especially for the next 6 months!!! :)

  3. This is the first time I've of this monthly event! Good luck.

  4. OMG!!!! I want to do this too. I just heard of it last year for the first time. I hope hubby is okay? Yes, I am loving my bean soup and cornbread each night with this chilly rain we're having. I'd better go post now!


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