YOP LIST 2023-2024

Friday, November 9, 2018

Day 9

It is Friday.......for many of you this is the end of your work week.  For me, it is the start of a busy weekend.  I will enjoy the weekend that is planned and can rest up from it next week.

Last night, I pulled out my 'real' camera and my book, I bought, to get it set up for this weekend.  I just did some basic settings for right now.  I will get into more detail when I start taking macro shots and playing with lighting.  Since I did that, I thought it wise to take it outside for a little test run.

Our Queen palm tree.  It just sprang up one year so we have let it grow.  It is now about 6 feet tall after about 10 years of growing.

Texas Rain Sage bloom.  Hard to see and the wind is really blowing.  Not to mention I did a poor job of focusing on it.

Purple Lantana.  Actually, I think it should be classified as a weed.  A pretty weed but weed non the less.  You can not kill these things.  They do bloom all year round though so that is nice.

As I was walking across the front yard I saw this and found a bit of humor in it.  That feather is sticking straight up.  Usually we find feathers in our pool but seldom stuck in our rocks out front.

Just getting ready to start making my cinnamon raisin spelt bread.  I hope it turns out good.  There is lady we will be with tomorrow who is gluten intolerant and I would love for her to be able to have a nice slice of bread for her breakfast.  Bet my house is going to smell lovely too.

The rest of the day we will be packing our things up for the retreat and taking time to get some extra rest.  The retreat runs from 7am until 10pm.  It is a looooong day for this old lady.  That means on Sunday we will go to Mass and then come home and collapse.  

Until next time...........happy crafting!


  1. Now is the beginning of when I really enjoy seeing outdoor pictures from my warmer climate friends. Flowers here are pretty much cooked (though, my geranium I brought in yesterday is still blooming - sort of). Your bread sounds wonderful. And how nice to think of the lady you'll see tomorrow and share your bread with her. Enjoy your retreat!

  2. Lovely pictures and palms! Something we don't have down here although we do have some cactus. I kill every lantana I get...lucky you! Your friend will love the bread I'm sure and I bet your house will smell wonderful! Have a great day tomorrow!


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